Thursday, July 30, 2020

Full Moon in Aquarius Forecasts for August 2nd to 8th, 2020

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Sunday: The Moon will be Full on Monday at 11:59 am EDT. Today, the Moon shifts to Aquarius at 2:11 pm EDT after a meeting with Saturn retrograde in Capricorn. The Moon also passes Pluto during the overnight and opposes Mercury in Cancer at 4:53 am EDT. This is a day of renegotiating terms, plans, and contracts of any kind. Clear communication and thinking are essential. Make well thought out decisions or have similar conversations. Keep both emotions and reason in balance for best results. The Sun squares Uranus. This may create conflict or the urge to step away from what's popular, to rebel or resist. Void Moon 9:59 am to 2:11 pm and the Moon sweeps into Full Moon sign Aquarius with no aspects for the rest of the day. Getting together with like minded others is favored. Gather to brainstorm, work for the community, or just to enjoy the company of a (safely distanced) group. Today's color is Turquoise.

Monday: Aquarius Full Moon square to Uranus in Taurus brings out the outrageous, original, and challenges us to solve community and systemic issues in long term, radically different ways. Aquarius is the sign of friendship and connection to others, even those we do not know. Uranus in Taurus is about employing different techniques to move toward goals. Alternative, unusual, and visionary describe the tone a this Full Moon. See how it plays out from your point of view and local to where you are, as well as globally.  Mercury in Cancer opposes Saturn today for a continuation of yesterday's activity around well out thought decisions and also important, even life changing conversations. Tonight the Moon approaches a sextile to Mars which could be invigorating or overstimulating, depending on your mood or life's current events. Wear Full Moon White.

Tuesday: The Moon aligns with Mars in the wee hours, then Mars squares Jupiter at 9:07 am EDT. The struggles are real and actions are being called for. You could feel urgency and/or reluctancy yet be influenced by the one you don't feel. For example, you might be ready for a big change, but your partner or employer might be holding on very tightly to how things are now. Or the timing isn't syncing for the move you need to make, such as the place you want to move into isn't ready and the bank or landlord has an issue of their own to sort. Jupiter is retrograde as is Saturn, and I feel like this will delay things during this Full Moon. Later, a Moon/Venus trine may help with feelings between friends or romantic interests, and this lasts through the evening providing some relief or hope if the Full Moon has been difficult. Void Moon 5:45 pm to 10:28 pm EDT. Pisces Moon time starts, and Mercury moves to Leo at 11:32 pm EDT, which can help us move from sulky or down to optimistic and expressive. Today's color is Green.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon aligns with Uranus, a planet that's ben mentioned almost every day this week. It's an assist for deciding or dealing with feelings. It may also bring up sensitivities. Acknowledge any of this without pushing it away, being in denial, or repressing emotions. Some will have surprising and welcome releases after Full Moon. Let the tears go, if that's what you need. Paint a striking picture. Allow for your originality, unapologetically. Today's color is a very bright shade of Blue.

Thursday: Pisces Moon in harmony with Jupiter retro, Neptune, and Pluto retro, in that order. Emotional matters are #1 priority. Take care of mental wellness for you or gently care for others in need or in sadness. Creativity and intuition will be strong. Use your tarot cards or other divination. Soak in the water, bath, lake or ocean. Water element reminds us of natural shifts and offers spiritual and physical support. Wear Indigo.

Friday: This day is full of changes.  You may think you have a handle on things (or not!), and then quickly feel the opposite. To begin with, Pisces Moon aligns with Saturn retrograde in Capricorn. This is such a contrasting influence, one being all love and compassion (or wallowing), the other favoring structure and regulation. The reality is we need both, but they may not be easy to reconcile and allow for at once. Pisces Moon then squares Venus in Gemini. Relationships may feel up and down or uncertain. Though that could pass quickly as Venus changes signs at 11:21 am EDT. Back to the Moon, void of course time is just for minutes before moving to Aries at 9:05 am EDT, completely altering the tone of the day, or our mood. Aries Moon aligns with Mercury in Leo at 8:12 pm EDT for a get up and go attitude, for creativity and initiative, and for adventure and fun. At this point, we need it! Allow yourself to lighten up tonight, trying not to hang on to moods, grudges, or low expectations. Orange is today's color. 

Saturday: Aries Moon continues the uplift, forming a trine to Moon in Leo. This may help us act or decide more easily, connect with inner fire and drive, get us out of our shell or any dark place. The downside could be release of anger. If you need to, let it out safely without piling it on someone else. All in all, our energy should be better or more accessible. Do something fun, creative or adventurous. Wear Red.

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