Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 27th to May 3rd, 2015: Full Moon in Scorpio

Monday: Leo/Virgo Moon

The Leo Moon squares Mercury in Taurus at 10:12 am and is then void of course until Virgo Moon hits at 9:07 pm ET. The Moon square Mercury brings creative thinking to the forefront. In places of disagreement, be more open minded, listen to each other and find permanent solutions. These are fixed signs so once agreement is reached, we'll tend to stick with the plan.  During void of course Moon, aim to be more light, playful, and heart centered.  Bouncy energy may bother some and resonate with others. Kids and some adults will find it hard to concentrate, so try to keep tasks and learning easygoing and fun.  Virgo Moon is good for late night studies and organizing. The Moon squares Saturn overnight adding even more focus on structure.  It might be easy to get things done today if you're relaxed and more difficult if you're unsure or tense. Today's color is brown.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon

The Moon squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Learning, training, and education in general is in the spotlight. Commit to a program of study or agree to take the next step in training or certification of any kind if you feel ready.  The Moon and Sun are in harmony for earth sign things, like garden plans, landscaping and building.  It's a doer's day, so go beyond the thought process and produce. Neptune opposes the Moon tonight which is good for productive dreaming, imaginative homework, or a movie after a long day. It's not the most trustworthy though, so share information carefully.  Be flexible but not to the point of bending over backwards in a situation that doesn't deserve so much accommodation. Today's color is navy blue.

Wednesday: Sun trine Neptune

The Moon is Full in Scorpio on Sunday. This week, move toward completions of all kinds.  Virgo Moon trine Pluto and Mars should help keep us on track with projects and plans. Pluto may unearth an issue or two to be confronted constructively. Act on things that have been overlooked or neglected with the energy of Mars in physical Taurus. The Moon squares Venus in Gemini. How we communicate plays a significant part in outcomes today. Venus relates to relationship and both Virgo and Gemini, the signs involved, relate to words. Manage what you say or write and how you phrase things.  Restrain yourself from strong criticism or assumptions if you want to maintain peace, love and friendship or collegial relationships in the workplace.  The Sun and Neptune are just the right mix of water and earth, add a spiritual, connected aspect to the day, and might fuel both compassion and romance as needed. Today's color is green.

Thursday: Mercury in Gemini, Libra Moon

Moving void of course 8:23 am to 10:03 am, the Moon then shifts to Libra.  Decisions may be pending or required early today as Mercury and the Moon align at 8:23. Give your word outside those void of course times.  Use early morning to process and weigh things out.  Libra Moon aligns with Saturn in Sagittarius. Intelligence is today's theme. The world of ideas, thoughts, and possibilities is activated. Feed your brain, your spirit and your body in healthy ways.  Read books and consult other resources.  In the body, Sagittarius relates to the liver and Libra to the kidneys. Drink lots of water (add lemon!) and purify your body in whatever ways you choose. We're moving into Full Moon time, and feeling good helps with Full Moon moods.  Mercury moves to Gemini, another sign of the mind, at 10 pm. Mercury in Gemini is very communicative, relates to siblings, and ideally gives us a way with words.  Today's color is yellow.

Friday: Libra Moon

Expect a variety of influences on this Libra Moon day.  Jupiter favors friendships and good decisions. Pluto and Uranus stir feelings and create unusual or surprising circumstances.  The Full Moon warmup is here for Sunday night.  Libra Moon traits include judiciousness, balance, and ability to compromise. Keep these in consideration as you move through a potentially busy Friday on all fronts.  Keep your wits about you if you're out tonight or traveling in unfamiliar areas. Libra Moon can keep us too much in our heads. Find balance and stay grounded. Today's color is lavender.

Saturday: Void of Course Moon in Libra, Moon trine Venus

With so much void of course Moon time, don't allow yourself to feel pressured. The Full Moon is a time of decisions, completions, news and deadlines. However, void Moon is not the best time for a big expenditure, spontaneous risk, or major decision unless you've truly done your homework on these things.  Know what you're getting into or receiving for your money. Relationships can have happy, ease filled time on days like this.  On the other hand though, Mercury and Saturn oppose tomorrow and the weekend is filled with serious considerations. Full Moon is Sunday at 11:42 pm ET and the feeling and events linger into the early days of the week. Scorpio Moon moves in at 9:47 pm. Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Full Moon in Scorpio

The Moon is Full in Scorpio at 11:42 pm ET. Everything is magnified, and some things may feel bigger or more overwhelming than need be. Try to keep feelings in check, especially jealousy, regret, or vengeance.  Allow for some quiet meditation or rest. Remember under this fixed sign Full Moon that things do change. You're not stuck, even if it seems so in this moment.  Make long term decisions if you're ready. It may be hard to change things you agree to now.  It's a solid time before Mercury retrograde (May 19th-June 11th), so as long as you plan to be in for the long haul, go with a promise, contract or major announcement. Mercury opposes Saturn in two very different signs from Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius. This relates to wise decisions and also learning and growing through challenge and experience.  It's a powerful Full Moon with some vibrations from last month's April 4th eclipse. New developments in ongoing stories are to be expected. Seal a deal or put something to rest.  Today's color is gold.

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