Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekly Astrology March 11th to March 17th, 2103

Monday: New Moon in Pisces

Fresh starts are in the forecast and even with Mercury retrograde, it's a good day to put new plans in place and begin on a trial basis. You can review in a week or two and see if you need to reset again then. The Pisces Moon especially favors emotionally new beginnings and outlooks.  Letting ourselves feel out a situation, change our minds or paths, and tip toe into new waters all make sense today.  The Moon meets Venus and the Sun, both energizing and positive.. Venus helps with balance in renewed relationships. Giving and receiving equally as friends, lovers and partners becomes more natural and more likely.  You may decide to reconnect with someone you had written off or become estranged from, or you might just forgive each other and move on as friends. Scorpio and Taurus are most likely to experience this in friendship.  It's also a great day to begin or get back to a creative project.  The creative and romantic juices are flowing freely with this New Moon. The void of course Moon begins at 3:51 pm and daydreaming and lack of focus takes over tonight. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Mars in Aries

The Moon and Mars both move to Aries, and today will range from active and dynamic to all out wild! Things that haven't been dealt with or confronted come up, possibly with short time lines attached. In some cases, this could be an ultimatum and that is not a good idea with Mercury retrograde since you my wish you'd left more time or more wiggle room in about a week's time.  Do deal with things and bring them up for resolution, but do not attach quick, direct consequences for someone who does not meet your expectations. There's new energy and information coming soon. With the New Moon yesterday the need to begin is strong, but steps should be put in place rather than jumping right to the desired final outcome or product. Try something out this week. See how it goes. Make plans you can change a bit next week. Uranus is also in the mix encouraging us to break down in order to rebuild.  Disassemble something and see what you need to replace it.  Make true commitments sparingly but do agree to try, to revisit soon, and to take steps that don't have to be permanent.  It's a good but competitive day for games and other events where power and strength are a factor. Draw out your fire energy and make something happen today. We may lean toward taking risks.  Mars in Aries is pushing us to go forward fast now, but Mercury is retrograde so plan that journey well first. Wear red.

Wednesday: Aries Moon

The Aries Moon has been working with Jupiter for opportunities including travel and studies. If you're working toward either, this is a good week to take steps. It's just not the best for paperwork or applying for such things.  Double check and copy anything you send out, pay for, or commit to. Understand the fine print as much as possible.  The Moon squares Pluto this morning and is void of course all day after 4:02 am EST.  You could spin your wheels without going anywhere so if you think that's the case, conserve energy and do something else instead.  It's a day to be active, enjoy the spur of the moment, and initiate action where you know you can't go wrong.  Socially, it's all good unless there are competitive friends in the mix. Today's color is orange.

Thursday: Taurus Moon

The Moon is void of couse in Aries until just after 3 pm EST.  Start by avoiding unnecessary debates. Get a good workout if you can, early in the day.  How we expend our energy and what we give ourselves over to is important today. Make sure it's not a waste of time.  During Aries Moon, taking care of yourself, making independent decisions, and taking small steps is favored.  Lead by example rather than words, follow those who are not pushing too hard, creating no win or ultimatum situations.  Today is good for a clam attitude and dealing with things one at a time.  The Taurus Moon after 3 pm is solid, grounded, up for a big dinner or some other little indulgence and enjoying life's pleasures. The Moon and Neptune work together tonight for caring and creativity, listening to each other and enjoying art and film.  Wear yellow.

Friday: Moon opposite Saturn

The Moon is opposite Saturn. Both are in fixed signs so understand what you're agreeing to. You'll be expected to follow through and it's hard to get out of what we commit to when signs are fixed.  Life's heavier burdens and work are in the forecast for today. Take care of something that will make you feel better and take some weight off your shoulders or mind.  The Moon is at work with Mercury retrograde too, bringing people back and topics once shelved up for new discussion.  Reconnect with someone you've been  missing or thinking about.  Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Taurus Moon

The Moon is in harmony with Venus in Pisces which is quite nice for lovers; romantic, sensual and inspired.  Virgo and Scorpio might get the benefit and it's good for every sign.  Friends and families might improve relationships and ease communication too. If you've been hard on each other, let up and enjoy time together instead this weekend. Cooking, baking, designing, gardening or preparing to, and other domestic, hands on, and building tasks are favored. The Moon and Sun combine for a higher level of confidence and commitment and good feelings in general. Today's color is green.

Sunday: Mercury stations Direct

The Moon is in Gemini and Mercury is direct at 4:03 pm EST. Mercury squares the Moon at that time. It's a final and strong blast of Mercury retro, bringing up all kinds of plans for adjustment and topics you may have avoided for a few weeks as well. The Gemini Moon is also very social and meeting friends, chatting and story telling are a fun way to spend the day. It's best not to take on very important decisions or to get into debates where there's no solution as of now. Today's color is yellow.

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