Friday, September 1, 2017

Weekly Colors and Moon Signs September 3rd to 9th, 2017

Sunday: Mercury meets Mars in Leo, Aquarius Moon. Social and relationship oriented. Orange.

Monday: Aquarius Moon opposite Mercury. Collaborations, gatherings, negotiations. Silver.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon 1:28 am EDT, Mars moves to Virgo and Mercury stations direct in Leo. Sun opposite Neptune. Malleable, lots of change and flux, potential confusion or miscommunication. Light Blue.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon, Full Moon 3:03 am EDT with ripples and waves from August eclipses. Great change. Tie up loose ends. Allow for and expect emotional surges. 4:29 pm Void of Course Moon into the night. White.

Thursday: Aries Moon 8:01 am EDT. Initiate and motivate. Red.

Friday: Aries Moon. Move forward and declutter. Yellow.

Saturday: Short void Moon in Aries 11: 52 am EDT to Taurus Moon 12:23 pm EDT. Stabilizing forces. Determination. Mercury returns to Virgo. Decisions. Grounded earth sign day. Brown.

Saturday, the 16th 1-3:30 pm join me in South Portland at TULA for Robin's Zodiac Yoga with postures and insights for all signs. Beginning yogis are welcome! Sign up at under Events.

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