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Weekly November 18th to 24th, 2013

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December 6th, Friday at 12 to 1:30 pm join me for a special New Moon Yoga to welcome winter! This immune boosting yoga will give you some things to practice all winter long for energy and wellness and you'll get astrological insight to winter and your sign at Breathing Room in South Portland. Register now. I will update you if we have room for drop ins too. Secure a spot at workshops link.

Saturday, December 7th, I bring RoZoYo workshop with yoga and gallery style readings for all signs to Greener Postures Yoga in West Falmouth. This full workshop includes postures that correlate with the body and mind of all 12 signs in a vinyasa sequence. Astrology and yoga have been connected in the the Ayurvedic and other traditions as a method of healing, strengthening and maximizing individual potentials. Explore this with me and get a reading for the winter months! This will be a comfortable practice for all levels including beginners. Register now at and send me your birthday at

RoZoYo in Tampa at Bella Prana Yoga on January 19th, 2014!

Monday: Gemini Moon

The Gemini Moon aligns with Uranus in Aries and squares Neptune in Pisces. A wacky day is in store post Full Moon. The positives include heightened creativity and out of the box thinking, spontaneous action, and a-ha moments where we finally "get it". The down sides included too much going on, especially in the mind, chance of irrational thinking and odds of acting on a wild idea that's too far out to work.  Choice of words is important today. Put words to your vision or vice versa, work on the pictures to go with your story, statement or plan. Reign it in a little bit and be realistic if you feel yourself going too far.  Be wary of fast talkers, a deal too good to be true (it probably isn't), or a false impression. Ask questions with the curiosity Gemini Moon urges. Act with facts. It's a social day and night too. Meet interesting people on your journey today, but don't trust too readily. Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Mars sextile Jupiter

Mars rules the day. The planet of action, bravery, and athletics is in Virgo for a hands on, service oriented, and sensible approach to problems and other situations.  Jupiter is in nurturing and conservative Cancer. Work on projects, building, crafts, and anything related to health or food. Help someone out. Ask for what you need too. Mars and Jupiter are very constructive, progressive, and versatile working together in these signs to get things done, make life more comfortable or feel more secure, and extend service to others.  Mars squares the Moon in Gemini as the void of course time begins at 10:59 am ET. Disagreements could flare with the square. Choose words carefully again today so you don't unintentionally put someone off or criticize too harshly. The void Moon is catch up time yet not an ideal time to start new business or make a final decision. Do your most important work of the day before 11 am ET. Aim for progress and satisfaction. It's a day to put energy where you think you can reap great rewards either solid and tangible or in strength of character. We'll tend to be very protective of what we care about.  Red is today's color.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon

At 6:23 am the Moon moves to home base, Cancer, sign of home, family, security, and comforts. The Moon aligns with Neptune and designers, artists, and sellers of waterfront property are a few who feel the benefits.  Being drawn to the water is natural today. Take a walk near a lake or ocean if the weathers allows. Outdoor work like planting, harvesting and fishing are favored in the almanacs. Get things more ready for the winter season. Anything related to family and home becomes a priority and the Cancer Moon gives relaxed, happy energy to take care of tasks. The kitchen is a creative hub today. Mercury and Pluto align tonight in Scorpio/Capricorn for a realistic and constructive approach to deep seated problems and also for meaningful planning and conversations.  Spend the evening with someone you can trust, plan with, and get honest with or work solo on matters of personal significance.  Be intentional with whatever you do tonight.  Today's color is blue.

Thursday: Sun to Sagittarius

Babies born until 10:48 pm ET are Scorpios, then the Sun changes signs for the last phase before the Solstice and official arrival of winter.  Sagittarius Sun time is more extroverted and actively seeks. Adventures, travels, new ideas, and learning are Sagittarius domain. The Moon is in Cancer and interacts with several planets for a busy day in the zodiac. Prioritize. Relationship and all partnerships matters are up for discussion and possible compromise to reach workable plans. Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio remind us of long term consequences and taking relationships into consideration as we make decisions could ward off possible problems if we act without others' input.  Jupiter puts a blessing on everything, and especially home and family, tonight. It can be a lucky day for Cancer and Pisces, Aquarius is favored to feel accomplishment and peace around a health or work matter.  Virgo, friendship is the focus of the day.  Wear white.

Friday: Cancer to Leo Moon

The Moon and Mars team up at 2:11 am ET and the void of course Moon lasts until 6:56 pm. Moon and Mars activate us and might also affect sleep and dreams. The kids might be up early! Be ready to roll this morning and be flexible since the void of course Moon may mean cancellations, forgetfulness and changes in schedule. Go about routine tasks. Bake and do other domestic things.  It's not the best day for a business decisions unless it's practically done before this morning or you wait until 7 pm ET. Have a routine day as much as possible, expect some moodiness especially if lack of sleep was involved, and take things as they come, one by one. The Moon and Sun are in happy agreement tonight in Sagittarius and Leo and can really boost moods, optimism and energy! It's a great night to get together, dress to impress and feel good, and be outgoing! Today's color is purple.

Saturday: Leo Moon, Venus sextile Saturn

There's plenty of potential for fun and games today. The Leo Moon combines with Uranus for outrageousness, so if you want to go all out, over the top and create a stir, the fire signs are with you! Simultaneously, Venus the planet of love and partners is in practical Capricorn and aligned with Saturn. Relationship things that need to be dealt with should be approached in a no nonsense way with no drama and with an intention to go forth with an organized plan. Manage things better together, even if you're apart now. Today's color is gold.

Sunday: Sun square Neptune

The Sagittarius Sun squares Neptune in Pisces. The Leo Moon is void of course from 3:59 am until Monday at 7:11 am ET. Go for a change of scenery. Imagine and envision how to get out of a stuck place and form a creative plan to make that reality.  Travel is appealing as long as you're not on a strict schedule. The void Moon doesn't help with timeliness. Allow extra time and flexibility to the day's plans. It's a great day for games,  making things, and acting like a kid or being with them! Take your time, enjoy the moment, be outdoors and soak in the environment. Find inspiration. Don't be too hard on yourself or expect too much of others. Follow through is not today's strong suit. Just see what unfolds as the weekend wanes and take advantage of moments or spontaneity. Wear turquoise.

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