Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekly September 14

The Moon is in Cancer early working with the Sun and Saturn, encouraging a back to business attitude. The Moon and Sun give motivation to organize and clean and find solutions to problems especially at home. Saturn offers some wisdom and a chance to "do the right thing". We don't want to skim over details or problems this morning. Take a serious attitude about getting things done. Uranus in Pisces puts a crazy emotional spin on the day, from Pisces, and we need to adapt to unforeseen changes and situations. Some won't like the news at work or from family today, including Cancer, Taurus, and Pisces, who are most likely to be in the thick of it. Then the void of course Moon kicks in at 9:57 am until 6:39 pm. It might feel impossible to accomplish or do anything quite right this afternoon. The best case scenario though is a wild burst of creativity! Make, create, act on inspirations. Scorpio, put your creative energy to best use! Tonight Mercury retrograde is active with the Leo Moon. Leo Moon time is fun and extroverted but also good for study. Mercury brings up old material or a book you put down and didn't finish. Former friends and family get in touch too. Try something again if it didn't work the first time-except for a relationship. Avoid commitments in love. Wear gold today.

The Moon is in Leo, sign of teaching and learning, creativity, and kids. It's a good day to introduce new material, go over things that you didn't learn the first time, and spend some time just playing and be creative. Think like a 10 year old for a change! Saturn opposite Uranus has kind of a crazy effect, particularly where big changes are concerned. Even things begun in the summer have a different spin now and it could be very unsettling or even be suddenly thrown into unmanageable chaos. Dramatic change isn't really favored now and accidents and errors in judgment happen more easily at times like this. The whole week is affected by that opposition, direct at 8:51 am EST. Be simple and safe in your actions and reactions. Tonight, the Leo Moon is good for festivities or studies. Venus in Leo is opposite Neptune creating a dreamy effect, nice for performances and also good for romance. Aries, Leo and Aquarius, it's a date night! Creative energy is also in full force. And Gemini, don't feel bad if you have to study or write since tonight is good for that too. Wear purple.

The Moon is in Leo, then Virgo. The Moon is opposite both Jupiter and Neptune and you might make a friend or generally feel good about the people around you. Intuition could be off though, so be careful what or whom you put trust in. Postponing big decisions is a good idea for all of September, but with opposing forces in the zodiac, maybe even more so today. Keep an open mind and take your time. It's a better social than work day. The best hours for important business are in the morning though, and at 12:10 the Moon meets Venus and is void of course until 7:56 pm. It's a fun, romantic afternoon and a good day to spend time with friends. Aries, Libra and Leo, make plans since you won't enjoy the day as much alone! The Virgo Moon tonight is good for study and cleaning and working out financial things. Capricorn and Virgo get the most direct message to get things in order. Wear brown today.

This looks like a somewhat complicated day as Mercury retrograde backs into Virgo. We'll be going back to old business from August now, and temporary plans or solutions are still best. Save permanent changes and decisions for October or after September 29th. Mercury is square to Pluto and the Sun is opposite Uranus, and all of this is likely to be unsettling. Could be harsh news or reality check or a real slap in the face. The unexpected is what we get today, and the effects last beyond these 24 hours. The Sun meets Saturn in Virgo and we really need to face circumstances with maturity. This is not the day to look for your escape, but more the day to step up. Accept wise advice, but don't feel to compelled to act. Let things ruminate and process instead and see how you feel in days or weeks . The retrograde will end on September 29th and we are now less than 2 weeks away. Tonight the Moon and Mars fire us up some especially for getting life to a more safe, secure place and taking care of things at home or with family. Wear black today.

Today is the Virgo New Moon at 2:44 pm EST in conjunction to disciplined Saturn, near Mercury retrograde and opposite Uranus, the rebel and destroyer. That's probably all I need to say. This New Moon is full of news and change, but make changes very slowly and with room to alter your course next month. Saturn insists we get things in order, set goals and take the appropriate steps or suffer the consequences. With another 10 days of Mercury retrograde, you may be standing there shrugging, knowing you need to do something but not quite feeling right about anything at all. The best plan may be to agree to change course, reconsider, and propose a plan in a week or so. Buy yourself time, but don't look irresponsible or lazy. Almost everything is up for discussion and some of us will be revisiting even big things we changed or decided very recently, within the month. The Moon is opposite Uranus creating lots and lots of news. The Moon is void of course from 7:56 to 9:26, a very unstable time. Be careful of your self and your stuff then. Libra Moon relaxes things a little bit tonight. Libra rules the appearance so dress to impress if you're out and about. Wear white.

The urge to get new things going may be strong, but indecision (with good reason!) is in the forecast. Libra Moon is time for weighing things out, being objective and looking at things from more than one angle. The Moon squares Mars which increases the chance of confrontation. Mars is moody and frustrated in Cancer, and couple and family issues are stirred up. Any injustice is likely to be taken to heart. Be fair and take a step back if at all possible. The goal is to try and get along and make temporary compromises. Leo, it's Venus's last day in your sign, so show your interest in someone or at least go shopping for something nice and not too expensive. Everyone save receipts while Mercury is till retrograde. Wear pink today.

The Moon is in Libra and Venus moves into Virgo. Venus in Virgo is very selective in love and critical in relationships. We'll tend to expect alot of each other and call each other out on faults in the next few weeks. With Mercury retrograde make sure you really mean what you say and understand the implications of your actions and reactions. Today we may get good ideas for future plans and solutions to old problems. But act with a slow, steady pace and willingness to change as needed. This 1st quarter Moon encourages change, but there will also be reasons to alter plans in the weeks coming up. Trial basis is still best! Wear lavender today.

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