Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone March 2nd to 8th, 2017

Express your self with a tshirt or wristband that represents your passion, the cause, race or person you go to the mat for. Dig deep into the warrior tradition through astrology, mythology, personal reflection and postures of heroes, heroines, and warriors on a mission. Pink pussy hats, SheJams attire, Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons and other themed clothing or adornments can inspire others and make your practice colorful. You decide. Or your usual yoga clothes will do.
Todd Glacy will play live drums and gong. Extended deep rest as you're bathed in sound.
Let's fuel our passions together and connect with the warrior spirit, in the most positive and productive sense.
Saturday, March 25th at Greener Postures South Portland during the Aries New Moon. 1-3 pm
Sign up in either GP studio or simply login online and register.

In the wake of two February eclipses, this is a month of change and adjustment.

Thursday: Taurus Moon begins 2:43 am ET. Strong willed and influenced by imaginative Neptune and communicative Mercury. It's a great day to hunker down with a writing project. Write a speech or a book, craft the logic around an advertising pitch, or rehearse anything from a conversation to a performance. As Jupiter opposes Uranus, we could be rattled by news. Think moderate and give yourself time to think before responding or reacting.  Aries and Libra, that opposition is in your sign and may be felt in relationship. Today's color is Yellow.

Friday: Taurus Moon aligns with Pisces Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. Void of course Moon begins at 10:20 am. It's a good day for most things, though during void of course Moon pause to make sure of your decisions and especially your purchases. Look for value over time and for quality, and invest accordingly. Today's color is Blue.

Saturday: Venus retrograde begins. In relationships, you may notice a return to anything unresolved. People may come back into your life or get back in touch.  These weeks are not recommended for cosmetic surgery or tattoos or other changes in appearance. Remember,' it's a wise person who rules the stars and a food who's ruled by them' and make your decisions accordingly. Venus is direct on April 15th. This period is uncertain for starting new romantic relationships though certainly I wouldn't rule that out if you're attracted. Be adaptable with forming relationships, in other words keep the expectations light and easy. At 5:05 am ET the Moon moves to Gemini for a social Saturday. Mercury and Neptune meet in Pisces for artists, intuition, and going with the flow.  Today's color is Pink.

Sunday: Gemini Moon with many aspects to planets and the Sun. Mars trine Saturn. Agreements and negotiations are worth time and effort. Even difficult subjects can be worked through with willing participation. Do put action behind your words and be on the lookout for those who are all talk. Today's color is Gold.

Monday: From 3:22 to 7:54 am ET, the Moon is void of course in Gemini. So if that's wake up and go time for you, make sure you remember appointments and items you need for the day. It's a forgetful time. Double check the alarm and other similar things. The morning could seem out of sorts or moody even as Cancer Moon arrives at 7:54 am. The Sun meets Mercury for an important business and news day. Business may be more personal. Sometimes Cancer Moon time leads to defensive and protective feelings and actions.  Today's color is White.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon with lots of activity and aspects. Challenges include fair decision making, protecting others and your own best interests, and facing fears and emotions.  On the plus side, creativity shines. Mercury and Pluto are aligning overnight, and this can be good for decisions, problem solving and intimate talks. Today's color is Light Blue.

Wednesday: See Mercury and Pluto info above ^. Discuss topics with sensitivity and willingness today. From 9:59 to 11:45 am ET, the Moon is void of course.  Cancer Moon squares Mars in Aries and conflicts of interest are evident and come up for resolution. Leo Moon from 11:45 am ET. Ask forgiveness or a favor then. Today's color is Purple.

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