Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weekly Astrology May 21st to May 27th 2012

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Monday: Solar Eclipse

Yesterday's solar eclipse in Gemini affects the entire month, and today we're in the midst of developing news and changes. Gemini is a mutable sign increasing the stirred up effect, newsworthiness, and tendency to change our minds and our responses more than once throughout events initiated by the eclipse. Expect announcements and sudden moves that you wouldn't have predicted. Hearing from long lost siblings or friends is likely along with other news from brothers, sisters or cousins, and Aries is in a particular position to have that happen. With Uranus and Neptune involed with the Moon, today could be very unsettled with big adjustments and ever changing circumstances. Situations and people tend toward being hard to read or rely on. Take your time and be meticulous with what you put in writing or in conversation or emails. The metaphor for today is "being thrown a curve ball". It's generally busy too! Tonight the Moon squares Mars and we get picky about the details and might make minor things into arguements. Try to keep things in perspective and act as if everyone is under as much stress as you, if you are. Wear white.

Tuesday: Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Two conjunctions today in the signs Taurus and Gemini intensify decisions, business and relationships. Mercury meets Jupiter in Taurus creating great conditions for long terms decisions that may involved education, travel, building or real estate and business. Make sure you're committed for the long haul if you act now! Taurus is a sign that doesn't give up easily and expects follow through. The Moon and Venus meet in Gemini for interesting connections and meetings between people. Leo may meet intriguing new friends while Taurus or Scorpio may connect with a potential business partner. Aquarius and Sagittarius may find their love lives sparked by this. It's a fun, flirtatious, and outgoing aspect to the day. The Moon is in harmony with Saturn in Libra for work if that's what you need to take care of tonight. The void of course Moon starts at 6:51 pm and you may want to check your calendar and voicemail so you don't miss something important. Wear pink today.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon

The Moon moves to her home sign Cancer at 7:31 am. Neptune, the planet of imagination, dreams, and sometimes confusion, is active with both Moon and Sun aspects today. We need to make sure we know what we're supposed to be doing. If your thinking doesn't feel clear, put off a meeting or decision for now. Today has plenty of creative potential. The chameleon in us comes out to adapt or blend in as necessary. Fitting in to your surroundings will be an asset verus standing out too much. Tonight, a less than aggressive approach may be best. Getting in someone's face or being too pushy will not go over well and could create issues that can be sidestepped. Go about your business quietly for best results today. Wear light blue.

Thursday: Mercury in Gemini

Mercury, the planet of news, communications, and our intelligence, moves to Gemini at 7:12 am. Mercury in Gemini adds to the change we've been experiencing or noticing around us. This is a time of changing our minds, exploring new interests and different perspectives, and it's also geared toward commuting differently, buying a vehicle, and changing phones or plans and other technology upgrades. The Moon is in Cancer today, and the Cancer Moon may not be comfortable with all the transitions. Opposite Pluto and in harmony with Mars, the Cancer Moon finds us mentally and emotionally stirred up. There's an urge to figure things out in order to feel more secure. We'll want things to be predictable during an unpredictable time overall. Tonight, home may seem like the place to be, perhaps reorganizing or cleaning up. Our environment will seem to reflect our moods. Wear black.

Friday: Void of Course Moon

The Moon is void in Cancer from 10:34 am to 6:11 pm. Today is best taken slowly without much stress or pressure. Particularly with decisions and purchases, do not be pushed to make up your mind or open your wallet during the void of course time. Cleaning, taking care of simple work or repairs, and getting ready for family or guests makes sense. We're satisfied by making our environment clean and comfortable and being domestic. That includes preparing food and working the garden or landscape too! The Leo Moon tonight brings on party time! Mercury is square to Neptune so keep your wits about you and don't be scammed or fooled. It's a very good night for parties and other socializing as the Moon and Mercury prepare to align in Leo and Gemini, two of the zodiac's most outgoing signs. Wear purple.

Saturday: Leo Moon

The Moon works with the Sun, Mercury and Uranus today. It's a spontaneous time and the Leo Moon favors happiness and good times including performances, entertainment, and games. It's a nice day for a special event, but with Uranus in Aries having an influence, a Plan B is good just in case of last minute changes. Find something to celebrate and people to spend time with. We're not meant to be isolated today. Wear gold.

Sunday: Leo Moon, Sun conjunct Mercury

The social aspect of the weekend continues as the Sun meets Mercury. It's a people person's day and meant for positive interactions, meeting new people and spending time with family or friends. Like last weekend, we may reunite withour brothers and sisters or cousins, ruled by Mercury. News from them is likely too. The Sun and Mercury may initiate agreements, negotiations and things that must be put in writing and it's a favorable time for that. Mercury sextile Uranus keeps things ever changing and situations may be hard to keep up with as develpoments, possible related to last Sunday's colar eclipse, continue. Today is also meant for a good game or party. Wear yellow.

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