Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weekly Astrology March 26th to April 1 2012

Monday: Moon conjunct Venus in Taurus

The Moon and Venus meet in Taurus. Sensory pleasures rule! Appreciation for nature, sights, sounds, beauty, and enjoyment is enhanced! Taurus rules the throat and is a sign of the singing voice, so it's a vocalists' day. Write lyrics, enjoy singing and song! Venus also rules our sense of symmetry and design. It's a good day to redecorate and freshen things up. Create, build and make improvements. Taurus Moon is determined, so keep your sense of resolve. Tonight the Moon remains in Taurus. Persist with tasks that need to be finished or at least in draft from. Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Moon in Gemini

The Moon is in Gemini as of 6:43 am. After 6 hours void of course, this morning could find us getting oriented, remembering dates and appointments, and multi-tasking. It may feel like there's a bit too much going on. With Neptune weighing in, if you're not sure, don't trust a situation or rely on someone else to follow through. Double check everything important from messages to calendars. Have backup plans. Tonight, the Moon interacts with the Aries Sun and Mars in Virgo. Debates are likely and we won't tend to hold our thoughts and opinions back. Avoid saying things you could regret. Mercury is still retrograde until Wednesday, April 4th. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Gemini Moon

The Moon remains in Gemini with no major angles to other planets today. Gemini Moon time is mentally active and busy. The sign of duality often has us looking at both sides of the story and trying to sort out facts. We may also feel torn in two different directions and need to handle more than one thing at a time. A bit of anxiety is common with Gemini Moon. This is the sign of brothers, sisters, and cousins, and with Mercury retrograde it may be time to get in touch again. Wear blue.

Thursday: Mercury sextile Venus

The Gemini Moon is void of course from 2:05 to 7:07 pm Eastern DST. Do your best thinking and work before 2:05. Keep up with appointments and obligations since we may tend to be forgetful and very busy today. Venus is in harmony with Mercury retrograde, bringing the past up in the form of old friends and previous relationships. Could it be worth a second try? Pisces and Taurus may be considering that question along with Scorpio and Virgo. Be wary with Mercury retrograde and don't get yourself into something you don't really want. The Moon moves to Cancer at 7:07 pm and a low key night is best. The Sun and Pluto aim to inspire and motivate and could feel like a push, like it or not. Creatively, it's a very good night! Seek your muse. Today's color is light blue.

Friday: 2nd quarter Moon in Cancer

The 2nd quarter is meant to be a time of progress. This month's New Moon was in cardinal sign Aries, and the Moon is in cardinal Cancer now signaling a continuation and extensions of what we took on in the past week. Work toward the next step even if Mercury is forcing you to move slowly. When the Moon is in Cancer we make emotional decisions, so control impulses particularly the ones that stem from strong feelings. Acting on grudges or resentment would be common as the Moon engages with Mars and the Aries Sun and opposes Pluto. Keep responses in check. Fishing and planting and other work that creates abundance and growth is favored while the Moon is in this fertile sign. Tonight, the Moon in harmony with Jupiter in Taurus has us seeking our comfort zone and is more relaxed and optimistic generally. It might be a good night to stay on the home front and spend time with family. Today's color is black.

Saturday: Mercury retrograde action

The Cancer Moon is in harmony with Mercury retrograde in Pisces. There's a sentimental aspect and a look at the past as a result. This is likely to relate to personal and emotional attachments (more than business) since both are in water signs. It's a decent day to sort through things for spring cleaning as long as you're willing to let some things go. Reconnecting with people from the past, whether expected or not, is also in the forecast this weekend. Mercury retrograde ends on the 4th. With this Cancer Moon, home and/or family needs to be a priority. Tonight, critics will be harsh. Wear blue.

Sunday: Moon in Leo

The Moon is void of course from 12:20 am to 4:35 am, in harmony with Venus for this weekend's lovers! Capricorn, Taurus, and Scorpio are some of the signs charmed by Venus this weekend. The Moon in Leo aligns with Uranus in Aries for an active and potentially exciting or adventurous day. Events now should inspire or motivate us. Competitions form, challenges need to be met. Consider what you can do to stand out and put on the best show. Today's color is orange.

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