Sunday, January 28, 2018

Robin's Zodiac Zone January 29th-February 3rd, 2018

Sunday: Gemini Moon void of course 5:39 am until 1:57 pm EST and then in Cancer. Full Moon warmup is here. Cancer Moon opposes Saturn in Capricorn and may relate to family issues or balance between responsibilities at home with family as opposed to in career or other outside roles.  Black is today's color.

Monday: Cancer Moon lends itself to creativity and the softer side of life generally. Inward, reflective approaches are favored. Jupiter aligns with the Moon opening us to emotions and abundance. Today's color is Blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon void of course from 11:40 am to 1:53 pm EST. Leo Moon time follows. The Moon will be exactly Full at 8:27 am Wednesday with a Lunar Eclipse in Leo. This eclipse actually occurs in the Cancer constellation and is full of feminine nature and essence. Cancer is the sign of mothers, nurture and nourishment. Mercury in Capricorn opposes the Moon at 11:40 am. Many will be renegotiating parenting agreements with their coparent or with their children during this Full Moon. This may occur legally such as in mediation or interpersonally such as a family contract or agreement to be abided by.  The Leo Moon aligns with Mars, active and ready to experiment and learn through experience.  Today's color is Orange.

Wednesday: During eclipse times things happen by surprise. By Full Moon lunar eclipse at 8:27 am EST you may be well into knowing of an unanticipated change or a significant move, departure, completion or closing.  All of yesterday's forecast applies, plus Venus opposes the Leo Moon and both involve the heart.  Hearts must be open to receive, to allow, to adjust, to feel and to heal. It's a process. Let your awareness be with your heart for both it's passions and it's pain. Relationships shift and commitments are called for or may be broken. All decisions made now have the air of 'permanence' so understand what you are agreeing to. Also, Mercury shifts to Aquarius at 8:29 am EST indicating a change of minds, mission and group energy. Observe, love, take your time. Today's color is White.

Thursday: Void Moon in Leo 5:59 am to 2:13 pm EST and then in Virgo. This day might be best spent relaxing and socializing or gently sorting out personal matters. It feels like an 'in between time' with Mercury freshly in Aquarius and the Full Moon hanging over with all of it's effects. Stubborn squares to Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars in Sagittarius occur as the Moon moves between Leo and Virgo, one on each end of the day. Tread lightly. Notice what you may be hanging on to tightly, while knowing that must change. Today's color is Brown.

Friday: Virgo Moon opposite Neptune and trine to Pluto. Notice subtleties and signs. You may begin to see a path or solve a problem. Avoid escapism, such as running from how you feel or from the truth. Indigo blue is today's color.

Saturday: Void Moon 2:07 am to 4:47 pm EST. Relaxation favored. If you must work or study, immerse and give yourself time and privacy. Mercury aligns with Mars at 10:57 pm during Libra Moon time. This brings strong urges to get moving on projects and plans. A global, broad perspective and innovative ideas are favored. With Mars in Sagittarius we may take leaps of faith. Consider all alternatives first.  Today's color is Light Blue.

Saturday, February 24th receive the healing powers of Reiki by Addie Powers Johnson while you rest in very gentle, still Restorative Yoga postures, supported by bolsters, blankets, eye pillows and yoga blocks.  Choices of Aromatherapy support your body and mind. You can opt in or out of any part of the practice as you let your body lead.  Let us take care of you as eclipse season winds down. Addie is a gifted healer. We look forward to offering you this practice again at Scarborough Yoga at 433 US Rte 1 Scarborough, Maine. You must sign up in advance, limit 14. There is still plenty of space.
Restorative Yoga with Reiki and Aromatherapy sign up.

Addie offering Reiki at Maine YogaFest 2017
photo by Courtney Elizabeth, Visual Storyteller

photo by Sandra Harris

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