Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekly September 28

The Moon moves to Aquarius at 7:06 am and this is the tail end of Mercury retrograde. The Sun in Libra works well with the Aquarius Moon, making us feel decisive. It's a day for planning and designing. Get things ready to put in place later in the week. Long term decisions are favored more from Wednesday on, but taking steps toward goals and making tentative plans is favored! Making friends and business contacts is favored today. Capricorn, you might apply for a job or explore a future opportunity. Libra, reconnect with friends during this Aquarius Moon. Virgo, Mercury is retrograde in your sign, and delays may be frustrating you, but the Aquarius Moon and Sun in Libra favor work, health and financial matters today. Tonight is great for either work or study. The Aquarius Moon brings out our logical and creative sides, and working together is favored too. No need to go it alone tonight. Be social. Wear blue.

Mercury is finally direct at 8:13 am, and the retrograde ends. On the day Mercury stations direct, it's a good idea to be cautious and we have to expect lots of changes and possibly surprises. However, today the Moon and Jupiter meet for lucky breaks, optimistic feelings, and expansion plans! Take well thought out steps to bigger goals! The next few weeks are about getting things moving in the right direction again, clearing up Mercury retrograde misunderstandings, and initiating new things. Working toward deadlines is favored today, and collaborating may be the way to go. It's also a day for designers, photographers, architects, and others who use vision and get the big picture and the smaller nuances of things. Aquarius, your focus is strong today. Pisces, dream up something big and make plans for sooner than later. Aries, travel, writing, and networking is in your forecast today. Going somewhere to gather information, attending a conference or event, and opening your mind to new things works well. Tonight, work out matters of friendship and get in some good focused study time. Wear yellow today.

The Moon is void of course for 12 hours from approximately 7:30 to 7:30 EST! It's not a very grounded time and we tend to forget appointments, leave things behind, and make errors more easily. It's a day dreamer's day. Routine things are most easily taken care of. Agree to "leave things up in the air" if that feels right today. Mercury is no longer retrograde which helps things move forward in general. This might be a good day to ask forgiveness or permission since those conversations happen more easily under the void of course Moon, and Aquarius is the sign of friendship. Tonight's Pisces Moon is sensitive and compassionate, so understanding is more easily found. Repair things, re-organize, and regroup. It's a good day to explore joining some sort of group or team. Attend a meeting and see if it feels like you belong. Tonight we make strong connections and can empathize with other people. The urge to help out may be strong, but set your limits and know the line between helping out and doing it for those who should do for themselves. Wear green.

The Moon is in creative, emotionally charged Pisces! There's lots of crazy energy in the air and drama will dominate the day! Mercury, now direct in Virgo, is in harmony with Mars in Cancer and the challenge is to confront personal matters in a direct but caring way. Venus is opposite the Pisces Moon, in Virgo, and relationship waters may be the hardest to negotiate. It's a big day of issues between friends, partners, colleagues, and couples. Family matters come up with Mars in Cancer, and more structure might be the key. Conversations and trying to find compromise are important today. On this Pisces Moon day it's probably not possible to separate personal from business. It's all mixed in and one will affect the other. Act with some understanding and sensitivity to other people. It's not a day to be one sided or stubborn. Tonight the Full Moon warm up is on. Wear white.

The Moon is Full on Sunday so today is about working toward deadlines and conclusions. The Pisces Moon works with Mars and is opposite Mercury, and tying up loose ends, negotiating a fair deal, and cleaning up messes from September is in the forecast. Move toward better solutions today. It's going to take some work and there may be some emotional strain or tension, but working things out to everyone's satisfaction is a good idea during this Full Moon time, from no through Monday. Tonight has the potential to be chaotic, so make choices wisely and keep your wits about you. Working late to meet a deadline may be more common than usual on a Friday. If you're going out, expect a wild time. The Moon is void of course after 11:26 pm. Wear light blue.

The Moon moves into Aries, sign of tomorrow's Full Moon. Today the Moon and Pluto are square and full of power struggles. The question is who's going to be the leader and who is most qualified? Teamwork may be difficult since Aries is the "me first" sign. A bold, possibly defiant attitude is in the air, and selfishness will create issues. The upside is motivation and no more Mercury retrograde to get in the way. If you've changed your mind about something, this is a decent day to act on a new plan. This Full Moon is about starting new things as well as getting rid of the old. Break a cycle this weekend. The Full Moon is on Saturday if you go by Pacific time (2:10 am EST). Wear red.

Full Moon in action starting Aries and the zodiac is very busy today. Aries Full Moons bring up me versus we questions. How much to move forward independently and how much to collaborate, give in, or cooperate is up for discussion. There's plenty of planetary action, and with Uranus, Mars, and Mercury involved it's hard to know what to expect at all! One thing to keep in mind is that we'll tend to be easily irritated and trigger arguments with each other. An Aries Full Moon can bring out selfish behavior and also control issues. The good side of Aries Moon time is opportunity for change, breaking bad habits and moving on to do what's right for yourself. It may feel like time to take action despite what other people think. Wear white today.

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