Saturday, October 5, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone October 6th-12th, 2019

How do you celebrate October? Days are shorter, the veil is thin. Saturday, October 19th perhaps you connect with a message from within or beyond. Come to Shamanic Yoga with Invitation to Spirit Guides at TULA in South Portland. Deconstructed yoga to bring you fully into the body & possibly shake out some demons, then we journey. No experience is necessary. Wear comfortable clothing you can both move and rest in.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon until 11:25 pm EDT. The Moon is void from 7:25 pm EDT, waiting to change signs. Moon meets Pluto and squares Venus for reflection, constructive approaches to relationship matters, and above all, a sense of fairness to both self and others. Today's color is Gray.

Monday: Aquarius Moon trine to Mars and square to both Uranus and Mercury. Those two planets are in opposition in Taurus/Scorpio. News could take you off guard and even perhaps be astounding. The Moon/Mars trine encourages collaborating and joining forces on all fronts-social, business, problem solving. The Sun squares Saturn for progress, but with effort and persistence. The heavens present us kind of a loaded day that may include being out of usual routines and include a change of course. Wear Turquoise.

Tuesday: At 1:06 pm EDT, Venus moves to Scorpio where the planet of love is passionate and uncompromising. Aquarius Moon aligns with the Sun saying "how are we going to accomplish this?" Working together may well be the answer. Moon aligns with Jupiter at 2:27 pm EDT then moves void of course until 5 minute past noon on Wednesday (adjust to time zone). It's an open minded and promising angle. Void Moon for the evening, so go with the feel good vibes. Maybe pay a social call or gather somewhere with lighthearted, easygoing conversation in mind. Today's color is Maroon.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon from 12:05 pm. The morning hours could be unfocused. Moon aligns with Venus and then Uranus this afternoon. Emotions and relationship dynamics change and could be less than predictable from hour to hour. Personal feelings and emotions take precedence over practical business. Today's color is Green.

Thursday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune and is in harmony with Mercury and Saturn. We move closer to Sunday's Full Moon. Communication and how we express ourselves is a theme. Agreements of a serious nature may be necessary, yet simultaneously there's a tendency to be noncommittal. Intuition plays a necessary role. Today's color is Light Blue.

Friday: Pisces Moon void of course 5:55 am EDT on. Jupiter and Pluto interact with the Moon before void Moon takes over. Insights, inner process, and reflection may be more important than action. Take your time, allow yourself to be undecided if that feels best for now. Try not to force things or push for answers.  Full Moon may illuminate things in the next few days. Today's color is Black.

Saturday: Aries Moon opposite Mars and Venus opposite Uranus. Watch your temper or avoid overreactions. This could be a newsworthy day and if you can take a moment before saying or doing something, it could change the result or course, reduce the chance of a blowup or a regret. Relationship situations are tumultuous or unanticipated, and Venus is in the sign of long held grudges or jealousies as well as other feelings. How can you minimize anxieties or urgency? The Moon is almost full and tensions are running high as the Moon is in a fiery and sometimes impulsive sign. Red is today's color.

Sunday: Full Moon in Aries 5:08 pm EDT. More in next week's forecast.

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