Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekly September 21

The Moon is in Scorpio in harmony with Pluto and Venus. Intense feelings dominate the day, whether that means expressing things you've been holding back or channeling all of that into creative work. Scorpio is the sign of secrets and mysteries, and today there's a question of how much to reveal. Seek answers and see what you can find out. With Mercury retrograde be careful not to reveal things that will come back to bite you or have a negative impact on someone else. The planets are in harmony, but Scorpio is a jealous and sometimes vengeful influence. It might be harder than usual to know how to act on strong feelings or what to do with a piece of knowledge or gossip that might concern other people in your life. Taurus, relationship matters and secrets you keep from the people you're closest to are in the forecast today. Virgo, Venus now in your sign helps you get what you want and need. Family, especially brothers and sisters, can be helpful if you need something today. Leo, things that impact home, money, and work all at once pop up. Tonight the Scorpio Moon means some of us will want privacy. There's a very serious note to conversations and work to be done. Avoid situations that will instigate jealousy. It's the official last night of summer and a fire or other outdoor ritual works with the Moon in a sign of both water and fire. Wear maroon today.

The Autumnal Equinox is at 5:18 pm EST. We have the last hours of the Virgo Sun and of summer today. This morning is dominated by Mercury retrograde and Saturn meeting in Virgo which is very intense and concerns old business, our elders, and serious responsibilities. In all discussions, keep flexibility and be wary of long term commitments. At the same time, we should take obligations seriously and try to be productive in finding at least temporary solutions. Today is full of activity involving many of the planets, and challenge is in the air. Don't blow things off or dismiss people or things as unimportant. Step up and see what you can do to help and avoid regrets. The Moon stays in Scorpio and the Sun moves to Libra at 5:18 pm. There's a big contrast between stubbornness and a need to be adaptable tonight. Some of us will struggle with more new news, and things can be very unsettled. How we react to change is important tonight, and things will need further consideration in about a week, so hang tough and wait it out for final resolutions. Circumstances beyond your complete control are forecast, in relationship for Pisces and Taurus for example, and financially for Aquarius and Leo among others. Today's color is indigo blue.

The Moon moves to Sagittarius at 7:43 am, and a "do what I what" type attitude kicks in for the next couple of days. There's been lots of pressure in the zodiac, with a Scorpio Moon and Mercury retrograde, and the Sag Moon pushes for a release in the form of hitting the road for a while, breaking pent up news, making honest breakthroughs, even at the expense of love or friendship. The Sun square to Pluto, in Libra and Capricorn, encourage progress in stubborn situations, not with force but with patience and cooperation. Mercury retrograde is directly opposite Uranus and conversations and news you would never have predicted happen! Don't consider any of it written in stone though. The true outcomes will be after the retrograde, and there are 7 more days before Mercury is direct. Try to keep a stable footing, allow discussions, but avoid commitments or declarations that might have long term consequences. Take a field trip today! Sagittarius and Aries will especially appreciate being out of usual routine. Leo, work creatively and see if you don't meet someone interesting today or tomorrow, maybe even someone from your past. Libra and Capricorn, you two are the initiators now and should encourage those around you to try new things and agree to temporary plans or solutions. Tonight relationships are difficult waters to negotiate with Venus in Virgo square to the Moon. We won't get far by nagging and complaining. Let things go for now and do the independent thing. Wear purple.

The Moon is in Sagittarius, and again, freedom is worth alot today. The more flexibility and leeway we have the better the day will go. Responsibilities will probably be taken lightly and with Mercury retrograde, lateness and reschedules are likely. It's easier to just take things and people as they come without big or rigid expectations. Do something unusual for a Thursday like take everyone out to lunch or go apple picking or hang out at a bookstore. Sagittarius loves a new topic to explore or a new place to get to know. Keep relationship matters on a back burner unless you intend to be very honest and risk everything. If you're looking for a reason to break up, you can use this Sagittarius energy that favors freedom and independence to your advantage! But even a breakup isn't really a good idea during the retrograde since you'll only revisit all those issues again in the future. At work, give people freedom to do things their own way vs your way, and see what happens! Jupiter throws in a dose of luck and optimism that lasts through the night. Aquarius makes good connections with people today. Virgo, work relationships may seem better than usual and you might score a lucky break. Virgo, it's also a day to focus on health and maybe get some good news or long overdue advice in that area. Leo, people are very attracted to you this week and flirting is fun in the Leo world. Pisces, career and relationship are both tugging at you so you may feel like you don't have the free time you want. Be sure to put your best effort in for success this week. People are probably relying on you. Wear red today.

The Moon shares time in Sagittarius and Capricorn and is void of course from 10:15 am to 6:19 pm EST. Void of course Moon is like in between time, best for taking care of simple things and following routine. The thing is today looks anything but routine! So act and speak carefully, since during Sagittarius Moon times we can be honest to the point of harshness. Feelings will be hurt easily, and Mercury square to the Moon is critical and judgmental and not helping matters! Many people are adjusting to alot right now and there's a good amount of uncertainty about whether we've made the right choices, are in the right places, and also what to do next. With only a few more days of Mercury retrograde, hang tight, put off what can be delayed, and use this afternoon to have some fun and forget about problems if possible. It looks like a day where there's not much you can do to change things, so let it go for now. Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and Gemini, that goes for relationships and family matters. Scorpio and Taurus and maybe Leo and Aquarius there's no doubt that something has to be done about financial situations, but judgment and progress may not be best today so don't expect too much. The Capricorn Moon arrives at 6:19 pm. It's much more practical, and taking a realistic point of view is favored tonight. Country fairs, outdoor work, traditions, and close friends are favored over big parties this weekend. Wear green today.

It's a 2nd quarter Moon in Capricorn, a big day for milestones this month. We're looking for a feeling of progress and productivity. Find something you can accomplish in one sitting or put effort into an unfinished project. Mercury retrograde is a good time to go back and revisit what we once abandoned. Working with the hands, making repairs, and doing financial thinking is favored today. Capricorn Moon time is about organizing and making things work. The Moon and Venus in Virgo align helpingn us pay attention to details. If you don't have to work, it's a pretty good day socially, best for doing something active and outdoors, as the planets visit earth signs. Wear brown today.

The Moon is in Capricorn opposite Mars and trine to Mercury retrograde. Family and domestic kinds of things take priority today, but there's plenty of potential for frustration and debate. The urge to make decisions and progress is there, but all the pieces are probably not in place for long term decisions. Form plans, try things out, and get ready to act with more confidence after Tuesday. We'll notice people changing their minds quite a bit in the week coming up. Mercury retrograde is a sentimental time, and today getting in touch with family and reconnecting with friends is likely, in some cases out of the blue! The Moon and Saturn align urging organizing and cleaning and preparing, even if you're not quite sure what you're getting ready for! Follow your instincts and get things in order. Wear gray.

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