Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone Horoscopes October 6th to 12th, 2016

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Thursday: Sagittarius Moon conjunct Saturn, square Neptune in Pisces, sextile the Sun in Libra.
Put structures in place. Structure an agreement or a plan. Be realistic. Fulfill obligations and attend to legal matters and wording.  White is today's color.

Friday: Void Moon in Sagittarius 2:26 am to 4:40 pm EDT. Capricorn Moon 4:40 pm. Sun in Libra square Capricorn Moon. Move forth with a decision. Be diligent with details that could be easily forgotten or overlooked. As conflicts of interest come up, keep fairness in mind. Gray is today's color.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon square Jupiter in Libra, conjunct Mars and Pluto, sextile Neptune in Pisces. Work through problems fairly, methodically and creatively. Find mutual points of agreement. A day of doing, acting and progressing. Put in the effort. Green is today's color.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon sextile Venus in Scorpio and square to Uranus in Aries, void at 12:51 pm to Monday 2:33 am EDT. Show progress during this 2nd quarter Moon. Controlling behavior or manipulative moves could create issues. Continue to move forward toward a goal. Black is today's color.

Monday: Aquarius Moon (from 2:33 am EDT) trine Mercury and Jupiter in Libra. Objectivity, fairness, collaboration. Meet people, work together. Decent day for a first date or meeting. Turquoise is our color.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon, Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Libra, Mars in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces.  All of yesterday's forecast applies. Today is even more lucky and beneficial for agreements, creativity and connecting with others in meaningful ways and to get things accomplished.  Legal agreements. Good day for writing and thinking originally. Void Moon begins 7:49 pm EDT. Blue is today's color.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon begins 8:43 am EDT. Abundance. Compassion. Work on prosperity and beliefs surrounding earning potential. Growth and expansion in both the heart and the wallet. Green is today's color.

This Friday, Mercury joins Jupiter and the Sun in fair minded Libra. Resolve personal and legal disputes, form partnerships, and expect justice and generous settlements now through next week.

Aries: Your ruling planet, Mars, activates career options now. Keep your chin up and concentrate on a project you’re passionate for. Try not to let the monsters get you down or trigger any public display of negativity.  Planets in Libra favor all of your partnerships and mutual decisions. Get together with someone whose traits or strengths complement yours.

Taurus: Improving your routines and habits makes a huge difference. As a physical sign, you know that when your body feels good you function at a higher level. Even in your marriage or with your closest colleague, you’re a much better partner when you’re rested and balanced in what you consume. Be good to yourself like that, and notice how everything else responds.

Gemini: The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter reward your patience with developments and encounters you’ve been gearing for. Open up options for dating or business networking. Planetary positivity extends to child rearing and baby making if you’re ready. This season is about giving birth to new experiences and relationships of many kinds. Partner up and make things happen.

Cancer: Be sincere and convincing as you coax a close partner to see things your way. In family and other household relationships, the trend is toward growth and positive solutions. Rather than blame or passive discontent, open the conversation for a new agreement about money, chores, and mutual respect.  An honest talk should go very well during the next seven days.

Leo: Mercury fires up your mind for speaking, writing, and publishing. Jupiter favors the benefits that come from such things, like money and growing audiences. Release your music or book late this year or in 2017. Whether you’re getting inspired or nearing completion, focus energy on media and self expression. Express from the heart. Learn quickly, and then pass it on.

Virgo: A job interview or related meeting is well timed for the 10th to 12th. Resume your search for higher paying or more suitable work. Be flexible as you consider a position out of your comfort zone. Jupiter gives you the power to take on bigger, more important and more intellectual projects this year. As Mercury moves to Libra, recognize the value of what you do.

Libra: The smart planets, Mercury and Jupiter, travel through your sign. Tap your knowledge base, use your wits, and be resourceful halfway between New and Full Moon. The Sun energizes you toward goals and for relationships.  Progressive change comes if you can move past outdated or negative thinking. See the missing piece that’s right in plain sight.

Scorpio: Rediscover enthusiasm for an unfinished project.  Venus stimulates your creative fire through mid month. Balance your internal process with interactions that bring ideas and plans to life. For example, seek out a valued opinion before pitching or delivering the final product. A road trip or time away from the usual yields insights you may not expect.
Sagittarius: Take a step toward one of your dreams.  Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun gather to influence your friendships, romances and hopes. Infatuation is a symptom of this season, for you. Meanwhile, use wisdom and discretion where money is concerned. Seek financing or legal agreements, knowing there are still surprises in store. For now, curb any urge to overspend.

Capricorn: This is peak season to be noticed for the right reasons.  Shine brightly in your field of expertise, or enthusiastically pursue a new goal. Mars, the planet of physical energy, pushes you a little bit harder or further, through November 9th. Initiate and keep things moving without overextending yourself. Enjoy a romantic or sentimental weekend as Venus and the Moon align.

Aquarius: Your mission is to become even more life smart. In the broad picture, there are life lessons to pursue should you choose to accept. Presently, deal with details with Mercury’s blessing until October 24th. Include applications, legal docs, and travel credentials on your to do list. This weekend, quiet time balances your body and mind.

Pisces: Answers and intuitions seem to come out of the clear blue. Hear beyond someone’s words and notice how you feel, trusting or unsure. Believe your body’s reactions as instinctual and informative. If you’re in the midst of a health concern, information you need comes forward. Resilience and regeneration are your two key words.

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