Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 1st to 8th, 2017

Thursday: Virgo Moon, 2nd quarter, a time for productivity and progress. Try to leave pressure out of the mix. Today can be easy going as Moon and Pluto form a trine and Neptune is across from the Moon. Neptune's opposition can add to lack of timeliness and reliability. Notice if you're lost in a dream or detached from others. Ground where your energy is needed. Venus and Saturn form a trine for resolving partnership matters and taking the lead where forgiveness or other agreements are needed and perhaps feel overdue.  Today's color is Green.

Friday: Virgo Moon will be void of course 5:48 to 8:04 pm. Moon in harmony with Pluto, and Mercury, all in earth signs, favors the practical matters of life. We can communicate more reasonably and understand our own hopes, motives or fears better with these aspects.  Virgo Moon square to Mars and Saturn intensifies the call to act and to take things seriously.  Get into the details and stay out of disagreements. Know what you're willing to stand steadfast for as others may test your vulnerability or limits.  Libra Moon moves in at 8:04 pm EDT for a social Friday night and weekend. Today's color is Pink.

Saturday: Libra Moon meets Jupiter and the Sun aligns from Gemini, gracing social events and parties. Partnerships, marriages, close friendships, and first meetings are all favored today. You may feel the inspiration for something new or celebrate the results of what's been in the works for a long while. Venus and Uranus are together in Aries for spontaneous dates, strong attraction, and maybe love at first sight.  Today's color is Blue (wear your favorite shade!).

Sunday: Libra Moon square to Pluto retro in Capricorn. The Sun squares Neptune in Pisces.  Ask yourself if those feelings you have, that resentment or perception, is really truth. Could you let go of an outdated idea about someone or about a relationship or friendship from the past? How would it feel to be free of one piece of baggage? Live in the now and notice any detachment or fear of what's real. Tune in to what's right here in front of you and live your life more joyfully. Illusions are not your friend. Mars moves to Cancer at 12:16 pm EDT. Mars is uncomfortable in Cancer's emotional realm. Let go of defensiveness before it takes root.  Today's color is White.

Monday: Libra Moon void from 4:57 to 6:46 am EDT and opposes both Uranus and Venus before daybreak. Moon shifts to Scorpio for the rest of the day. Relationship matters are quite stirred up. Status changes may come by surprise. Feelings will come across very strongly for the next few days. The Moon aligns with Mars and you'll see protectiveness in play. Protecting one's own interests or feelings or privacy are examples.  Also we may fiercely protect other people. Wear Indigo Blue today.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Neptune and Pluto. The Scorpio energy is strong and intense. Yet, the trine angles may help ease tension or assist in processing emotional situations.  Venus shifts to Taurus after some fiery aspects in the past week. That can be a welcome relief if love and anxiety seem to be companions lately.  Venus is more earthy, loyal, and sensual in Taurus. Mercury moves to home sign Gemini at 6:15 pm EDT which inspires writing and imagination as well as networking with others for the next few weeks. Void Moon begins 8:35 pm EDT. Yellow is today's color.

Wednesday: Long void of course Moon ends at 6:59 pm EDT when the Moon moves to Sagittarius.  Keep life simple today. Take care of routines and what needs to be accomplished as the Moon waxes toward Full on Friday. Moon opposes Mercury at 11:39 pm EDT. Notice communication that comes through tonight and pause before responding, making sure you understand clearly and avoiding a quick reaction you might change your mind about later.  Today's color is Purple.

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