Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Astrology April 2nd to April 8th 2012: Mercury Direct in Pisces

Monday: Leo Moon

The Leo Moon urges us to get moving! The Moon and Aries Sun inspire, incite action, and buoy our spirits. Confidence surges or at least comes more easily! The Leo Moon loves to put on or enjoy a great performance. See a play or take in some music. Create displays or anything that will attract attention. Get enthusiasitic and rally others too! The Moon squares Jupiter in Taurus, and though this is very fixed energy, determined and unyielding, it's also generous and growing and expanding is a goal during this Leo Moon. Tonight is Venus's last evening in Taurus, making it a good night for Taurus to attract someone or something beneficial, for Leo to make a career move, and for Capricorn to request a date and aim for best of luck! Wear gold.

Tuesday: Venus to Gemini

Venus is flirtateous and fickle in Gemini during the weeks ahead. We're more flexible and also more willing to make a change as far as relationships go. The Moon and Venus square this morning and we consider the pros and cons of such things. With Mercury retrograde one more day, it may be best to wait before breaking up or making up with permanence in mind. The Moon is in Virgo as of 9:53 am EST, and the Moon and Mars meet forcing attention to details and health. We are our own harshest crtics on days like this, but we can also be critical of others and easily annoyed. Try to take it easy and not get overworked about the little things. Tonight is the final night of this Mercury retrograde so be very careful with communications. Put off big decisions or discussions for 48 hours if you can. Today's color is brown.

Wednesday: Mercury Retrograde ends

Mercury stations direct in Pisces at 6:11 am, however we should move cautiously and slowly today. The final day, like the first day, brings some of the most intense effects of the retrograde. Go for temporary plans and pencil things in while saving the most important announcements and decisions for tomorrow. The Virgo Moon is in harmony with Pluto and Jupiter which is very constructive. A feeling of accomplishment or being almost there accompanies these earth sign aspects. Work toward goals, leaving the final touches for another day if possible. Changing our minds is common now. Tonight is a good study or work night and favors relaxed, easygoing social occasions. Wear navy blue.

Thursday: Full Moon in Libra

The Moon is nearly Full and moves into Libra at 11:32 am after nearly 10 void of course hours. The morning may get a slow start and we could be forgetful. The Moon opposed Mercury overnight indicating matters need to be resolved and schedules and other issues figured out now that Mercury is direct. The morning hours may be spent analyzing and looking at different possibilities. By afternoon, when the pros and cons are likely to be more clear, it's time to act! The Full Moon pushes for deadlines and decisions. A Full Moon in Libra shines on couples and partners and making collaborative decisions. Venus is actively in harmony with the Moon and with Uranus in Aries pushing for reconstruction. Love and relationships is particularly implicated. Work to make things more fair and balanced. There may suddenly be no choice but to make those changes! Ultimatums come with this Full Moon. Boundaries will be drawn! Today's color is pink.

Friday: Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon in Libra is exact at 3:19 pm Eastern DST. It's a Full Moon of justice. Situations that need to be balanced and made right are activated along with relationship matters. The Moon is square to Pluto in Capricorn and underlying themes and undercurrents become evident and play a part in the outcomes today. This Full Moon is less emotional than many and we'll lean toward clear cut decisions and limits. Putting time limits on decisions and using a no nonsense attitude will be two things we notice or have to deal with. Look carefully at both sides of the story or the alternatives you have to choose from. Mercury is no longer retrograde and we're cleaning up and regrouping during this Full Moon time. Tonight's Libra Moon is suited for meeting people and networking. Appearances count when the Moon is in Libra. Wear white.

Saturday: Moon to Scorpio, Venus square Mars

The Moon meets Saturn in Libra, setting a serious tone regarding resonsibilities and anything that needs to be negotiated. Put on your game face, but try not to come on too strong. Let them know you mean business if you're faced with challenges that involve others early in the day. Venus squares Mars in Gemini & Virgo during this Scorpio Moon time. Relationship discussions and disagreements activate. Working through it is in the forecast for the weekend. Everything may seem debatable or cause controversy. If you're not in the midst of that, enjoy the passion and creativity of Scorpio Moon tonight. Today's color is red.

Sunday: Moon opposite Jupiter

The Scorpio Moon aligns with Pluto and is opposite Jupiter in Taurus. Stubborn streaks are likely. We may not yield easily in disagreements or differences of opinion. Matters of secrecy and privacy and also things we thought we left in the past surface today. Protect what you don't wish to be public. Keep a secret rather than engage in gossip while the Moon is in a sign that doesn't forget a betrayal or slight. Take things seriously today. Most people around you will be. Wear maroon.

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