Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 11th to 17th, 2014

Robin's August Day by Day planner

Monday: Pisces Moon

Following Sunday's Aquarius SuperMoon, Pisces Moon time begins at 8:55 am. Developments and news from the weekend's Full Moon are still relevant and impact the day. Pisces Moon is good for making adjustments and adapting. This emotional place in the zodiac is also Neptune's home now, and spirituality, creativity, and feelings are heightened. Escapist tendencies are best acted out with spontaneous road trips, browsing galleries, creating art or music or just wandering. Whether it's at the beach or on a city street, a fresh perspective and little to accomplish is the way to spend this Monday. Business will be impacted by relationships and emotional decisions.The Moon aligns with Mars tonight and can be romantic. Spend time with people you love, if anyone, since we'll need to go deep in conversations and trust is a factor. Cancer, it's Venus's last night in your sign. Make it a date night. Pisces and Capricorn, that goes for you too! Today's color is green.

Tuesday: Venus in Leo

Venus, planet of love and attraction, moves to Leo at 3:24 am, joining the Sun, Jupiter & Mercury and making this peak Leo time. Leo, use all your magnetism, talent and charm to maximize this concentration of universal energy! Aquarius, this is all about true love and creative partnerships of other kinds. Draw in the person who complements and balances you or strengthen the relationship you're in! Cancer and Scorpio, this is great money and career energy for you! Seek new employment and upgrades or promotions now! Aries, a lucky streak could be all yours! Libra, make new friends and enjoy good times with friends and collaborators in your world. Venus is in Leo until September 5th. The Pisces Moon connects with Pluto and Saturn for a solid business and decision making time before 12:01 pm. Then it's void of course Moon time until 9:00 am EDT tomorrow, and generally we may lose track...of time, where we need to be or what we were thinking earlier. It's a good afternoon or night to just enjoy life. Simple and routine catching up is also favored.  Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Aries Moon

A foggy, sleepy start is to be expected. The more organized you are, the better for this morning. At 9:00 am EDT the Moon moves to Aries and some things will move fast, including relationship based business as the Moon and Venus align. It's a day for networking, publicity, realizing that sometimes it is based on who you know and maintaining the best collaborative relationships. This is also a day to take initiative, see where you can learn, grow and do things in new ways. Jupiter in Leo is also in harmony with the Moon on this extroverted, open minded, expansive day and night. Today's color is red.

Thursday: Aries Moon conjunct Uranus & square Pluto

If you've made progress with breaking an old pattern or changing a relationship for the better (even if that meant breaking up), and you slip a little today or someone challenges you with an old trigger, take a deep breath and see if you can let it go. Aries Moon is fast and fierce and might be instigated easily today by startling news or old ghosts. The Moon is also in harmony with the Sun in Leo however, and that takes the edge off, puts fun in anything, and helps us brush off the annoying or unwanted. Act with optimism, use your assertive voice, brave face, confident attitude, and don't get sucked in. Today's color is orange. 

Friday:  Mercury in Virgo, Mars sextile Pluto

The Moon is void of course for a brief 8 minutes from 11:50 to 11:58 am EDT and moves to Taurus as noon approaches.  Mars and Pluto are delving deep into mysteries and problems that need solving. Interesting information could surface during this part of the week, including yesterday and tomorrow. Ask pointed questions and get clarifications. Investigate and leave no stone unturned. Mercury moves into detail oriented and versatile Virgo at 12:44 pm EDT. Projects that require analyzing and putting plans into action are favored during the next few weeks. Communicate clearly and directly. Confront misunderstandings head on & with willingness to listen as Venus in Leo and the Taurus Moon square. Today's color is indigo.

Saturday: Taurus Moon opposes Mars and Saturn

Persistent and stubborn fixed energy characterizes this Taurus/Scorpio day. It could be very challenging in personal relationships or business especially for those two signs. Dominant personalities and opinions will impact whatever is going on. Everyone may claim his or her way is better, have a different story or agenda, and it will be generally hard to change minds. Use this strong energy to persevere, go forward with bold plans, and get physical work, like building, done. It may not be the easiest Saturday to just relax. Today's color is black.

Sunday: Taurus to Gemini Moon, Moon square the Sun

The Moon and Sun square in fixed Taurus and Leo, continuing the stubborn streak. Lean into challenges if you want to get somewhere. Don't fight, rather find a way to collaborate or neutralize any problem or situation.  Both signs are confident in their own right and go about life in different ways.  Great partners at their best and in complete misunderstanding at their worst, Taurus Moon and Leo Sun are both driven. It's a day to step up rather than avoid, to work through rather than dwell on differences. Possibly, you can come up with sustainable plans and agree on how to go forward, put on a memorable performance or combine tradition and new, creative methods to find the best way ever. Today's color is gold.

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