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Weekly Astrology January 19th to 25th, 2015

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Monday: Void of course Moon

Moon in Capricorn is void from 5:54 am to 7:59 am on Tuesday. It's a great vacation day and a good time to get organized and clean. Today is not the most favorable for shopping though you may be tempted. Make sure you can exchange what you buy. Back up files now since Mercury retrograde begins Wednesday. Save receipts and give yourself lists, prompts and a calendar to keep track of appointments and when bills are due. Venus opposes Jupiter and may be pleasurable for lovers and those of you growing businesses, especially creative ones. Mars and Neptune activate imagination, dreams, and the ability to make tangible things from wild ideas. Build or create something today. It's the last full day of Capricorn birthdays, the day before New Moon and a natural time to be reconsidering a decision you thought was final. Wear navy blue.

Tuesday: New Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Aquarius

Aquarius activity has been going on for weeks with Mercury and Venus, and now the Sun moves in at 4:43 am. New Moon in Aquarius arrives at 8:14 am ET. Aquarius energizes community, friendship, and inventive ideas. A good blend of scientific and intellectual thinking and personable, extroverted, and creative traits is the beauty of a strong Aquarius time. The "new" of this New Moon may be more about reinventing and rediscovering. It's a time to going back to see what's relevant again and might be renewed. That includes relationships, but do so cautiously and without promises until after February 11th. Mercury retrograde begins tomorrow. Find some structure to support your dreams and pursuits. That includes wise advice under the influence of Saturn in Sagittarius. Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Mercury retrograde in Aquarius

Mercury retrograde is official at 10:54 am. We've been experiencing the foreshadow of this time for days now. Today is full of news, communication, and surprises. Think before you respond and sift through information for truths, fallacies, and what's questionable. Take your time for these three weeks. Be particularly cautious with what you promise and what you spend money on. It's not a good time for a bet or risk. Venus in Aquarius makes this a very likely time for reuniting with a lover. Do that with few expectations and on a trial basis, if that's relevant to you. Leo, Aquarius, and Libra are in line for that experience as well as renewing vows and considering decisions and next moves with "the one you're with".  Jupiter is opposite the Moon today sending blessings and joy and reminding us that growth is possible. Today's color is pink.

Thursday: Pisces Moon

The Moon meets both Neptune and Mars for a burst of Pisces spirit. This includes the ability to sense and feel, even without physical proof. You might feel more intuitive or emotional. Channel feelings into building, creating or even cleaning. Growth as a result of inner processes and understanding is favored now. Mercury is retrograde and anything from the past that crops up can provide deeper insight, healing or release from the past.  Mars in Pisces can agitate if you have nothing productive or cathartic to devote your energy to. Hot baths, swimming, meditation and yoga are some ways to detox and cleanse anything you don't need hanging around in the psyche or the body.  The Moon and Saturn align for stability in the face of change. Bring some order and sense to what you're feeling. Advice from reliable sources is one way to do that. Today's color is green.

Friday: Sun sextile Saturn

Aquarius Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius combine for logical thinking and action today.  Do what makes sense, especially if it's something you decided weeks ago and are now ready to act on. Mercury is retrograde so leave yourself a little loophole if you need to change course in a few weeks.  The Pisces Moon aligns with Pluto and we face feelings and fears, hopefully with optimism and a different perspective. Own it, so it doesn't prevent you from growth, change, or optimum health. The Moon is void of course 6:13 am ET until 8:31 am Saturday. This day is meant more for relaxation than for taking a lot on. Find your flow and be gentle and sensible.  Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Aries Moon

There's a push pull today and Sunday that may feel more prominent toward the later part of the weekend. Aries Moon aligns with the Sun for confidence and innovation. Saturn weighs in from Sagittarius urging higher level thinking and educational experiences. That can include learning from the trials and challenges of life.  What can you step up to, face courageously or, on the other hand, not collapse into. It's a day to stay strong.  Red is our color.

Sunday: Aries Moon

Aspects between the Moon and Pluto, Mercury, and Jupiter activate some familiar patterns. The Moon also meets Uranus, in a monthly conjunction.  Part of life that's been a challenging or wild, unpredictable ride for a long while now surfaces again for some of us. On days like this, respond carefully or not at all. Try not to let someone press those hot buttons that result in anger or fear.  Brush things off at least for the moment.  People often know they're pressing your buttons. Don't give them the satisfaction or visibly irritating you.  Mercury and Jupiter align with the Moon in a more social, fun way. Mercury is reconnecting old friends. Jupiter has the influence of luck, but this is not a good time to take chances. Just accept good fortune as it comes. Today's color is yellow. 

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