Friday, October 6, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone October 8th to 14th, 2017

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I hope your Aries Full Moon was just fine. Being a fire sign, I was totally energized. As the Moon now wanes and we move deep into autumn, here are your colors and signs.

Sunday: Taurus Moon void from 9:44 am to 9:45 pm EDT. Relax or do simple tasks and chores. Gemini Moon 9:45 pm EDT. Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra. Beware of overthinking that could prevent restful sleep. Today's color is Light Blue.

Monday: Gemini Moon, Sun square Pluto. Progressive and restless with conflicting plans and opinions present. Lavender.

Tuesday: Jupiter moves to Scorpio for a long term stay. Gemini Moon opposite Saturn. Void Moon 6:25 to 11:38 pm EDT. Make agreements and sign contracts before the void Moon. Business and communication liven up. Yellow is our color.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon. Jupiter newly in Scorpio. Mars square Saturn can be very difficult. Emotions and abundance. Criticism and pessimism may be hard to temper. White is today's color.

Thursday: Cancer Moon opposes Pluto. What are you working so hard to protect. Let go a little. Talk things out. Be careful of stories you tell yourself. Mercury and Saturn align for problem solving. Black is our color.

Friday: Void Moon midnight to 2:41 am EDT, then Leo Moon. Fixed, persistent, stubborn energy and opinions-but they may be the good kind! Moon square Jupiter. How will you pursue and express what you feel most strongly for and about? Purple is today's color.

Saturday: Leo Moon, Venus to Libra. Love and partnerships, social plans and events. Pink is today's color.

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