Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August 3rd to 9th, 2017

Thursday: Moon void of course from 5:38 to 8:37 pm EDT. We are warming up for a lunar eclipse, which is a Full Moon, in Aquarius on Monday at 2:11pm EDT. We are likely to feel and observe change in the air. The Moon meets Saturn in the 3 am hour (eastern time zone). Go over agreements, plans and considering important decisions that require maturity and courage.  Saturn is retrograde until August 25th, in Sagittarius. The Moon and Uranus form a trine, feeding each others' fire, at 5:38 pm EDT as the Moon moves void of course. This is an exciting or precarious trine. Move thoughtfully through these hours. Capricorn Moon shift happens at 8:37 pm EDT  and about 9 hours later the Moon will be exactly opposite Venus in Cancer, activating relationship and family matters. You may notice opposition or adversarial energies. You may also have a chance to meet someone in the middle and find compromise. Also note that Uranus moves retrograde at 1:31 am EDT.  Less attention is given to outer planets retrogrades though a sudden back up or halt could be signaled. Today's color is Green.

Friday: Capricorn Moon. Jupiter squares Pluto in Libra/Capricorn. Attune to how you or others use will,  resources, and knowledge. How are control and power at play? Aim for what's grounded and fair. We are very close to the eclipse and sudden changes include closure, people departing, major decisions or events that precipitate such decisions. Strong judgement is called for. Seek right action and fair outcomes.  Today's color is Black.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon meets Pluto and squares Jupiter. Yesterday's forecast is entirely relevant today. The eclipse is a Full Moon, waxing now through Monday at 2:11 pm EDT. This is powerful and eventful period.  Some of today's themes include facing fear, doing what's just. finishing products and projects and remaining grounded. Today's color is Gray.

Sunday: It's the eve of the Lunar Eclipse, and the Capricorn Moon gives way to Aquarius Moon at 8:15 am EDT. Void Moon is 5:22 to 8:15 am EDT. Dreams activate. You may want to sleep late or feel like sleep is intermittent. Aquarius Moon is generally suited to group meetings and events, and connecting with like minded souls. Aquarius Moon will go on to oppose Mars early on Monday. That opposition may be disagreeable. It may also activate us around common vision, if we're fortunate and experience the positives during this eclipse. It's the first of 2 this month. All Full Moons lead to coming full circle, completions, closures and peaks, and sometimes to dreams realized in their fullest expression. Honor due dates.  Mercury is about to be retrograde, starting the 12th. Today's color is Turquoise Blue.

Monday: Lunar eclipse in Aquarius 2:11 pm EDT across from the Sun, as always, and across from Mars in Leo. Jupiter is supportive from Libra, which can assist with the right people at the right time, legal matters ready to resolve, and in some cases educational or travel decisions that must be made now or very soon. Mars opposition often does not make life easy. Mars is in Leo, sign of children, sometimes paternal in nature, and always youthful and resilient. Notice any of that in process.  Today's color is White.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon aligns with Saturn retro in Sagittarius. This also applies to Monday since it's a late night/wee hours sextile. All that is global and wide in scope relates. Attention will be called to life decisions, the people involved and the travel, knowledge and wisdom required. Saturn is retro and retroactive is a word that could apply. At 3:07 pm the Moon aligns with Uranus in Aries, leading to sudden, spontaneous, combustible, or impulsive action and events. Watch your step, drive safely, avoid confrontations for now. Moon to Pisces at 5:56 pm EDT. Romance, imagination and dreams are featured for the evening. Being by the ocean or lake is a Pisces Moon plus.  Today's color is Light Blue.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon through Thursday. The Moon harmonizes with Venus in Cancer for romance and creativity. Seek harmony through communication even if it seems like the opposing sides are strong.  Mercury is across from the Moon and set to retrograde for about 3 weeks starting on the 12th. Perhaps you can reach a temporary compromise or plan today. Take a soft, easygoing, non confrontational approach to be in harmony with Venus, Mercury and the Moon in water and earth signs. Less is more is a phrase that comes to mind. Moon and Neptune fuel romance and imagination as they meet in Pisces. However they also make it easy to slip back into patterns of escapism, substance abuse, and denial. Can you stay real and true, clear headed and willing? Today's color is Pink.

Thursdays in August! I would love you to join us and feed your soul with outdoor yoga on a farm or in our small city!

Robin's Zodiac Yoga with baby goat petting and all the farm has to offer on August 17th 5:30 pm at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland Maine. Your donations are shared between me and the farm. It's a wonderful outdoor yoga spot. I hope you can come!

Robin's Zodiac Yoga with live music by Todd Glacy, Sacred Sound and Healing, on Congress Square Park Portland, Maine near the art museum and State Theatre August 24th at 5:30 -6:45 pm.

Intro to Yoga Nidra is September 8th, Friday 5-8 pm. Are you ready to heal your soul, start a meditation practice you can do any day, and gather with others who are doing the same? Deep rest, a receptive state, the path to taking care of stress, emotions, and your true self. At Scarborough Yoga. Sign up here or in the Oasis/Scarborough Yoga space at 433 US Rte 1. Link here.

If you're more deeply interested, do the entire weekend training and you can lead and write your own yoga nidras. 20 Yoga Alliance credits for yoga teachers. All are welcome.  Link here.

Email me for info anytime robinivy88 at gmail

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