Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone March 30th to April 5th, 2017

Thursday: Taurus Moon meets Mars, headstrong and persistent.  Opinions will be hard to change. Expect long term results of what you act on. Jupiter squares Pluto in Libra and Capricorn. Wisdom comes from soul searching. Some will skip the soul centered approach in favor of pushing agendas and manipulating their way through situations instead.  Overpowering energy and force are to be contended with. Stay centered in what you know to be right.  Avoid any tendency to go too far.  At 7:12 pm EDT the Moon moves void of course until 12:40 pm on Friday. Do routine tasks and physical exercise or work.  Today's color is Blue.

Friday: Change is a key concept as the void of course Moon shifts into mutable Gemini at 12:40 pm EDT. Morning is for easygoing routines.  Mercury moves to Taurus at 1:31 pm and changes the mindset. Ideas and plans will change as Mercury rules our minds and communication. Long term decisions are in fashion. The Moon sextile Venus retrograde in Aries leads to flirtation, interesting reconnections, and good talks with old friends.  People will appreciate choices rather than directives. Focus is not today's strongest suit.  Wear Green.

Saturday: Gemini Moon aligns with the Sun and with Jupiter. Optimistic and centered on interactions with others, this Gemini Moon favors socials, meetings, gatherings and mingling.  The Moon squares Neptune so there is a duplicity or shadow side you may feel sensitive to. Use strong judgment about who or what to trust. Today's color is Yellow.

Sunday: Venus is retrograde until April 15th, moving back into Pisces at 8:25 pm EDT, emphasizing reasons to take a close look at our relationship dynamics.  How can you improve your one on one relationships? Does it begin with communication or self improvement or a change in habits? Reflect on love and partnership to re-align anything out of sync or imbalanced. Pink is today's color.

Monday: Cancer Moon, 2nd quarter, signals a time to feel progress. Multiple aspects between planets could create mixed feelings. Nurture those you love, confront your own fears, be ready to think quickly yet not react defensively. Protectiveness and sensitivity are predominant energies during this Cancer Moon. Wear Light Blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon until 6:13 pm, void of course from 4:45 pm EDT until then. Cancer Moon squares Uranus which may start the day off with anxiety or uncertainty. Cancer Moon aligns with Venus retrograde in Pisces for revisiting emotions and relationships. It's a sentimental time.  Leo Moon moves in for socializing, though you 'll want to avoid disagreements tonight. Avoid a needless war of words.  Today's color is Purple.

Wednesday: Leo Moon powers up this period between New and Full Moon. A couple of purposeful days in a row lead to action, movement toward goals, and binding agreements. The fixed nature of Leo, resulting in loyalty and promises, combines with the Aries Sun, fiery and full of initiative. Mercury in Taurus squares the Moon for persistent effort and tough but effective negotiations. Be willing to work on the details and sort through differences to get to the heart of a matter and resolve it before Mercury retrograde (and just before Saturn is retrograde too). Today's color is Gold.

Sun over Portland, Maine (photography credit unknown)

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