Friday, December 29, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone December 31st 2017-January 6th, 2018

Sunday: New Year's Eve color is Silver. The Moon is nearly Full, opposite Mercury for much discussion, problem solving and contemplation. Our minds may work overtime, or negotiating must be done. Avoid any flighty or frivolous attitudes. Certain things need to be settled and sorted during Full Moon. Void Moon begins at 6:36 pm EST. Keep your wits sharp tonight.

Monday: New Year's Day 2018. Cancer Moon begins at 3:10 am EST and Full Moon happens at 9:24 pm EST. Family, protective and maternal instincts, reasons to nurture and to take care of emotions. Compromises with others and reconciling differences in your own feelings and thoughts are favored and necessary as the Moon opposes both Saturn and Venus. White is your Full Moon color.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon and the Full Moon feelings and forecast linger. Moon opposes Pluto. Face fears and reinforce your self confidence.  Void Moon 5:46 pm EST. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: Leo Moon time starts at 2:23 am EST. Venus and Neptune in harmony. Make way for more optimism and romance. Today's color is Gold.

Thursday: Leo Moon with various planetary aspects. Stubborn streaks yet positivity. Self expression, art, and social times favored.  Void Moon 6:10 pm EST. Orange is today's color.

Friday: Virgo Moon from 3:12 am EST for half the weekend. Moon aligns with Saturn and opposes Neptune. Act reliably and sensibly.  Issues are likely to involve the opposite behaviors. Today's color is Navy Blue.

Saturday: Virgo Moon void of course 9:51 pm EST. A very active day in the zodiac may lead to mixed feelings and influences.  Mars and Jupiter make a strong conjunction in Scorpio. Powerful actions will have lasting effects. Consider how you want to make an impact. Scorpio and Taurus may feel this very directly. Strong emotions may erupt or release and some will experience this as a healing and some as an ultimatum. Exercise your power responsibly without trying to control others.  Today's color is Indigo.

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art by Elise Mahan

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