Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16 through 22nd, 2014

Monday: Aquarius Moon

The Aquarius Moon forms angles to Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Scorpio, and Mars in Libra. There’s a push pull feeling and you may think you’re off track then get the go ahead or vice versa. Mars direct in Libra helps with consensus and agreements and also social plans. Both signs are people oriented, Libra and Aquarius. Uranus provides an element of surprise, which can be welcome or not, depending on the context. Be ready for most anything and if you anticipate an unwelcome change or news, have a calm response planned so  you’re not taken off guard. Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio, and this is where the hold or delay may come in. Another form of the Saturn square is revisiting long term or old business, possibly with parents or other elders or authority figures.  It may not be the day to work through it, though agreeing to disagree and stay peaceful rather than debating may be a good solution for now. Enjoy people and gather with the like minded ones today! Blue is today’s color.

Tuesday: Mercury retrograde in Gemini

Mercury is retrograde and moves back from Cancer to Gemini at 6:04 am. This is a day to watch your step as the planet of movement and communication shifts. What we say can be misinterpreted. Play it on the safe side and wait for a different day if the conversation could be controversial or sensitive. If it can wait, allow for that. The Moon is in Aquarius and Mercury in Gemini, both air signs. Aquarius Moon aligns with Mercury and the Sun, helping confidence and open mindedness. This is good for some problem solving, but avoid over-thinking or pushing an agenda. Minds change and information or schedules sometimes shift with Mercury changing signs, so don’t jump to a conclusion or respond or react too quickly. Think before you speak and act. Aim for clear instructions and directions. It’s a great day for a business/pleasure lunch or gathering. Keep topics light and make it more about enjoyment, networking and collaborative relationships.The Moon is only void of course from 2:07 to 2:28 pm EDT (power nap time?)  and then moves into creative and loving Pisces. This is a day for songwriters and storytellers to write or perform. We may also enjoy being in the audience and being entertained. Even in friendly gatherings, there may be a humorist or entertainer drawing the group’s attention! There’s a sentimental feeling too, especially when Pisces Moon moves in for late day and night. Reunions and revisiting brought on by Mercury may be tender, sensitive, inspired and charged with energies. Today’s color is green.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon’s monthly meeting with creative, magical wanderer Neptune. A feeling of fluidity may result as feeling a little lost or being right in the flow, depending on the personality and environment. It is on the side of stability and a bit of a business-like attitude that Saturn and Pluto chime in from Scorpio and Capricorn. Saturn brings up the rules and reminds us about honoring tradition or the elders in the group. Hopefully, old baggage doesn’t come up with Saturn’s influence, but if so there are enough harmonious aspects in the zodiac that assist. We are already under the influence of a healing Venus and Jupiter trine that lingers through tomorrow. Venus in Taurus favors long term promises and agreements. The words “Stand by me” or “Count on Me” apply here. Jupiter in Cancer relates to places we have called home, travels to those places as Jupiter nears the end of a 13 month stay in the sign of family and home. Opening our minds to release grudges, past family patterns and even the strength to overcome physical issues and heal. There’s no doubt there is a serious side to the day, but the Pisces Moon also has a spiritual, connected energy that should be easy to feel. Today’s color is pink.

Thursday: Moon sextile Jupiter & trine Venus, Aries Moon

This is a split kind of day and night as we start with Pisces Moon and spend the evening in the sign Aries.  Highly contrasting signs provide different atmospheres for activity. The Pisces Moon aligns with Venus and Jupiter.  Venus, the planet of love and relationship, aligns in Taurus. Venus is the goddess, the maiden, the beauty and harmony in everything, and in Taurus Venus has a loyal, sensual influence that is positive for lovers. Venus and the Moon also favor creating with the hands, baking from scratch, and working with flowers and the earth.  Jupiter in Cancer in harmony with the Moon can help heal family and other relationships and during this Mercury retrograde time, we get back together, forgive, and enjoy family times or familiar surroundings.  This is a good day to be by the water or outside enjoying natural places. Timeliness may be a challenge as we want to linger with any kind of pleasure from morning coffee to a walk in a beautiful area or a long heart to heart talk.  Allow some extra time to do whatever you like in the moment. From  3:05 to 5:26 pm the Moon is void of course and that makes a good break or relaxation time before an active, busy, energy filled night. Aries Moon instigates and gets the party going, and the Sun and Mercury meet in Gemini with a people oriented, talkative and entertaining influence. The storytellers and social butterflies are in their element tonight. The less extroverted can join in or sit back and be entertained.  Today’s color is yellow.

Friday: Aries Moon

Aries Moon time means fun, adventure, an outgoing attitude and willingness to try new things. The other side of Aries Moon is agitation and anxiety. This is not a favorable time to confront or push emotional buttons.  Control can be an issue if more than one person is trying to dominate or push an agenda.  The Moon squares Pluto, meets Uranus and opposes Mars.  Recurring themes and points of contention are more easily triggered. Being light, even if that means being a bit superficial or tolerant instead of judgemental,is the best way to go! If there’s someone you always have an issue with, avoid that today. Exercise off any nervous energy or tension. Aries Moon time favors activity, but it’s best not to be overstimulated or go to any extreme. Be conscious of taking it a little easy on yourself and everyone else around you as well. Today’s color is maroon.

Saturday & Sunday: Sun in Cancer

The Sun moves to Cancer at 6:51 am, The Solstice. The first day of summer features an Aries Moon until 11:03 pm EDT. The Moon squares Jupiter in Cancer, sign of family and home, putting related matters front and center. Any conflicts or differences this square might bring up are tempered by Mercury in Gemini in harmony with Aries Moon. The influence is extroverted and focused on fun, meeting people and reuniting and being entertained. It’s a very social day and evening. The Moon is void of course from 6:24 pm until 11:03 pm and then moves to grounded, earth loving Taurus. Aries Moon favors the new including venturing into uncharted territory, having a spirit of adventure, and being in the moment.  This is a day to savor the experiences and enjoy people and let other things go! Sunday’s Taurus Moon is very enjoyable, in harmony with Sun, Neptune and Pluto. Be outdoors, feel uplifted and confident, and allow a romantic or sentimental feeling to take over the day. Saturday’s color is white, one of Cancer’s colors. Sunday’s color is green.

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