Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 23rd to June 29th, 2014

Monday: Venus in Gemini

The Moon is in Taurus opposing Saturn and Venus moves to Gemini.  Moon across from Saturn retrograde is sometimes an unproductive struggle with no result or agreement, however as Saturn gets closer to making an about face in Scorpio next month, the negotiations are worth putting effort into. In the bigger, important matters of life, results will ripen as the summer goes on. You can't pick the fruit before it's ready. This is a time of maturation and if you have this opposition in effect in your life you probably know it. A bit more patience is called for. Venus moves to Gemini today at 8:33 am and plays the flirt for a couple of weeks. What's attracting your attention might be a potential date (Aquarius, Leo, Gemini), or it could be a sexy new ride (Aries) or a more suitable place to live (Pisces). Just be deliberate and ask all the right questions if this could lead to a big expense or agreement you can't change your mind about. Mercury is retrograde until July 1st and the 2nd is the first full day Mercury is stationed direct.  Maybe these things can wait? The date is fine though if you just keep it simple and non committal. Venus in Gemini is fun for dating and getting to know people or reconnecting with old friends.  Mercury is retrograde in the same sign and can contribute to a scattered or fickly feeling now. The Moon is void of course at 9:49 pm EDT until morning.  Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini

Venus & the Moon meet in a flirtatious, fun sign, Gemini. Moon shifts to Gemini at 7:05 am EDT. There might be more duality than usual in your love life. An unexpected attraction or a reconnection with someone from your past are two of the possibilities. This is not the time to risk a good thing or do anything that could be misunderstood though! Decisions await couples and partners too, and right now it may be easier to see both sides or options rather than one clear path. Consider waiting until July or temporarily trying something on for size with room to change your mind later.  The Moon and Neptune bring the words and pictures together in the best of scenarios. If you do creative work, find a complementary partner who brings in what you need, for example a skill you lack. It might not be easy to focus energy on one thing, but today can be very enjoyable, social, and great for going your own way without too many restrictions. Tonight, take no chances and stick with familiar places.  Wear blue.

Wednesday: Mars opposite Uranus

Mars and Uranus are explosive influences, opposing in Libra/Aries. Many ongoing issues that lead to negative emotions or discomfort come up with this. The cardinal sign cross is close to breaking up, freeing up different energy, but this is one of the last blasts. Be very careful since this actually may lead to more anger, risk taking behavior or even accidents. Mercury is retrograde too. Easy, steady and slow are good keywords.  The Gemini Moon is good for intelligent inspiration and a way with words. Draft something for future publishing. Caution is advised with personal communications.  You might be inspired and follow an idea or lead! Balance out any confusion or chaos with extreme calm. Seriously, try it. Refuse to be ruffled. Wait before replying or responding to emotional triggers. Today's color is yellow.

Thursday: Moon conjunct Mercury, Cancer Moon

Watch plans and minds change all around as the Moon meets Mercury retrograde. Also, notice how people from the past pop up out of nowhere, either in person or with messages or announcements direct to your inbox or phone!  It's a peak day of Mercury retrograde. Bear it in mind and try not to make permanent decisions.  July will help sort thing out more, clear some blocks, and add to information and perspective.  Do enjoy people and happy reconnections! The void of course from 7:58 am until 5:05 pm and then the Moon is in Cancer and we have a new Moon in the morning.  This is a time of shifting thoughts, plans and priorities. A change of heart may be natural.  Today's color is white.

Friday: New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer is a time to nurture. It's at 4:08 am EDT and impacts the next two weeks. Whether it's a plan or goal, the people around you or you yourself who needs more ease, take care of what's close to your heart.  It's a sentimental time with Mercury retrograde, and though you may see sparks of what's to come, this New Moon is held some by Mercury and Saturn retrograde and 4 weeks from now will be more favorable for initiating and putting more permanent things in place.  Create ripples and use your leads and allow for progress little by little. Returning to home or places you once loved is a great way to spend this New Moon time. Reunions happen spontaneously and as a result of events and gatherings you decide to attend.  Neptune draws us to water and our creative tendencies amplify. Pluto urges you to face a fear with an open heart. Today's color is light blue.

Saturday: Cancer Moon

The Moon meets Jupiter tonight which is always good for the soul. it's a good thing we have that in favor since squares between the New Moon and Uranus in Aries/Mars in Libra activates frustrations and family issues that may include disagreement or news that's difficult to adjust to. With Mercury retrograde, this isn't the best time to confront or state things while angry or sad. Have a good outlet, a friend or impartial party you can vent to. Make a plan for dealing with ongoing problems in July when the air is clearer. Jupiter is expansive and in sensitive Cancer, encouraging open heart and minds. Look for ways you can grow and not remain stuck. Seek healthier relationships and pastimes that awaken something that's been dormant and in need of expression-like music, art, movement, dance, gardening, surfing, sailing, the list goes on but the one that feeds your soul is the answer. Void of course Moon starts at 9:02 pm to 4:43 am EDT. Today's color is blue.

Sunday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon from 4:43 am makes it a great day for celebrations, parties, and recreation! Play games, play with the kids, be active, or dress up for fancier events! The Moon and Venus encourage social butterflies and romantic couples. The Cancer Sun aligns with dreamy Neptune also encouraging love. It's a good time for a date, a weekend away or to go deep in a creative project. Differences should be honored and may result in something better than if you had agreed from the start. Venus squares Neptune and one person's ingredients for a great day can blend with another's ideas and something cooler and sweeter than you imagined can take place! Today's color is purple. 

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