Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weekly Astrology May 28th to June 3rd, 2012

Monday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon moves in at 2:06 am EST, however today is less structured and predictable than the usual Virgo influence. A variety of Moon/planet aspects keep us thinking and adapting. The Gemini Sun combined with Uranus in Aries add lots of spark to the day and that can ignite fun and festivity or encourage discussions or even arguements. Situations could heat up quickly and we may be impatient or anxious, or, perhaps more positively, excited. The 2nd quarter Moon is today and we may need to make progress and hit milestones on the way to upcoming deadlines. Tonight the Moon and Mercury bring debates, information and news to the forefront. Wear navy blue.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon conjunct Mars

The Virgo Moon meets Mars retrograde which may bring up unfinished business and details that need to be refined or agreed upon. We'll be particular about our choices and have little tolerance for mistakes or lack of judgment today. Venus is square to the Moon increasing the chance we'll debate. Trying to work things out in relationships will require plenty of flexibility and also a willingness to be sensible and helpful. An organized, business-like attitude will be an asset today. Tonight we look for reasons to get away, learn new things and break stagnant patterns as the Moon approaches a trine to Jupiter in Taurus. Open your mind to possibilities. Wear green.

Wednesday: Libra Moon, Mercury square Mars

The need to negotiate and find middle ground or consensus is strong, however it may be a challenge to reach agreements today. The Libra Moon engages with planets in Aries and Capricorn bringing many different influences in, while Mercury in Gemini squares Mars and settling will be difficult! Many points of view and an undecided or unyielding nature dominate the day. Gather information and assess situations as well as who the powerful players are, and know that tomorrow could be a bit easier for final resolutions. Tonight, debates and discussions result as we try to make plans. The Moon and Sun find agreement in the air signs, so intellect and logic rule. We may also be more agreeable and sociable in the evening versus earlier in the day. Wear lavender.

Thursday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon in harmony with Mercury and Venus in Gemini and together with Saturn sets us up very well for logical, mature decision making. Stepping up to responsibility, doing what's fair, and resolving disputes is in the forecast. Negotiating, mediating, and finding compromise are all favored. If nothing serious is pending, it's an excellent day for friendship, networking and mixing business with pleasure. Tonight is more of the same with a void Moon starting at 9:31 pm putting an end to important business for the night. Do present yourself well. Libra Moon time values appearances and is about making impressions. Wear pink.

Friday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon is in Scorpio as of 8:31 am EST. The Moon and Venus create the story in Gemini, and it's bound to be a romantic one. Events in our personal and love lives should be beneficial and can include reconciliation, decisions made together, dates and occasions! The Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Neptune adding to the rose colored feeling about the day! Focus on what or whom you really care about and make it a nice time! Wear red.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon

We're in the zone for Monday's lunar eclipse and Full Moon now. The Moon is in Scorpio aligned with Mars in Virgo. Super organization and focus are part of this Scorpio Moon. We'll feel that drive for what we want and won't yield easily. Scorpio, Cancer, and Taurus may put that energy toward relationship matters, while Aquarius can benefit from persistence in career matters and personal development. Today has an intensity that may be more than you bargained for on a Saturday! Wear indigo blue.

Sunday: Full Moon in Sagittarius (Monday), Lunar Eclipse

The Moon is void of course from 5:29 am to 8:32 am and then in Sagittarius, where the eclipse occurs tomorrow morning. This Full Moon impacts our philosophies of life and is opposite Venus, implying relationship changes and negotiations. Globally, news is likely to heat up. Travel may be impacted by global events or on a more personal level because of changes of mind or circumstances. A variety of Moon/palnet aspects means a mixed bag today and people and plans may be unreliable or unpredictable. Lunar eclipses bring changes and effects for Cancers as well as the Moon sign and it's opposite, this time meaning Sagittarius and Gemini. These are often unplanned or sudden. Women in our lives often announce plans and news at lunar eclipse time. Wear purple.

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