Friday, February 22, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone February 24th-March 2nd, 2019: Mercury Retrograde Prep

Mercury retrograde begins officially on March 5th. Yet, we are already into degrees Mercury will retrace. Begin to slow down more and really notice and pay attention to the 'fine print' of life and the resurfacing, especially of emotions, that Mercury retrograde in Pisces likely brings.

Sunday: Scorpio Moon aligns with both Neptune and Saturn. Those two planets have been influencing us this winter and they have such different influences! It's like two of your best friends, one who leads you astray and says don't worry about it while the other reminds you of what you have to do or how to be a grown up. Can you make decisions for yourself that balance somewhere in between? Do what you enjoy and feel accomplished at once. Dive deep without going so far you can't come back or apply in the physical world. Today is a good day for an intuitive reading or to do your own personal 'work'.  Wear Indigo.

Monday: Void of course Moon from 7:14 am to 4:19 pm ET. Void Moon may help you relax or make you forgetful. This transition time isn't known for results. Take care of simple and personal errands and tasks. For example, this may not be the best day to gather your tax information unless it's later than 4:19 pm. Relationships are the focus of today. Enjoy the company. Sagittarius Moon tonight. Wear Purple.

Tuesday: 4th quarter Moon in Sagittarius. More than Full Moon time, these are the days and a good sign for letting go and releasing. More than school vacation week, this could be a good week to travel, explore and discover. As a whole we're more likely to try and escape responsibilities. Today's color is Light Blue.

Wednesday: The Moon meets Jupiter in a fortunate and mind opening monthly conjunction, in Sagittarius. Notice what people are talking to you about and presenting and see if there's opportunity to interest to follow up. The Sun and Mars are in harmony in Pisces/Taurus drawing us to earth and sea. Make the land or the water part of your day. They are sources of life force. Today's color is Red.

Thursday: Brief overnight void Moon gives way to Capricorn Moon time at 1:48 am ET. The Moon aligns with the Sun in Pisces and Mars in Taurus, the two that got things rolling yesterday. Today you may take inspiration and ideas and give them tangible shape, form, and structure. This is helpful for those of you working on projects and products. Today's color is Green.

Friday: Venus moves to Aquarius, sign of friendship and community, at 11:45 am ET. These weeks are for finding our place in groups and aligning with like minded others. Capricorn Moon meets Saturn and Pluto for a get the job done attitude and motivation. Respect is a key word today. Wear Black.

Saturday: The Moon is in harmony with Mercury and meets Venus today. Moon and Uranus form a square. Venus, Uranus and the Moon have been exchanging energy late this week so relationships, romantic connections or disconnections, and emotional confusion or intensity is in the forefront. The Moon shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius, void of course in transition from just 1:47 to 2:06 pm ET, so it's brief. Both Cap & Aquarius lean toward more emotional detachment and can sometimes seem insensitive or just very objective. These tendencies can be helpful if there's too much drama. Stepping back, one can see more clearly. Today's color is Blue.

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