Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekly June 17th to June 23rd, 2013

Monday Libra Moon

The Moon is in the sign of balance and justice. This is prime time to resolve even challenging things since Mercury retrograde is now only a week away. Mars instigates activity today and may give no choice but to confront something. Legal matters are particularly heightened and this is a better time to resolve something than June 25th to July 20th. Uranus and Mars are working the factors we can't predict and today has that element of surprise we've been experiencing many days recently. New factors surface. People may be easily agitated in the face of change and unplanned circumstances. Try not to push a matter too far. Justice is the theme of the day. Share things equally including responsibilities. Today's color is lavender.

Tuesday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon is heightened today by the Sun and Jupiter in Gemini, accentuating Libra things like aiming for fair outcomes, equal division of labor and responsibility and willingness to listen to both sides of a story or debate.  It's a negotiations day.  Libra and Gemini are people oriented signs and there's likely to be lots of news, communication and socializing too. It's a day for mixing business with networking or plain old fun.  However, the Cancer planets and Libra Moon experience and act very differently in the world. So Venus planet of love and harmony and Mercury the communicator and planner square the Moon and in some cases people won't know how to feel about what's going on or how to step back and be objective.  Scorpio is a sign that may feel very introverted and observant on a day like this.  Libra, this is  strong career day and if you have a review, interview or presentation, make a good showing!  Cancer, today home and family are a feature or priority you must take into consideration. Communicate clearly with family members especially.  Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon moves to Scorpio at 2:38 am ET and meets Saturn at 11:20 am. Serious talk and business are on the agenda for early in the day. The good news is the Sun meets Jupiter which is dynamic, expressive and encourages travel, good business opportunities and general good fortune.  Aquarius, Gemini and Leo may feel the benefit most while Sagittarius gets a boost of optimism in long term relationship and also other partnerships.  Sagittarius, find a good business partner with this Gemini meeting!  Leo, your hopes and wishes are favored, and supporting people are going the extra mile for you today. Aquarius, this is about love and luck and it's a good day to plan something fun.  Gemini, this is a final burst of the Sun and Jupiter before this hopeful planet moves to Cancer for 13 months.  Today reach out and connect, ask for what you want, do some productive writing or other business and mix some socializing in for sure.  Wear gold.

Thursday: Mercury conjunct Venus in Cancer

This is a beautiful day in the zodiac as the planet of love and the messenger planet meet in sentimental Cancer.  It's a cupid kind of day! Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces are favored in love and in luck.  It's also a great Libra career day again and Libras who perform are favored.  Virgo gets love and frienship vibes too!  Whatever you need to do or say, do not waste this day! Do be approachable, sensitive in breaking news (Full Moon warmup  is on!) and take advantage of romantic and harmonious relationship aspects that can't be beat!  The Moon is in harmony with both planets from passionate, intuitive Scorpio. Do trust your intuition and maybe consult the stars, the cards or your favorite astrologer :) .  The Moon is void of course from 3:16 pm on which can be relaxing but also forgetful. Wear pink today.

Friday: Summer Solstice

The Sun moves to Cancer at 1:04 am.  This is the first third of summer! Cancer energies have us focused on home and family and places we like to return to. The Moon moves to Sagittarius at 4:31 am., and the most prevalent feeling may be the warmup for Sunday morning's Capricorn Full Moon. Cancer and Capricorn are very different signs in nearly every way and we'll be feeling the push and pull, the high tides and lows, and the feeling vs. the doing during this week and weekend.  The Sagittarius Moon puts us in the mood to move and travels including short road or weekend trips is appealing. The Moon squares Neptune and we want to break free of routine. Do something out of the ordinary today. Wear purple.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon/ Full Moon in Capricorn

The Sagittarius Moon finds us "in the moment" and it may not be easy to focus on what has to be done sooner or later. We'd rather play today or escape an obligation. Either way we are in the Full Moon zone and news, final resolutions, and peaks in the action are in the forecast all weekend. This includes due dates and some will be asked to finish a project quickly or give a final answer right away.  The Moon is opposite Mars so that can create mental stress or confrontation.  Last minute changes and plans are likely today. Wear red.

Sunday: Full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto

See for your Full Moon forecast. This is a Full Moon of serious intent with Saturn in Scorpio aligned and Pluto meeting the Moon today.  Release heavy energy by getting something out in the open or resolved once and for all. News from late May resurfaces and we take further steps into new territory found or matters we dealt with then.  Today's color is white.

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