Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone News

Robin's Zodiac Zone has been much the same since July of 1999 when inspiration hit me during a beach snooze and I proceeded to go home and start my first website with the help of my 9 year old son. RZZ is all Leo, born around July 22nd or 23rd of that summer. And now it's Leo eclipse time, and a natural progression is underway.

I was recently gifted a thirty minute reading with a local intuitive I'd never met before. The second thing she said to me in that reading was "Do you do a lot of different things, jobs? I feel like cleaning up all  your stuff and organizing it." She also talked to me about working out of multiple locations. Of course I replied, "Yes, there are various things I do and almost always have had more than one job." That is so true it goes back to being a teenager who always had two jobs and maybe some childcare on occasion. I thrive on variety and have never had high paying jobs. I worked multiple jobs for both interest and prosperity. I also told her I love it all and couldn't see giving any of it up.

This reader's words have been resonating with me for almost two months now. I looked at all I do and saw that I love and have purpose in all of it. However, I need to make some changes to streamline the flow of energy going into each thing. I have been looking at what the energy exchanges are. I never wanted to make Robin's Zodiac Zone a paid subscription or heavily monetize it. Other than astrology I write for publications, the weekly forecast has always been free. I'm not about to monetize in that way now. It doesn't feel right.

I made decisions this week. Mercury is retrograde so it's unusual timing for an astrologer to announce news. Yet it's nothing I couldn't change or reverse in the future, and I feel okay with it.

Beginning this Sunday, I'll post Robin's Zodiac Zone colors for the week and something about the week ahead on facebook and Robin's Zodiac Zone. I will also write a New and Full Moon forecast every month and it will be published between the 28th and 30th of each month. September's New and Full Moon forecast will be at RoZoYo and Robin's Zodiac Zone around August 30th. Colors will be published on Sundays.

I'm leaving open an option to write more on special occasions like the beginning or end of a retrograde period. I will also write in accordance with any energy exchange such as donations. If I receive donations equal to the time investment, I'll post a special, timely blog for example.

As always, readings will be available by email. If you want to consider a certain date or decision or are due for a more in depth check in with your chart and the cards, that's always available too.

More info and investment for readings or coaching sessions is here.

I also offer Private  yoga and meditation to a limited clientele on a per session or weekly schedule. I've seen my yoga friends transform inside and visibly during months or years of their practice.
I focus on restorative, yin, yoga nidra meditation, and prenatal yoga in private sessions. Email me for information.

Robin's Zodiac Zone is 18 years strong and ready to shift, like the 18 year olds going off to higher education perhaps. I hope you'll stay with me through the changes.


ps WMNF Tampa monthly forecasts are also on pause for now.  Do join Eluv on Ultrasounds on Thursday nights. She is dear friend and has so many intriguing and interesting special guests.
WMNF listeners, thanks for your listening and loyalty for the past 3 years!

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