Friday, June 7, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 9th-15th, 2019: Sun/Jupiter Oppose

Maine YogaFest is coming up so soon, & I'm excited to offer a 6 credit hour training for yoga teachers on Friday the 28th 8:30-3:30 pm. Yogis who are not yoga teachers are also welcome. The material covered is about adapting and enhancing the classes you teach or the practice you do.

Versatile Yoga Teaching: Expanding Within and Beyond Vinyasa at
East End School, Maine Yogafest site, Portland, Maine. June 28th 8:30-3:30 pm
(investment is a very good deal for 6 continuing education credits at $75)

With your MYF pass, sign up for Astrology Yoga for Summer Eclipse Season
10:30 am-12 pm at Maine Yogafest

Announcing Maine Yogafest School of Yoga! Our first 200 hour yoga teacher training is January-May 2020 and applications will be available soon.
I am so pleased to lead this training with Kristine Keegan and Andrea Gleason. Kristine is a reiki master who offers reiki training in Portland (Arcana) and Scarborough (Scarborough Yoga) and she is of course a yoga teacher at those studios, at Sunshine Factory and at EVO Rock Gym.
Andrea owns and teaches at Scarborough Yoga and co-owns Maine Yogafest and sheJAMS.
Applications will be at Maine Yogafest site and Training will be held in Scarborough over the course of 2 and 3 day 10 weekends.
Are you interested? Email me with any questions!

Gemini time in full swing now! Here's your astrology & colors.

Sunday: The Moon waxes all week, moving toward a Full moon on the 17th. We're on an upswing with lots of air and fire energy for fuel. Virgo Moon today is harmonious with 3 planets. The Sun squares Neptune and squares point out where some reconciling could be done or where effort is needed. If something is undefined you might work at clarifying it today. Notice what others or your self are noncommittal or not quite truthful about. What topics or questions are being avoided in terms of direct communication? Today's color is Blue.

Monday: Virgo to Libra Moon, void of course 8:01 am to 8:29 pm when the shift occurs. This is kind of a long void Moon for Monday routines and priorities. Be very careful with details as they may be skimmed over or unclear. The Sun is opposite Jupiter in Gemini/Sagittarius. Things may be exaggerated or come across as unrealistic. Try not to waste energy or be in denial about what's real. It may be hard to get some quiet time or settle nerves. Jupiter, by the way, is retrograde so past patterns may resurface. Clarify your own beliefs. Tonight could be a decent date night. Today's color is Lavender.

Tuesday: Libra Moon aligns with Venus, harmonious for lovers and business partners. The Moon squares Mercury in Cancer so feelings must be sorted through. Keep a sensible approach, and remember not to take matters or words too personally. Check your facts. Today's color is Pink.

Wednesday: Libra Moon void at 11:15 am EDT until 12:02 am EDT Thursday. Today is best suited to routine and not so well for big decisions from 11:15 am on. There are a variety of aspects between the Moon and planets. Know your priorities and work them gently. Less is more in terms of talk, major decisions, and spending. Use intuition and observe. Today's color is Indigo.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon opposite Uranus. Temptations may be strong. Passionate feelings show themselves. Any balance or calm may be disrupted or stubbornness may show itself strongly and in contrasting ways. Some quiet time may be helpful. Stay centered. Today's color is Maroon or any dark red.

Friday: Scorpio Moon with 4 aspects to planets and Mars with a trine to Neptune and an opposition with Saturn. Today appears to be full of agendas and dominant or controlling attitudes and actions. Try to take it easy, to mellow highly charged situations out. Wear Black.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon from 5:03 am EDT through Full Moon on Monday morning. Full Moon vibes expand and radiate through the weekend. It may be a party or adventure weekend. Today, the Moon opposes Venus and people may want more freedom or space in relationships. Or new relationships may feel exciting. But there's likely to be lack of commitment. Spontaneity is more to be expected. Some closures and completions may be difficult to achieve since not all players play their parts. Slow down a little as people may be rushing or not grounded. Awareness and intuition are called for. Today's color is Purple.

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