Monday, December 19, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone December 22nd to 28th, 2016

Weekly horoscope is going through some changes. Stay tuned as the sign by sign part of your forecast evolves in early 2017. Robin's Zodiac Zone daily forecasts remain the same as ever, since 1999, with your color of the day and more. Thanks for another great year! Happy holidays!

Thursday: Libra Moon with multiple aspects. Communicate clearly and treat each other fairly. It may be difficult to make decisions or sort out inner conflicts. People may take us off guard with unexpected actions or words. However, Venus aligns with the Moon from Aquarius and Saturn is in harmony from Sagittarius while Jupiter and the Moon meet. All three of these aspects are favorable. Make temporary agreements and flexible plans. Community events, social occasions and parties benefit from Venus and the Moon in friendly air signs. Void of course Moon 2:31 pm EDT until 9:32 am Friday.   Today's color is Pink.

Friday: Scorpio Moon begins at 9:32 am EDT. Fixed and more decisive, this Moon activates passion and persistence. Remember that Mercury is retro, a better time for trial plans and exploring rather than setting your mind to one permanent thing.  The Moon is in harmony with the Sun in Capricorn and Mars in Pisces for both practical and creative tasks and possibilities.  Focus on what needs to be taken care of. Today's color is Indigo.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon through most of Christmas. Today the Moon's energy agrees with Neptune, Mercury and Pluto which helps us deal with feelings and strong emotions, and act intuitively. Saturn aligns with Uranus for quick action and wisdom to be present in the moment especially with unexpected events. You may suddenly know exactly what needs to be done and take action.  Red is today's color. 

Sunday: Merry Christmas! Scorpio Moon void of course from 2:22 am to 10:19 pm EDT. Void Moon may help us relax. People may show up at times other than the set hour, earlier or later depending. Venus harmonizes with Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn. Even intense interactions, meetings you're apprehensive about for example, receive Venus's favor. Venus helps with forgiveness.  At minimum, there should be tolerance for differences. Venus and Jupiter aligned bring great joy in friendships and good feelings as well as beautiful surprises! Sagittarius Moon 10:19 pm EDT for parties and travels that extend into the night. Today's color is Purple. 

Monday: Sagittarius Moon. Jupiter opposes Uranus for sudden turns of events and changes of direction. Being disoriented or taken aback are two distinct possibilities today. Mercury retrograde and Neptune form a sextile which is harmonious but could lead to misinterpretation. Enjoy reconnecting, but do not be misled or have high expectations for anything long term.  Today's color is Light blue.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon in harmony with several planets for adventurous attitudes, exploring and experimenting. The Sun aligns with Mars for an active day. It helps to be open minded and outgoing. If you're not feeling it, hibernate for a while until this phase passes. Mercury retrograde continues to bring back the past in memory or experience, through people,  places and events. Void of course Moon 8:45 pm to 10:12 am on Wednesday. Today's color is Maroon.

Wednesday:  Capricorn Moon starts at 10:12 am EDT. Mercury is the planet of influence today with a Moon and Sun conjunction, all in Capricorn, and harmony with Mars in Pisces. Sentimental revisiting of the past.  It's a good day for a reunion or a visit to a place you used to frequent. Yellow is today's color. 

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