Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone July 6th to12th, 2017

Thursday: Warming up for Sunday's 12:07 am EDT Full Moon in Capricorn. Sagittarius Moon aligns with Jupiter, squares Neptune and meets Saturn. Questions come up about whether to face realities or try to escape. Escapism can involve drugs or delusions and ultimately will not get you what you want. Saturn and Jupiter urge wisdom and justice. What is the most mature decision and most fair action you can take?  Some of this will relate to the past and what's been unresolved or not taken care of properly for a long time.  Today's color is Light Blue.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon begins the day, void of course 10:12 am to 1:45 pm EDT when Capricorn Moon waxes toward Full. Mercury and Venus align in Leo/Gemini for social interactions, friends gathering and getting in touch, contractual agreements especially in the arts or publishing, and general positivity. Moon trine Uranus at 10:12 am, with the urge to begin, to create original and unique products or content, and a feeling of quickness. Ready or not! Capricorn Moon is without significant aspects for the remainder of this date and much of Saturday. This is the sign of structure, the bones and building. The Sun is in Cancer. Combine the energies of these opposing signs to grow and nurture things from the ground up. Expect completions and things coming full circle.  Use wisdom gently and with care as you guide someone through a transition or through fear.  This is a peak time emotionally and in terms of grounding, family and faith.  Today's color is Gold.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon is Full after midnight tonight, 12:07 am EDT. In Pacific and Central Zones in the USA, the Moon is Full tonight.  Capricorn brings themes of teaching and leading, wise action, completion of goals, and incorporating the nourishing traits of Cancer where the Sun is. Soften your tone. Speak with authority and yet with compassion.  Moon aligns with Neptune for spirituality and faith in outcomes.  The creative and orderly blend well together. The Moon and Jupiter bring up questions of fairness, justice, legalities and aim for a structured, just response where it's needed.  Ask for help, advice and the wisdom of experience.  Find your strength and resourcefulness without putting up big boundaries or fronts that push people away.  Steady yourself for the most right action. Today's color is Indigo.

Sunday: Full Moon meets Pluto at 2:06 am EDT. Confront a deep feeling or fear with courage and faith. Get past a block and let go of what's not working for you. This is an emotion filled conjunction and a peak in situations related to the past, transformation and metamorphosis, and becoming. Some times we must let go of an old belief, a grudge, and negative emotions in order to become and to move forward. This might be hard or scary, but your instincts will tell you if it's time and if this resonates with you. If you're procrastinating about something big because you're concerned about how it will play out, this may be the time. Doing things willingly, with surrender, is so much better than being cornered or forced when situations have gone farther or deteriorated more. How resourceful and brave can you be? Mars and Uranus are at odds with the Moon today, and suddenness or anger may not be friendly. Move and act with calm and clarity.  Void Moon 10:12 pm to 1:35 am EDT. Today's color is White.

Monday: Aquarius Moon time begins 1:35 am EDT. Aquarius is the zodiac's inventor and visionary. Apply that to your own life. Sun opposite Pluto continues the Pluto themes of yesterday, yet the feeling may be brighter. Be practical in your actions. Moon trine Venus and opposite Mercury. Communication will be very important. Prioritize returning calls and going over terms, for example. Socially, this Moon and Venus favor events, meetings and dates. Business-wise, collaborate and bring out each other's best talents and traits. Turquoise is today's color.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon aligns with Jupiter and Saturn. Take agreements seriously. Expect long term results of what you engage in. Tap into intelligence, logic and reason. Also, have a sense of adventure and open mind.  Today's color is Blue.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon 8:40 am EDT to 11:51 am when the Moon shifts to Pisces.  Moon and Uranus align at 8:40 for original and/or quick thinking. A fast response or action may be needed. Pisces Moon encourages intuitive flow.  Today's color is Green.

July's Robin's Zodiac Yoga is on the 27th at 5:30-6:45 pm Congress Square Park in downtown Portland, Maine. Flow for Leo time. It's free of charge. I hope you can come!


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