Friday, September 11, 2009

What's Up with Mercury Retrograde

It's in Libra and Virgo this time around (don't you love that Virgo, your ruling planet retros in your own sign making you all that much more sensitive or crazy feeling! Virgo rising people, this goes for you just as much so).

Hopefully you also get the good parts, no matter what your sign. Old friends return, visit, get back in contact. The downside-your ex shows up on the scene again.

Mercury encourages us to rethink situations that aren't working, HOWEVER, this is not the best time for any supposedly permanent change. Try things out. Build in your escape plan if you don't like later on. In October we're likely to find new things attractive, change our minds...wish we'd waited? Probably, yeah.

Mercury retrograde is a good time to vacation. Not a good time to apply for school or new word. Great time to travel. But full of delays and changes. Flexibility is a big plus.

Libra. Justice. Mercury retrograde in Libra makes this a less than ideal time to try and settle a matter, but a good time to brainstorm and explore solutions. Don't sign off on that deal just yet. Got a court date? Divorce? Make sure you understand the outcome. Read the fine print. Ask tons of questions and clarify and make duplicates of any paperwork or agreement.

Libra. Couples. This is one of the worst retrogrades for couples, especially with matters of fairness and mutual decisions. It's better not to enter any long term agreement in your relationship now. Not a good time for promises. We'll tend to go back on our word or wish we'd not spoken so soon or moved so quickly. Slow down, and if you're starting a new relationship or partnership of any kind, take your time.

Keeping options open is best for the month of September.

Happy last third of summer! Chill and enjoy.

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