Friday, January 17, 2020

New Moon & Aquarius Time! January 19th-25th, 2020

Sunday: This is the last full day of Sun in Capricorn, and Scorpio Moon harmonizes with the Sun, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This may give us resolve, closure, and motivation to do what we have to do.  Void Moon 4:22 to 5:41 pm EST, and Sagittarius Moon take over then. This may be energizing or give a sense of freedom. Tonight and tomorrow are for opening the mind to possibilities and adventures. Wear Purple today.

Monday: Sagittarius Moon aligns with Mercury in Aquarius, aiming to expand perspective, open new options, and lending well to studies too. Explore, invent, think outside the box. At 9:55 am EST, the Sun moves into Aquarius, a sign of vision, design, and science. It's my favorite sign for combining creative and logical sensibilities or skills. Sag Moon meets Mars, fiery, enthusiastic, active, and sometimes argumentative. Moon also squares Neptune for questionable judgment. Avoid impulsive or 'off the cuff' actions or words. Sensitivity vs insensitivity could create conflict or feelings of rejection. Turquoise is today's color.

Tuesday: Void Moon from 11:56 pm EST on Monday until 9 pm EST on Tuesday. It may be hard to 'get into gear'. The void Moon in Sag is much more 'do what I feel like' than take care of business. It's a great day for an extended holiday weekend or for taking some extra time to enjoy, get outside for winter sports, or explore a different area, town or city. Avoid over planning and shopping as well as technical or detailed work. Capricorn Moon for later evening productivity and studies, back to reality and responsibilities. Today's color is Brown.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon, and here we go as the Moon aspects planets in Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus today and tomorrow. For today, Uranus may help with a surprise solution in an every changing situation. Venus and Jupiter are supporting the Moon, favoring expansion, opportunities and genuine connection between people. This looks like a good day for job interviews and things like that. Tonight, actually overnight at 1:54 am EST,  the Aquarius Sun squares Uranus and it's unpredictable though the main idea is stubborn and unyielding, so you may be dealing with that tonight or in the morning. Today's color is Blue.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon meets Saturn and Pluto. Some of last week's business comes up for more consideration. This is a return to the serious, heavy stuff and may relate to work, family, elders, unfinished business, and the need for realistic and responsible approach. The good news is Venus and Jupiter align in Pisces/Capricorn for exactly that-good news! Blessings, gifts, forgiveness, positive outcomes and prosperity are some effects. Something important may be timed well now. It's the day before New Moon so take time to reflect and pause. Perhaps you want the momentum of New Moon for taking action or announcing. Today's color is Green.

Friday: New Moon at 4:42 pm EST in Aquarius. Year of the Rat begins tomorrow on the Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year. This New Moon ushers it in. Rat year is known for adaptability, grounding in earth energy such as work and home, and success in creative endeavors and fertility. Today, the Moon squares Uranus in Taurus as the Sun did on Wednesday so you may notice a connection. Find a way to release a stubborn block that prevents you or someone else from following their path or their inspiration. Allow yourself to become inspired or to break down an old, outdated idea about a person or group  you could align with instead. It's not easy having the uncertainty of Uranus squares, but we go through this each month so we must adapt and work through mental blocks. New Moon in Aquarius reminds me of The Star card in the tarot, with optimism and vision for what's ahead or right in our midst. Take a breath and begin anew. Wear White today.

Saturday: Mercury and the Moon both align with Mars in the wake of New Moon, making this a great and likely day for action, progress, adventure and new endeavors of all kinds. Go forth with an open mind and heart. Mercury and the Moon meet to seal agreements and favor exciting new ideas, connections between people, and deliver important news. Wear Red.

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