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Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology August 1-7, 2016

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Wednesday Portland PopUp Yoga Mill Creek Park South Portland 5:30 pm by donation
Thursday Robin's Zodiac Yoga at Congress Square Park Portland 7:30 am free community yoga
Friday Yin Yoga at Bay Club Portland 12:30 pm

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Monday: Sun trine Saturn, Cancer to Leo Moon

This is the day before Leo New Moon. It's a day to reconsider, plan for a fresh start, and prepare for significant decisions. Saturn gives weight and power to actions taken this week. Sun and Saturn align in fire signs, and tomorrow the Moon and Saturn align. Saturn is retro in Sagittarius, sign of philosophy, education and global interactions. If you're going through a philosophical shift, decisions you make this week may be based on a new code or ethic you're adopting.  Deciding to go back to school or training to further your life purpose or ambitions is one potential effect.  Venus and the Moon influence Uranus retro in Aries, and this is more fire sign activity. Changes of course may seem sudden, but most likely have been building. Urges to tear down and rebuild, especially in the inventive, creative realms, are one result. In relationships, more free flow can come from what seems drastic at first. Some will take a sharp turn in order to change the dynamic now. Cancer Moon is void of course from 8:44 to 9:12 pm EDT and then Leo Moon takes over.  Today's color is purple.

Tuesday: Leo New Moon

This New Moon brings upgrades and steps to the next level. Take commitments seriously as the loyal and fixed Leo New Moon aligns with Saturn, planet of intention and responsibility. Leaders step up, ready for the challenges and effort required to move through changes. What talent can you devote in order to improve things in a small or more global way. Draw upon your own gifts and passions to inspire and lead others.  Saturn is in restructuring mode, in Sagittarius, sign of travel, education, philosophy and freedom. Saturn brings rules, limitations and restrictions as well as obligations. How do you need structure to reach a goal or change your life? Seek advice from experienced people during the next two weeks while the New Moon is in her strongest power. If you're around 29 or 30 years old or approaching 60 and moving through a Saturn return, this New Moon could be a life changer for you. For all of us, act in good faith. Find the joy in committing and sticking to a personal plan or being loyal in any kind of relationship. With this New Moon, blend freedom and responsibility. Muster up some confidence and bravery, and go forward in a graceful, poised way. Today's color is gold.

Wednesday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon trine Uranus means fast and further developments regarding what's been in process this week. Where Saturn has a steady, stable approach, Uranus is more radical and spontaneous. The trine between Moon and Uranus is where things fall together readily and usually with ease. The downside is the sudden nature and Uranus tendency to tear apart or break down. Sometimes that's just what's needed in order to progress and construct,  however.  Either way, use original thinking and inventive, progressive approaches to change.   Resist trying to solve a problem the same, old way.  Fresh slogans, creative shifts, alternative methods, and playful attitudes are the way to go in this lunar cycle. Do not forget structure though! Saturn speaks of new structures and guidelines. There is room for framework and innovation around it. Combine the two. Belief patterns are shifting too, and we may notice this globally and in the news. Obama is a Leo and this New Moon is during his birthday week. Bill Clinton is a Leo too, just for reference.  Leadership changes are natural now, both politically and in the business and community realms.  Changes for Leos, new roles for Scorpios, restructuring work and routines for Pisces, and quieter planning and family shifts for Virgos are some likely examples of what this New Moon initiates.  With two eclipses just ahead on September 1st and 16th, change will be the constant. Remember, Mercury retrograde begins on August 30th so get the details, purchases and commitments taken care of now.  On a lighter note, this is a good date night with Moon and Venus joining in Leo. The Moon/Venus meeting favors love and relationships, is oriented toward children and play, and shopping for luxury items, clothing, and other adornments. Today's color is orange.

Thursday: Moon conjunct Mercury and Venus

The Moon and Venus kissed in Leo after midnight (EDT), and the Moon meets Mercury in Virgo at 5:44 pm. Moon changes signs at 3:34 am after a relatively short void of course time from 12:13 am.
Virgo Moon and Mercury point us toward refinement, care with details and planning.  Communication is a theme today, and meetings and discussions should be practical with application and results sooner rather than later. Tonight Saturn and the Moon square. Saturn's been active all week including with New Moon on Tuesday.  This week is about putting plans into action, getting off the undecided fence, and moving forward. Actions and beliefs should match. Ask yourself that if you're making a commitment or big change.  Today's color is brown.

Friday: Venus in Virgo, Moon trine Pluto, conjunct Jupiter and opposite Neptune

It's an earth sign day in true Virgo fashion. Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo are supporting earth sign players. Engage in appreciating nature and the land you walk, in some way. For the most part, it's a good day to handle tasks or problems, take realistic approaches and get things accomplished. Neptune is approximately square to Saturn this summer, was an indirect influence on tis week's New Moon, and is opposite the Moon today. Neptune's positive side is creativity and romance, but the underbelly of Neptune is escapism, deceit, and instability.  Watch for anything or anyone falsely representing. Ask questions and be a bit skeptical. It's not the best day to listen to a sales pitch, for example. Virgo and Pisces are setting up for eclipses in September, and these signs host the Moon/Neptune opposition today. Keeping some flexibility in agreements or plans may be helpful as things will shift in September. Above all, do not ignore your inner voice, doubt, or distrust. Sometimes the subconscious or the body knows before the logical mind. At 11:20 pm the void Moon time begins. Wear blue.

Saturday: Virgo to Libra Moon, Mercury square Saturn, Venus square Mars

Taking stock for a moment, Mercury and Venus are now in Virgo, Mars and Saturn are in Sagittarius, Jupiter is finishing a 13 month period in Virgo on September 9th, and we have a solar and lunar eclipse in September. Our recent New Moon was in Leo, and this is a waxing Moon time for growth and progress.  Two squares in the zodiac point out differences today. One relates more to relationships and mutual responsibilities while the other brings up differences in opinions and ideas. Both require effort and patience. Virgo Moon is void of course in the morning. Relax into routines. Avoid shopping and judgments calls. At 12:57 pm the Moon moves to Libra and will be in harmony with Mars in Sagittarius. Active exchange of ideas and a sorting out of what's fair are some effects. Open up communication and keep justice in mind. Self  serving attitudes are likely to cause disagreement. Today's color is lavender.

Sunday: Libra Moon, Venus opposite Neptune

A variety of astrological aspects are at play. One involves Neptune (again), and in relationship the truth may be elusive. Yet there's a romantic chemistry in the air too.  This could mean fleeting pleasure and imaginative or artistic inspiration. One problem is lack of realism and follow through. Let all of that inform your decisions today. Libra is sign of couples and dynamic duos of all kinds. Be fair and kind to each other. Team up on a creative mission. Today's color is pink.

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