Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 10th to 16th, 2014

Monday: Cancer Moon

Mercury retrograde and Neptune in Pisces are in harmony with the Cancer Moon. This is a highly creative and intuitive influence on us. Go with a hunch. Consult the cards, your chart or whatever your oracle may be for insights! It's a great day to get a reading, pamper yourself or someone else, make art and music, and take care of things at home. Projects where you can channel your talents, including home and work space or any kind of design, and with the retrograde even repurposing old items, are all favored. The tone is also sentimental and it's a good time for getting back in touch or seeking forgiveness. Cancer Moon always tends to be home and family oriented. Give some attention where it's needed most. Make things more beautiful and comfortable. Tonight the Moon squares Uranus. Stay out of a battle of words that's likely to get you nowhere. Today's color is silver.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon

The Moon meets Jupiter to set up the day. Together, they are healing and beneficial, favoring love, growth, and prosperity. Oppositions also dot the day so try to stay with the Jupiter influence and take opportunities to learn, be challenged positively, and nurture something or someone that's worth your energy. Remember not to allow others to overstep boundaries during this vulnerable Mercury in Pisces time, however. Pluto and Venus are opposite the Moon putting relationship and our deepest fears or secrets front and center. If you're hiding something important, it may be time to come to terms with why or you may be confronted by a significant person even if you're hoping not to examine this. The Sun and Saturn for a stubborn square as we begin the Full Moon warmup. Ideally this leads to progress with long standing problems, but it's work for sure. The Sun in Aquarius can be good for team efforts. Get some supporters on your side if you're dealing with transition, process, darkness or depression. Or maybe help someone else do that who would not request help otherwise.  Today is full of varied aspects from  very hopeful and positive to very tricky.  Cancer Moon finds us sensitive so it's best not to push others too hard. Put things out there, be honest, and then let them marinate for a while. Mercury retrograde is not the best time for what you hope to be a long term decision or for the final word. Today's color is white.

Wednesday: Mercury back to Aquarius, Leo Moon

There's a lot going on! The Moon is waxing and moves to Leo the sign of Friday's Full Moon. We are in the Full Moon aura now and peaks, conclusions, and things amping up generally is to be expected. The Moon is void of course after squaring Mars in Libra at 5:51 am and that can be a real test especially if you're creating or involved in imbalanced relationships, unresolved family matters, and anything contentious. From 5:51 am to 2:15 pm when the Moon is void of course, play it very safe and conservative in every way except with creative license! The Moon moves to Leo at 2:15 pm and the afternoon and evening is more solid and more social. Mercury retraces into Aquarius at 10:30 pm and it might be easier to step back and get perspective if things are dramatic or confusing these days. Today's color is purple.

Thursday: Full Moon in Leo

The Moon is Full tomorrow to be exact. In Leo, this is a good Full Moon for a party or reunion. The Moon and Uranus in Aries light things up today, with unexpected visitors or news, flashes of inspiration or insight, and excitement. With the Moon close to Full this could go to extreme. Some people could feel overwhelmed while others enjoy the show in all it's drama or glory.  Leo Moon rules kids and they may be on the wild side today with an abundance of energy so make plans to channel that into constructive and creative things. In general, we'll be happier staying busy and socially connected. Be with people. Learn and be inspired.  Today's color is orange.

Friday: Full Moon in Leo

The Moon is Full at 6:52 pm on Valentine's Day. It's a very generous, giving, heart centered day for the traditional celebration of love. Many people don't care much for Valentine's Day, but regardless, it's a better day to be with people than to be isolated, astrologically speaking. Get in on some kind of social event even if it's anti Valentines or a singles celebration. Leo rules the heart! And the heart is not only romance, it's also compassion and commitment. Put your heart and soul into something today. Opposite the Moon we have Mercury retrograde, so communicate with care and thought. misunderstandings are much too likely right now. The Sun and Mars add to the social, outgoing vibe. Dress to impress even if it's just to feel at your own personal best. There's fire and fun amidst Full Moon eventfulness. The key is not to go to the extreme and not to be misunderstood. Promises are not recommended during Mercury retrograde. Have conversations, personal or business, without making things super official. Save that for March. Today's color is gold.

Saturday: Sun conjunct Mercury
The Sun meets Mercury retrograde in Aquarius on a peak day for reconnecting with people from our pasts. Long overdue things will be expressed. It's a chance to clear the air. Always during the retrograde make sure your words are well chosen and true. Don't engage in gossip or bad mouthing. Word will get around as Aquarius is the sign of community. The Moon in Virgo adds a sensible air to the day, good for getting projects done or in progress again. Today's color is navy blue.

Sunday: Virgo Moon

The Moon waning in Virgo is a good clean up time! Be careful about donating since you might change your mind, but do sort things out and do the donations when Mercury is direct March 1st if you have even a shred of uncertainty. Mercury and Mars are in harmony for more reuniting. Fair solutions and getting along better are some of the potential effects. It's a very social day especially for going back to places or seeing people you don't often get together with. Today's color is black.

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