Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology February 2nd-8th, 2017

Full Moon Eclipse Yoga with Live Drums Saturday February 11th 2 pm at Scarborough Maine Yoga (with Kate Beever of Maine Music and Health and Zach Jones' Band)

New Moon of the Warrior Yoga with Live Drums Saturday, March 25th 1:30 pm at Greener Postures Yoga in South Portland, Maine (with Todd Glacy of Sacred Sound and Living)

Both are registering now in the studios and online. Both workshops focus on energizing and self discovery including toning the heart and uncovering passion, courage and strength.

Thursday: Void of course Moon in Aries from 11:50 am to 8:50 pm ET. Motivation and speediness are likely before 11:50 am. Some will power through situations without taking other people or opinions into consideration just to get things done. You may run into opposition or debate regarding methods or ways of thinking. Mercury squares Jupiter. Questions arise about who is getting too much or  too little of money or recognition or voice in the matter.  Taurus Moon 8:50 pm ET through much of Saturday. More grounding and better  long term decision making is just ahead. Lavender is today's color.

Friday: Taurus Moon, solid and determined. It's also good for pleasurable pursuits. Fill the senses and engage in the moment.  Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces and squares the Sun. Creativity, beauty, and art are focuses. Some will make hard decisions knowing the long lasting results. Make promises you intend to keep. Adopt a positive outlook or habit you want to cultivate.  Venus moves to Aries. Spring fever arrives early.  It's a good date night. Today's color is Pink.

Saturday: Taurus Moon is good for conscious decisions including shopping for long lasting value. Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn for tangible results in all areas including emotional health. Pluto may expose the shadow side of someone or something so it can be dealt with. Today is well suited to many things so go forward with plans.  5:42 to 11:44 pm ET, the Moon is void and our judgement may stray during this transition time. Mercury in Capricorn continues to favor "doing" including study, building, creating, cleaning and repairing.  Gemini Moon arrives 11:44 pm ET for a social and changeable part of the week. Today's color is Blue.

Sunday: Gemini Moon aligns with Venus and Mars in Aries. A socially outgoing, mentally dynamic day.  Work on your best ideas. Moon aligns with Neptune for imagination. Question, be curious, have healthy skepticism and look out for duplicity.  Today's color is Yellow.

Monday: Gemini Moon and Jupiter begins a retrograde. Don't be too concerned about the retro time since Jupiter spends a good deal of time retrograde. Moon aligns with Jupiter, Uranus and the Sun. We're full of ideas today. Follow the best leads. Act spontaneously if it seems right. Saturn opposes the Moon for negotiating and differences of opinion. Look at all sides of a situation for the most desirable outcomes.  Void Moon 5:53 pm ET until 2:03 am ET. Today's color is Gold.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon 2:03 am ET. Mercury moves to Aquarius at 4:35 am ET. Mercury in Aquarius is an inventive, scientific cycle.  Visions come to fruition as you put ideas into motion. Cancer Moon squares Mars and Venus in Aries, highlighting differences that can be reconciled. Remove posturing and defensiveness as well as power plays. Instead focus on what is in common. Moon aligns with Neptune for versatility, even in dealing with emotions.  Light Blue is today's color.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon. Full Moon is Friday at 7:33 pm ET with a lunar eclipse, the first of 2017.
The warmup is on. Emotions and situations intensify. Projects need attention. Focus on completions and getting certain things out of the way. Moon opposes Pluto. Consider the shadow or subtle aspects of your current experience or problem.  Could bringing something into the open actually help? Uranus and Jupiter are square to the Moon. Self interests vs. fairness and equality are strong issues presenting themselves. "Make or break" time seems relevant.  Today's color is Black.

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