Friday, September 6, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone September 8th to 14th 2019: Pisces Full Moon

All week we move toward Pisces Full Moon, the Harvest Moon at 12:33 am EDT on Saturday. Harvest the fruits of your summer intentions! Clear the path for autumn newness. Autumn begins on September 23rd, so however the weather feels, we are technically in summer season until the Sun moves into Libra. Happy Virgo birthdays! Virgo is summer's third sign. Robin

Sunday: Capricorn Moon. This is a dense sign ruled by heavy hitting Saturn. Responsibilities or shelved emotions deserve attention especially if they are weighing heavily or gnawing at the back of your mind. Today, remember that stress is the root or contributor to many maladies small and extensive. Take care of root causes and feel like you're doing something about whatever problem or project is present. Self care and compassion needs to be a priority too. Balance what's external with internal wisdom and sensibility. 8 notable aspects include Sun square Jupiter and Mercury trine to Pluto, increasing our thoughts and mental activity. Todays color is Black.

Monday: Moon void in Capricorn from 4:30 am to 5:24 pm EDT. If you're looking for answers or final solutions, patience is necessary. All may not be ready to come together quite yet. We are working toward Full Moon closure this week. Take on the simple tasks that contribute to progress and completion. Mars trine to Saturn activate us around serious matters, maybe ones that are longstanding or showing themselves again. Moon trine Venus helps us get along and encourages emotional harmony. Aquarius Moon is objective and full of perspective tonight. Wear Turquoise.

Tuesday: Sun opposite Neptune in mutable signs contributes to creativity and also to whimsy and unreliability. You may hear statements that sound way out there, notice actions that defy reality, and people thinking impractically. Aquarius Moon squares Uranus adding to the unpredictability and increasing stubborn attitudes. At best, today is full of wild ideas and out of the blue events (which can be beneficial). Today's color is Blue.

Wednesday: Void Moon 1:22 am EDT and all day long into the night. During these days before Full Moon we may feel pressure building and the long void Moons could make it difficult to get all the people and pieces in place for what you need done. Take care of things you can do and can to some degree control. Let the others go for today. Moon and Jupiter align for a change of scenery and shift in attitude or philosophy. Today's color is Violet.

Thursday: Pisces Moon starts at 5:52 am EDT, leading to Full Moon overnight Friday into Saturday at 12:33 am EDT. This is a potent day, filled with news and in some cases due dates and decisions. Tomorrow, expect more of the same. Moon and Uranus continue surprising news and developments as well as creative genius or being in the right place at the right time (if you're lucky!). Mars squares Jupiter which could lead to confusion about how to act, what to do, or whether your actions align with your values. Today's color is Green.

Friday: Venus and Mercury meet on this busy, active Full Moon type day. There are many lunar aspects. We may need to be versatile and adaptable, willing to shift and change anything from assignments to an about face revision on something due now. Yet, Mercury and Venus in Virgo help us get along, collaborate, connect with each other, make dates or make beautiful things. Sun aligns with Pluto may help us face our feelings and be resilient and progressive. Today's color is White.

Saturday: Full Moon in Pisces 12:33 am EDT. Mercury and Venus both move to Libra and the sky is filled with oppositions. Changes within changes are in the forecast today. Due to unforeseen events or other people's needs, changes of plans, priorities, emotions, and more come with this Full Moon. This Moon is also fertile and abundant and our sensitivities may arise powerfully. That includes intuition. Let it be your guide. Today's color is Gold.

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