Thursday, December 6, 2018

December 9th-14th, 2018: Mercury Back in Sagittarius

My one special event type class is Friday evening, December 21st 6-7 pm, our monthly Yoga Nidra at Greener Postures Yoga studio in South Portland. It's a usual drop in rte and you don't need to sign up in advance, just come. Wear comfy clothing. This is a practice of REST. How nice that it falls on the longest night of the year, and one day away from Full Moon. This could be the ideal time to try Yoga Nidra for the first time, in a safe welcoming space.

Gift Certificates for emailed readings in 2019, at a special price now through December 21st $75 (regularly $88). Mini readings $35. Each certificate will be emailed for you to print and will have a special number assigned it. Readings offered from January 1 to November 1st, 2019.
Give the gift of Insight. Paypal or email me if you prefer to send a check in the mail.


Sunday: Capricorn Moon meets both Saturn and Pluto and harmonizes with Neptune and Mars both in Pisces. This looks like a balanced day with a mix of effort and ease, personal and business or homework type tasks. Today's color is Black.

Monday: Capricorn Moon aligns with Mercury. You may get the feeling of being back on track, organized or productive. Make or reschedule appointments or travel. Void Moon 4:27 pm to 6:39 pm ET then in Aquarius sign of forward thinking and also friendly get togethers. Today's color is Turquoise.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon and we're in the New to Full cycle. Try to make good on a relationship rift. Moon aligns with Jupiter for an expansive point of view and approach. Today's color is Pink.

Wednesday: Mercury is back in Sagittarius as of 6:43 pm ET. Notice what you're back at resolving or trying to decide upon yet again. Moon and Sun are in harmony which is good for communication, expressiveness and adventures. Wear Silver.

Thursday: Void Moon time is like being in a line or waiting room. Hang in there 5:20-7:40 am ET. If it's the commute time it might be a little bit more than you hoped for in terms of time or behavior of other drivers. People may be slow or hurrying, rather than grounded and just right. The Pisces Moon has a mix of aspects today. Practice what keeps you sane amidst whatever else is happening. Wear Green.

Friday: Pisces Moon meets Mars and Neptune while in harmony with Saturn. This uncommon and contrasting mix is like getting friends together that may have nothing in common. Yet sometimes it works, right?! Find the blessing and beauty in the differences today. Wear Black.

Saturday: Pisces Moon void 6:49 am to 7:44 pm ET. See if you can find the flow where there's not resistance. Avoid pushing yourself or having strong requirements of others. It's just not like that. Space and flexible timing are likely to have the best results. Aries Moon leads to party time or a burst of motivation tonight from 7:44 pm. Get togethers also go well during the day, generally being more mellow then firing up later. Today's color is Red.

Events: December 21st 3rd Friday monthly Yoga Nidra at Greener Postures South Portland (the Solstice actually happens during this meditation!) 6-7 pm class pass rates/drop ins

January 19th, Saturday 11:30-3:30 Dive into your Tarot Deck with me! All levels beginner to experienced readers welcome. Tarot Part 1 followed by half hour break then Yoga Nidra Journey to Invite a Spirit Guide, Animal Totem, Angelic Presence for your highest good 2pm-3:30. $75 special rate  for both sessions, only until December 21st. After that if we have space, the workshops will be open to register for separately. Priority to those taking both and registering before Solstice. This will be a lovely, third eye opening, retreat style day at Scarborough Yoga. Registration in advance only, no day of sign ups or walk ins.

Saturday, February 9th also at Scarborough Yoga, Restorative Yoga with Aromatherapy and Reiki by Addie Powers Johnson. This always sells out. Limit 14 so you receive individualized attention and care. 2-4 pm $55

Thank you for all you contribute to this world! Robin

Gratuity is appreciated, anytime you're feeling it.
Many thanks!



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