Saturday, November 8, 2014

Robin's Zodiac Zone November 10th to 16th

Happy November, everyone! Last week I began my new yoga classes and readings schedule. Come to Robin's Zodiac Yoga Flow for all yoga levels, RoZoYo® Fridays at 12-1pm at The Breathing Room on Broadway in South Portland, Maine. It's great to have a weekly yoga class designed to align our bodies, minds and souls with the action of the Sun, Moon and planets each week! It's $14 to drop in and just $40 for a month of unlimited classes if you're a new student. A 5 class pass is $60 and reduces your cost to $12 a class! Please join me any Friday at Breathing Room

The rest of my weekly yoga teaching schedule is here

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I like the looks of this week for taking action on whatever is pending and needing attention! Venus spends her last days in passionate, possessive Scorpio. Read on! Robin

Monday: Cancer Moon

The Cancer Moon moves in at 3:38 am and is in harmony with Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Scorpio. Mars and Pluto connect in Capricorn. This reminds me of a reading I did last week where my client requested an "action card". I like that term, referring to a type of action to take, if any. Today, you might want to draw an action card! Mars pushes for progress and lights a fire under Pluto, bringing things up from the depths or the back burner.  Cancer Moon and Mercury in Scorpio indicate action involving contracts, promises, legal and medical matters, family matters and organization. Intuitive decisions are likely, as is acting from the heart. Doing what just feels right is today's theme. There's a caring, compassionate aspect at play, but also a powerful Capricorn conjunction that really aims for making progress even if it's a little tough to push through, muster up the courage or motivation, and confront what you know needs to be done.  Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon, Mercury trine Neptune

Mercury and Neptune, in water signs Scorpio and Pisces, inspire creativity with words, color, projects, and also solutions! Do some creative problem solving as Cancer Moon opposes Mars and Pluto, the duo that met in Capricorn on Monday. The timing is good for resolving things, confronting fears and feelings, and progressing as a result of either or both! If you're processing something and need to make a move, see if there's an interesting alternative you had not considered.  In conversation, or with advice, stick with what's real versus idealistic. Neptune could pull us a bit into dreamland which is great for the artist and creator, but not as beneficial if you're looking for a personal or business resolution.  There could be a tendency to just escape an issue entirely. If you choose that, it's going to crop up again, and the Sun and Cancer Moon harmonize for confidence and decision making done now.  Uranus adds that element of surprise, and something may take you off guard today. Control your reactions and think before you act too quickly or rashly. Today's color is indigo.

Wednesday: Leo Moon, Venus conjunct Saturn

The Moon is void in Cancer from 3:18 am to 1:44 pm ET. Keep your day simple during those hours if possible.  The trend will be to take care of personal business and things then. We may need some space and privacy early on. Venus and Saturn meet in Scorpio, putting a major focus on relationships, loyalty, fidelity, and commitment. Anything less will be intolerable.  Deep relationship conversations or issues and, in some cases, hard decisions come along with that conjunction. Taurus and Scorpio will contemplate this, as well as Cancer or Capricorns who are single and dating. (In fact, one of those signs may be your rising or Moon sign and this may be right on for you no matter what your sign!). At 1:44 pm the Moon moves to Leo, sign of the heart and spine and another sign that expects loyalty, continuing this theme of passion and commitment. Mars and Uranus, meanwhile, are mixing it up in Capricorn and Aries. Power plays and being taken off guard can be the result. Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo be aware of this in business. Travel plans may have to change, and Scorpio and Taurus are likely to be affected if that's the case. Today's color is purple.

Thursday: Sun squares Jupiter

The Scorpio Sun squares expansive Jupiter in Leo on this Leo Moon day. Tomorrow morning the Moon and Jupiter will meet. Squares are a challenge, and they are a change agent! The combination of Sun in insightful Scorpio and Jupiter in the Sun's ruling sign, Leo feels very balanced for major announcements and powerful action, all with long term impact and implications.  The Leo influence is hugely expressive, passionate and creative.  The Moon also squares Mercury in Scorpio, pushing for agreements and decisions. Tomorrow will be equally influenced by these aspects, so what you don't do or experience today could come to fruition tomorrow. Today's color is gold.

Friday: Moon conjunct Jupiter

Yesterday's forecast is relevant as the Moon and Jupiter meet in Leo, sealing deals, resulting in announcements, grand openings, new alliances, and doing things with brilliance and sparkle! Kids may be all amped up. It's a highly energetic part of the week. The Moon squares Sun, Venus and Saturn in turn, all in Scorpio and all of this week's business is once again activated, up for final resolution, and in some cases celebration of progress made and goals achieved.  The catch today is a very stubborn streak which is great for holding fast to plans and persevering, but difficult if someone needs to yield or is tough to convince. Power struggles could be very tough. However there is so much positivity! Perhaps that will help you win someone's support or encourage positive attitudes about change. The Moon is void at 9:53 pm to 2:08 am ET. Today's color is red.

Saturday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon is on from 2:08 am today until Monday at 2:30 pm ET. Today, Neptune in Pisces is opposite the Moon. Flexibility is key. Versatile thinking will help solve problems. Get out of a usual routine and experiment. Trying something a different way encourages new pathways in the brain and may yield a new perspective or result! Obviously, experiment where no great risk is involved. Neptune in Pisces is an artist and dreamer. Daydream a new vision for yourself. You might even turn that dream into a piece of art or a new look for your living space today. Movies, music and other happy distractions are favored today.  It might be hard to concentrate as Neptune pulls us away from reality and the details of things.  Today's color is navy blue.

Sunday: Virgo Moon, Mercury sextile Pluto

Mercury and Pluto have been active the last several days. It may be worth looking back at forecasts for early and mid week to see what's playing out still as Sunday comes.  Mercury in Scorpio encourages finding information, solving puzzles, studying and researching. Pluto, Scorpio's ruler, is in Capricorn. Scorpio themes dominate this Virgo Moon day. Virgo and Scorpio together favor attention to detail (sometimes to the point of obsessing). If you're a perfectionist, those tendencies comes out on days like this. Try to be a bit more flexible and/or allow for a margin of error. It's a good day to revise and refine if you are less of a perfectionist. Cleaning and organizing is also a good way to direct energy today. Also, Venus moves to Sagittarius at  2:03 pm ET for more freedom and excitement in love and relationships. Neptune direct as the day begins is a helpful trend for Pisces, especially. Pink, for Venus, is today's color. 

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