Friday, May 11, 2018

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 13th-19th, 2018

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For Sunday's forecast, see last week's post.

Happy New Moon this week! Robin

Monday: Taurus Moon opposite Jupiter retro in Scorpio. Effects of last week's Sun/Jupiter opposition may take hold or arise as feelings/emotions. There's a sense of permanence that may play into whatever is happening now. Moon aligns with Neptune and Saturn, very different influences yet the theme of buying in and planetary support for long term decisions is strong. New Moon is tomorrow. Clear the way. Today's color is Green.

Tuesday: New Moon in Taurus 7:48 am EDT. Pluto and Mars support the Moon. This is powerful energy, strong medicine, and a time for persistence and recognizing what's thriving whether it's been tended or not. Some things make their presence known with a message like "I am not going away." It's time to recognize what has grown strong. Uranus makes a bold entry to Taurus for a new era. If it wasn't obvious before, it will be now, that we must tend to our earth and find firm ground in a rapidly shifting landscape. Uranus will be in Taurus until November 7th and then step back to Aries until March, spending most of seven years in Taurus until 2025. Many things are likely to  change radically including the way we buy/sell/invest and exchange money and goods. Mars and Uranus square overnight into the morning and it's a highly volatile and charged up aspect. Step lightly and remain aware and clear in the mind. Uranus changing signs is associated with sudden and major events such as natural phenomena like earthquakes for example.  Gemini Moon starts at 4:43 pm EDT after a very short void time. Today's color is White.

Wednesday: Mars moves to Aquarius at 12:55 am and squares Uranus at 3:04 am EDT. Struggles and conflicts will be unyielding and fierce. Gemini Moon square Neptune is highly unpredictable and can be duplicitous. Today's color is Black.

Thursday: Gemini Moon void of course 2:18 to 5:47 pm EDT. The Moon and Venus create a social vibe. You may meet someone interesting to network with, share ideas, begin a friendship or date. Cancer Moon moves in for the evening and aligns with Uranus for some uncommon events, perhaps including family communication or news and changes around home life.  Today's color is Pink.

Friday: Cancer Moon with multiple planets in contact, and Mercury aligns with Saturn in earth signs. Expect agreements to be made including job offers and home or business leases or purchases. Today's color is Blue.

Saturday: Cancer Moon until 7:11 pm EDT, and Venus moves to Cancer at 9:11 am EDT. Cancer is the sign of home and family. Take care of home and all who live there. Settle a family issue with sensitivity. Venus and Uranus align for strong attraction like love at first sight or at least a feeling of that possibility. Leo Moon this evening is social and events may glitter and the party goes on into the night. Moon and Mars are opposite and some couples, friends or competitors may feel the tension. Today's color is Gold.

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