Saturday, June 18, 2016

Weekly Astrology June 20th to 26th, 2016

Monday: Solstice, Full Moon

Full Moon is at 7:02 am EDT. The Moon moves to Capricorn at 7:55 am. Solstice is 6:33 pm as the Sun shifts to Cancer and summer begins. The symbols for today included Sailors drawing down one sail to make way for a new one (Solstice degree) and The Pope gives a blessing to the faithful (Full Moon degree.) Freedom, faith, truths and shift out of old paradigms thematically represent what's going on in the heavens.  Mercury is opposite Saturn challenging structures that are outgrown.  Think flexibly as you problem solve. If you've tried the same thing repeatedly, seek another route or method.  Mercury square Neptune is a questioning aspect involving curiosity that precedes learning and answers. Questioning is healthy. Do not take everything at surface value. Look below the appearance or the words for what's authentic. Put your own blessing on everything and everyone around you.  You don't have to be "ordained" to bless. Do it from the heart.  Tension is like a elastic band during this Full Moon. Freedom, knowledge and truth are themes. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon aligns with Neptune and Jupiter. These are healing aspects.  Soften, yield, and stay present in the physical environment, your body, and in movement.  The Moon and Pluto retrograde meet in Capricorn. Pluto is planet of transformation, and in the Full Moon period, metamorphosis occurs. This is a peak time. Notice how you're responding from the inside. Soul alignment day.  Pay attention to the structures in place that allow for freedom. You can have both. Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Mercury square Jupiter

The Moon lines up with Mars retrograde in Scorpio harmoniously, and also squares Uranus in Mars' natural sign, Aries. Mars bestows courage yet also anger. The more aggressive of emotions influence our day.  It's important not to stuff emotions while Mars is in Scorpio, but appropriate expression must be found. Creative projects and outlets help.  Mercury squares Jupiter in mutable Gemini and Virgo. Use flexible thinking around health, problem solving and planning. Consensus can be the result of this square. Scale plans larger or smaller as necessary. Provide structures and templates as you construct or assist others. Moon from Capricorn to Aquarius at 4:08 pm after an 11 hour + void of course time (begins at 4:57 am EDT). Changes in schedules and cancellations or delays could make today challenging. Do explain yourself, as needed. Some things go well with void of course Moon, including valid excuses.  Today's color is turquoise.

Thursday: Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moon is in harmony with Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius. In all areas up for reconsideration, keep positive vision, draw or write plans up like an engineer or architect, and see how anything could be done better, more efficiently and with more objectivity and maturity.  Be willing to revise.  Today's color is blue.

Friday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon

Moon aligns with Mercury in air sign Gemini and with Uranus in fire sign Aries. This ought to light some metaphorical fires regarding what needs to be taken care of. Think things out well and brainstorm. Allow all involved to speak for themselves. Make flexible plans that can be changed if necessary.  Original ideas are favored.  Seek and be open to unique solutions to existing problems.  The void of course Moon is 11:46 am EDT to 10:30 pm. Adjust your time zone accordingly. These are not the best hours for solid conversations and agreements, but the earlier hours are.   Something that didn't seem possible or was once too "out there" just might work on a day like this.  Pisces Moon at 10:30 pm, for a sentimental, feeling based weekend. Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Pisces Moon

The Moon acts with the Sun, Venus, and retro Neptune today. Moon also squares Saturn retro in Sag.
Many things involving relationship, love and mutual feelings go well.  Travel and educational or business pursuits may require revision or hit snags. The more relaxed today can be, the better. Pisces Moon is receptive, and forgiving. Allow for a bit of laziness and a lot of romance.  Wear light green.

Sunday: Jupiter sextile Pluto

The healing influence of Jupiter in Virgo aligned with Pluto retro in Capricorn is distinctly present and peaking. Witness transformation in yourself, others and the world. Earth signs and water signs may feel this more, though if you have important Capricorn or Virgo focal points in your chart, you will too. Pisces Moon for softening around the edges.  Talk through something challenging while staying sensitive and calm as Mercury squares the Moon and aspects Uranus.  Leave volatility out of the mix.  Choose actions and words with care and love. Void Moon 3:55 pm EDT to 3:08 am Monday. Today's color is white.

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