Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 11th to 17th, 2015: Mars in Gemini

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Monday: Mars in Gemini

The Moon is void of course in Aquarius from 6:36 am ET until 10:53 pm. Mars moves into Gemini at 10:40 pm ET. The Moon and Uranus align for a morning or day that's different from the usual. The Sun and Mars square the Moon today which often indicates challenge. Ideals and ideas are questioned with these squares. Decisions you thought were over could come up for further discussion. Void of course Moon isn't the most favorable time to make agreements. Concentrate on the simple things today. Pisces Moon later, square to Mars newly in Gemini, makes tonight's plans unreliable. Adjust accordingly. Overall, having few expectations will make the day and night easier. Today's color is green.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon interacts with several planets and a variety of influences are at play.  Move fluidly and creatively through conversations, adjustments, and circumstances as they unfold.  Communication about business and personal plans could be a source of tension as Saturn and Mercury square the Moon. Act on travel and educational plans and agreements now if possible. We are closing in on Mercury retrograde. Work through something, even if it's a sensitive topic. Venus in Cancer aligns with the Moon for sensitivity and emotional connection. Stay in tune with the person or people who matter. Really listen and be attentive.  Today's color is pink.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon

The Moon is waning in Pisces, in harmony with Pluto and the Sun. Blend creative and practical thinking and action.  The New Moon is next Monday and you can prepare by rethinking and being open to change.  Void of course Moon is 12:55 pm ET to 1:13 am tomorrow.  During those hours, relax, dream, create and don't put pressure on others.  Today's color is white.

Thursday: Aries Moon

 At 1:13 am ET the Moon shifts to Aries. Mars and Mercury in Gemini increase the impulse to take any kind of action. The pre-Mercury retrograde phase is a bit of a gray area where long term decisions are involved.  Lean toward well though out decisions rather than suddenly moving on something you're unsure of. A trial basis is welcome vs a solid commitment. Saturn in Sagittarius urges wisdom and advice as well as learning through experience. Saturn challenges us to grow through trial and error, and in Sagittarius this relates to higher education and travels.  If you need to send your acceptance for college, for example, this is probably the last recommended day until after June 11th. Today's color is red.

Friday: Mars opposite Saturn

Today looks quite challenging with a void of course Moon beginning 8:04 am and Saturn opposite Mars in Gemini forcing issues.  It's not a good time to act under pressure, yet situations may arise that seem urgent today. Ask yourself if the urgency is real. Be aware of the people and other influences pushing decisions.  Make sure you know what you're agreeing to. There's more but that's the most important aspect of the day.  Competition may feel fierce in any arena. Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Taurus Moon, Venus trine Neptune

At 3:02 am ET the Moon crosses over to Taurus, a sign of longevity and loyalty. The Moon aligns with both Venus and Neptune and those two harmonize also. Creative, romantic, sensual influences play out. Soften your approach. Enjoy music, art, good food and all the pleasures of life. Today's color is lavender.

Sunday: Taurus Moon

Today's Moon squares Jupiter in Leo and aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. A realistic, practical way of looking at situations is helpful. See what you can take from the visionary stage to real, tangible results. So close to Mercury retrograde, be cautious with big decisions.  The New Moon is overnight, and this is the time to reconsider and revisit. Today's color is green.

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