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Weekly Astrology October 22nd through October 28th, 2012

We're approaching Mercury's Sagittarius/Scorpio retrograde November 6th to 26th. Getting things decided, sorted out, and initiated prior to the start of November is a good plan unless you can wait until December! At least we won't have the retrograde during most of the holiday shopping season. How's the Saturn in Scorpio trend suiting you? October brought in plenty of new astrological energy. If you want a reading on these new trends ($25 and up), email me
I hope you enjoy the forecasts! Halloween forecasts are also posted below this week, sign by sign!

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Monday: Sun in Scorpio

The Moon is in Aquarius with a stubborn square to Saturn in Scorpio at 4:00 am EST. We start the day with unyielding attitudes and possibly deep concerns.  The Aquarius Moon's tendency to step back and apply logic helps.  Saturn in Scorpio can be dark and pessimistic. Uranus works with the Moon from fiery Aries and we're reminded that many things are out of our immediate control. Today may be hardest for those who resist change. Being progressive and thinking out of the box aligns best with this Aquarius Moon.  Tonight, the Sun moves to Scorpio at 8:14 pm EST (babies born before that are Libras with Aquarius Moon). The Moon and Mars align in Aquarius and Sagittarius and we want to be on the move. Shaking it up, changing things up, acting with strong intention is to be expected tonight.  Today's color is turquoise.

Tuesday: Sun trine Neptune

The Aquarius Moon is in harmony with Jupiter and the Sun with Neptune! The positivity is in the air and water signs and by default impacts all signs! We'll tend to see the benefits and hopeful sides of situations.  The air sign action in Aquarius/Gemini favors intellectual tasks and creative solutions that work! The Sun and Neptune in Scorpio and Pisces boost our creativity too and can help us channel stress into art and music. We do have to be careful of too much imagination or  idealism taking over though! Enjoy exploring ideas and experiencing things that open your mind and your heart.  Tonight the Moon squares Mercury in Scorpio and discussions will be serious and opinions strong. The tendency will be a stalemate so it's not worth pushing to the point of arguement.  The Moon is void from 9:27 pm to 7:00 am EST. Stick with resolutions and decisions tonight.  Wear blue.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune

Neptune influences another day this week as the Moon moves into Pisces connecting with the planet of illusion and imagination at 7:00 am. Be aware that you might get lost in dreams and oversleep! The subconscious mind is at work. Aries you might feel like you worked out a problem in your sleep! The Pisces Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. We're ferreting out hidden information and becoming aware our undercurrents and subterranean influences. Be intuitive and not too trusting. Neptune can be deceptive, and Aquarius or Leo could be misled in a financial deal or lured by a job that's not what it's advertised to be.  Virgo and Scorpio  get the romantic influence but should be realistic also about a lover's flaws.  We can overlook certain things today which helps us not get too worked up but could also lead us in the wrong direction.  Double check your judgment. Otherwise enjoy a creative day designed for a fun escape from the usual with a little luck! Wear green.

Thursday: Sun conjunct Saturn

The Sun and Saturn meet in Scorpio at 4:32 am EST. Though the Moon in Pisces forms two squares to planets in Gemini and Sagittarius, the story really lies with the Sun/Saturn Scorpio action today.  Here are a few ways it will manifest. People who deal with and live with addiction may find strong reason to change. This could come in the form of a health issue that requires ending a habit once and for all. That sort of news or realization and mental issues like breakdowns are triggered by Saturn now. Rock bottom will arrive for some.  For those of us not in an addiction cycle or not prone to psychological issues, other health issues should get attention. Don't let a longstanding concern linger now! Look into it! Aside from health, Saturn can bring criticism especially from an employer or parent. Try to take criticism constructively and look for what you can take from it even if you feel it's unwarranted.  Gemini may feel this effect at work. Aquarius could get a rough review of his or her work or performance.  This is a day to get serious about what you want to stick out vs what you want to change.  Tonight, Mercury and Venus in harmony help us relax and enjoy other people's company and this may be especially good for Cancer, Taurus, Virgo and Scorpios who've experienced some stress or miscommunication. Today's color is black.

Friday: Moon opposes Venus

The Moon moves from Pisces to Aries at 3:31 pm EST and is void from 11:04 until then. Before 11 use Mercury's communication skills to settle on a decision or negotiate a deal or a personal relationship matter.  The Moon opposes Venus at 11:04. One on one relationships that have a lot up dor discussion or are in flux may feel more confusing or at a crossroad today.  Pisces and Virgo feel this in long term relationships while Taurus and Scorpio may find this more true in newer relationships or friendships. Neptune has been active in the zodiac this week so don't be deceived. Trust actions over words for sure.  If you can find compromise, it's a great day to shift into better times as a couple but this will require some willingness to change on both sides, most likely.  The Aries Moon moves in at 3:31 pm and we'll want to forget problems, start anew, blow off the hot topics of the week and move forward independentlyand/ or feeling great about our partnerships. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Aries Moon

The Aries Moon meets Uranus overnight, and that can indicate a wild time and an extreme turn of events.  Check your messages this morning. Avoid impulsivity that could involve you in problems.  The Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and motivation kicks in. We're pushed or feel pressured, even by ourselves, to take action.  Questioning authority and determining who's in charge and how much clout we have is in the forecast today. The Aries Moon is competitive as Mars adds energy from fire sign Sagittarius. There's a thirst for adventure and newness.  Tonight, parties are timed with Aries Moon and Jupiter in social Gemini. Today's color is red.

Sunday: Venus in Libra

Venus moves into Libra, sign of partnership, at 9:04 am EST and spends about a month.  During this time, seek harmony, forgiveness, improved relationships and new partners. Love, friendship, and business duos form and thrive.  Today, the Moon continues to push emotional buttons and trigger impulses in Aries. Selfishness could be an issue. Putting self first and being selfish are two different things, and it might be time to take care of your self. It's acting without thinking and manipulating that create the issues however.  Mars in Sagittarius opposes Jupiter and we are strongly aware of, if not arguing over, extreme points of view.  Be careful of anything put in writing that could be harmful or contentious.  This opposition can add to fanatical thinking and action.  It might be best to lay low and keep things simple today if possible. Disagreements will be hard to settle. Mars in Sagittarius can be too much fire and some will act on jealousy or against others without regard for the consequences.  The other side of this opposition is it can break us out of stuck ways of thinking like a bolt of lightning.  Avoid confrontation if you can. If not, use Jupiter in Gemini's way with words and keep exaggeration at bay.  Wear purple.

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