Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone March 16th to 22nd, 2017

Sunday is Restorative Yoga with hands on Reiki Healing, Aromatherapy of your choice and Healing Sound Vibrations with solfreggio tuning forks, crystal bowls and recorded healing sound.
The yoga is completely floor based, quiet, breath focused, and supported by guided meditation.
Reiki is by Addie Powers Johnson of Scarborough. Is one of the remaining spaces meant for you?

Register for my last Restorative Workshop of the season. Let us nurture you.

Sign Up here.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon in harmony with Neptune. Today is best spent with creative projects and ideas. Use visualization and imagination to create in the present or pave the way for what's ahead. Be persistent and gentle at the same time. Feelings count, so treat others with care.  Light Blue is today's color.

Friday: Moon aligns with Pluto and the Sun. Decide with confidence. Deal with a fear in productive ways. Move past something that's been holding you back. The Sun and Saturn square and life direction may cause strain and feel like a big issue. Yet, some things will happen more easily than expected. Don't bother forcing things or trying to tell someone what to do. There will be resistance where there's excessive pressure. Agreements can be worked out as long as freedoms are not being recklessly taken away or infringed upon. It's St Patrick's Day but it doesn't really look like a 'party day". Void Moon is 5:56 to 11:00 pm EDT. Watch out for your friends and your belongings since things could get 'carried away' then. Sagittarius Moon begins at 11 pm on the east coast. Purple is today's color.

Saturday: Mercury and Venus meet in Aries. Sparks fly, Instant connections are made. Both planets harmonize with the sagittarius Moon. Take a chance on someone (safely of course). Have an adventure. Meet new people. Lighten responsibilities or feelings surrounding them. The Moon squares Neptune. Be careful not to let escapism ruin good fun. Honor the limits that make sense. Today's color is Red.

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon harmony with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. We're likely to do things up big. There's a wild streak and a tendency to be excessive today. Some of us could feel anxious or need reassurance especially with quickly changing circumstances. Wear the color Turquoise and keep moderation in mind.

Monday: At 6:29 am the Sun moves to Aries and spring begins! It's 4th quarter Moon, void of course from  6:37 to 11: 21 am EDT before the quarter marker at 11:58 am EDT. Adjust to your time zone. It's a time of sorting and shedding and making way for the new. Moon meets Saturn for serious and potentially hard choices. Capricorn Moon sets in and squares the Sun in Aries. Power, authority and courage are themes. Warrior New Moon is on the 27th, Monday. This week determine what you are willing to stand up for and what's non negotiable, for examples. Today's color is White.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon is for getting priorities taken care of and resolved. Take care with communicating well and with anything that would affect personal relationships as the Moon squares Mercury and Venus. Avoid being impulsive with statements and in conversations or disagreements for example. Be tactful. Neptune and Mars support the Moon with a balance of creative sensibility and willingness to act. Today's color is Green.

Wednesday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon, void of course from 9:20 to 10:28 am EDT. Act with purpose and strong intention especially once Aquarius Moon sets in at 10:28 EDT. It's an inventive, forward thinking sign. If possible, get out of the Capricorn Moon zone before making long term decisions or experimenting with something new. That is especially true if what you're doing could make 'waves' with others.  The more today is a team effort, the better.  Today's color is Silver.

New Moon is Monday March 27th, and we'll get the body and spirit fully prepared and energized at Greener Postures South Portland. New Moon of the Warrior with Live Drumming and Gong by Todd Glacy on Saturday March 25th 1:30-3:30 pm. Find the workshop registration at Greener Postures Yoga or sign up in either studio.

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