Friday, September 20, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone September 22nd-28th, 2019

Sunday: The Moon moves to Cancer at 12:50 am EDT, an emotional and sensitive but comfortable sign for the Moon. The Moon squares Venus and if relationship dissatisfaction is present, it may become a topic of discussion or disagreement. Mercury and Saturn are also square and communication may be challenging or news may not be what you'd hoped for. There's likely to be be serious contemplation or discussions today. It's the final day of calendar summer season. Wear Blue.

Monday: The Sun moves to Libra, and Autumn begins this morning at 3:50 am EDT! This first day of fall features Cancer Moon, void in the evening, leaving plenty of daytime hours for priorities to be decided and acted on. We'll lean toward emotional or heartfelt decisions. Connect with natural surroundings and people related to or loved by you, and connect in intentional, present moment ways. Void Moon begins at 6:05 pm to 5:19 am EDT. Today's color is Purple.

Tuesday: Leo Moon begins 5:19 am EDT and is in harmony with Libra Sun for good feelings between us and possibly a willingness to make peace. Mercury aligns with Jupiter for mutually beneficial agreements, travel plans and other business. Uranus is square to the Moon, and honestly, who knows the outcome! Sometimes it's fantastic inspiration and other times it's unusual behavior nd craziness. Gold is today's color.

Wednesday: Leo Moon gives a boost of energy or optimism or both. It's also a time of cutting cords and clearing clutter. Make space for creativity and fun. The Moon syncs with Mercury and Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Sagittarius for happy times, positive outlooks and outcomes and overall generosity. Venus is also square to Saturn and some will make necessary and long term decisions about relationships. Void Moon arrives quickly at 12:14 pm EDT. Do detailed or important things before then while judgment is strongest. Today's color is Orange.

Thursday: Void Moon ends 6:37 am EDT and then shifts to Virgo. Waning Moon in Virgo with a number of planetary aspects leads to a mixed day. Some business may be accomplished while other things feel delayed or unclear. Internal processes are favored as the Moon aligns with Pluto. One downfall today is the inability to come to the senses and face reality-only for some people though. Notice what really must be faced and dealt with. Do what you can and leave some things for another day when there's less resistance or second guessing. Or for Saturday's New Moon which can help propel things forward. Cleaning house and cleaning up schedules and routines is favored. Today's color is Black.

Friday: Virgo Moon on this balsamic Moon that precedes New Moon on Saturday. The Moon connects through favorable and challenging aspects with planets in Capricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius, and finally at 11:58 pm EDT with Mars directly in Virgo. All of this is activating and hitting pressure points. One theme is whether sensible or rash actions will be taken. Moon and Mars at minimum take us out of our comfort zones and decisions will need to be made, in some case because staying the same is not an option. Make healthy choices as Virgo is so deeply connected to health and the body and Mars can irritate or agitate symptoms or old wounds. Today's color is Brown.

Saturday: New Moon in Libra. Venus sextile Jupiter. All of this is positive for fresh starts as well as interactions and collaborations or adventures with others. New Moon is at 2:28 pm EDT. Open to sharing, partnering, joining, getting to know, and recalibrating if relationships have become unbalanced. Make your intentions or announcements public from 2:28 pm on. Enjoy the company of others. Today's color is White.

Saturday is Intro to Yoga Nidra 11:30-5:30 at Scarborough Yoga. Credits will be offered for continuing education for yoga teachers. Part 2, if you choose to be certified to lead Yoga Nidra, is next week on October 5th, same place and time. Register at before Friday.

Shamanic Yoga and Spirit Guide Journey is October 19th 4-5:30 pm at TULA in South Portland, Sign up while space allows!

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