Friday, June 1, 2018

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 3rd-9th, 2018

Sunday: Aquarius Moon conjunct Mars and in harmony with Mercury and the Sun. A social, collaborative and communicative day for events and news. People oriented. Today's color is Yellow.

Monday: Void of course Moon in Aquarius from 1:10 am on. Wait on initiating or finalizing anything if possible. Avoid spending or expensive purchases. A day for friendship. Today's color is Silver.

Tuesday: At 6:53 am EDT the Moon shifts to Pisces. the Sun and Mercury also meet today, and Venus opposes Pluto. Personal matters and emotions are priorities. The Sun and Mercury lead to interesting conversations and reconnections as well as new friendships. Business may go well with a friendly, welcoming approach and no pressure. Today's color is Light Green.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon with a variety of aspects. Mercury and the Sun are square to the Moon and Neptune. People may go back on their word or need to change terms and agreements. Another aspect of an agreement or problem may need to be considered or worked through. Be firm as needed but keep some softness in your approach as well.  Define what is negotiable and what is not and communicate honestly. Ask lots of questions. Not all will be clear or honest today. Wear the color Blue.

Thursday: From 2:35 am to 5:26 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course in Pisces. Try not to plan too much or too much of significance. If you interview for a job or connect with someone you like, you must follow up. Many things engaged in will be forgotten or skimmed by. It may be hard to get others to respond or follow up with you. Aries Moon from 5:26 pm shifts things into higher gear. A mellow or less productive day perhaps followed by an active night. Wear Red.

Friday: Aries Moon in harmony with Mars and square to Saturn indicates the importance of what's undertaken or initiated today. Leadership, responsibility, willingness and maturity/lack of maturity are themes. Aim for a truce, decide who's responsible for what, and realize we do not all think of act alike and you cannot control that. Do what feels right. Today's color is Black.

Saturday: Aries Moon will enter void of course time at 3:37 pm EDT. The Sun and Mercury align happily with the Moon. Venus and Pluto are at square angles to the Moon. Relationship with self comes up for consideration. Are you self accepting and willing to allow healing or letting go that must be done? This will be coming up again in a couple of weeks (big time!) and peaking in July. Social gatherings and meetings may feel dynamic and lively. Today's color is Orange.

June 27th 7 pm Full Moon Yoga at Brick Hill park in South Portland outside the Sunshine Factory! Come early for Cupping at 5:30 pm if you're interested in the added benefit of Cupping. Let Go is our Full Moon theme. More info . Email me that you're attending!
Full Moon Yoga is $15.

Brick Hill in the early spring. Now it's GREEN and in it's glory.

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