Saturday, July 7, 2018

Robin's Zodiac Zone July 8th-July 14th 2018: New Moon Solar Eclipse

Sunday: Waning Moon in Taurus. Do what grounds you and makes you feel stable or help someone else achieve that feeling.The Sun aligns with Neptune for emotional self expression and water sports and pleasures. Today's color is Green.

Monday: Venus moves to Virgo at 10:32 pm EDT. For Venus's last hours in Leo, perhaps do something fun, leisurely or glamorous. A celebration is nicely timed, as is a vacation day. Void Moon in Taurus until 12:09 am to 12:58 pm EDT and then in Gemini. Take the morning easy. It's likely that few of us will feel very motivated. Afternoon hours are more reliable for work and business. Mercury squares Jupiter and Moon squares Venus which makes it tough to get everyone on the 'same page' so it's possible not much will go forward. Moon is waning anyway, so perhaps be patient. Today's color is Pink.

Tuesday: Venus is now in earthy Virgo. This is not the most romantic sign for the planet of love. We may be picky and finicky with our partners. Notice if you become overly critical. Chilling out may be necessary anytime during these weeks. Gemini Moon with varied aspects, and Jupiter stations direct in Scorpio at 1:02 pm. The Moon is void from 4 pm EDT on. Scattered looks like a key word for today and especially tonight. Enjoy people and create easygoing circumstances. Anything else will feel frustrating at best. Today's color is Yellow.

Wednesday: Yesterday's forecast continues to apply under the void of course Moon waiting to move to Cancer at 1:59 pm EDT. Easy, breezy, not too attached to expectations-that's the way to go. Cancer Moon opposes Saturn with some serious vibes about upcoming decisions and crossroads the eclipse is about to bring. This may be a day to reflect, reconsider, or just try to forget everything pending for a little while if all has become too stressful. Today's color is Blue.

Thursday: New Moon with a solar eclipse in Cancer. It occurs at 10:48 pm EDT opposite Pluto which means both Sun and Moon oppose the dark, mysterious planet. This will unearth, call forth, and heighten emotions of all sorts. Cancer is the sign of family, home, motherhood, and so circumstances involving relatives, wills and legacies, family property and household all come into serious play. Eclipses accelerate major changes. Today's color is White.

Friday: New Moons are for fresh starts and change. Even positive changes create stress which can range from healthy to unhealthy. The shifts and changes eclipses initiate are often unplanned for. Uncertainty also fuels stress. So be gentle with yourself and others through family changes, new news, and the adjustments coming now and all summer long. The early hours are void Moon in Cancer which could be cranky or just leisurely depending on your circumstances.  Leo Moon on the scene 1:31 pm EDT and square to Uranus in Taurus. You'll notice more strong will and perseverance then. This is when some will move from emotions to actions. Uranus in Taurus is still new to us too and we're adjusting to the cycles and aspects of Uranus in an earth sign interacting with other heavenly bodies. it may literally or metaphorically be rocking our world. There's a Wow factor at play today. And at 1:12 am EDT (which is actually today Pacific time) Mars in Aquarius opposes the Leo Moon. All this fixed sign energy could bring out controlling attributes or attempts to control, and those who feel they know what's 'right' will be very opinionated or willful in their pursuit of that. Side note: it could be a fun night if you're not under pressure or stress and not around controlling or volatile people. Today's color is Gold.

Saturday: Leo Moon meets Mercury. Now this looks like a social, party, people oriented day/night. Venus aligns with Saturn in Virgo and Capricorn for problem solving and resolving relationship issues or finding common ground in other partnerships. Decide together on how to proceed and what you can both accept. It may be easier to feel positivity and optimism. It's a fine day to gather with family or friends or even for a first date.  Today's color is Orange.
Note: Mercury retrograde is only days away, beginning on the 26th and lasting until August 19th. With the energy of a New Moon it may be time for a major decision. Leo Moon is fixed and adds to the long term effect of agreements, commitments and promises we make now. The more time before the retrograde you give yourself, the better. Some things may be best put off until very late August or September. See what your gut says and go with your strongest inner voice. If there's a feeling of distrust or strong uncertainty, just wait it out.

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