Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekly Astrology June 10th to June 16th, 2013

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Happy New Moon!

Monday: Cancer Moon conjunct Venus and Mercury

There's concentrated energy in Cancer today and communication in love and family relationships is of supreme importance. Conversations should be very productive and yield heart felt decisions and results.  Resist the temptation to avoid something or hold back real feelings.  Today is prime time for couples to talk about priorities and their relationships.  In family we can also reach agreement, forgiveness, and move forward in a more connected way. The New Moon of Saturday is still powering us to start fresh and today is about the people we care about most and improving relationships with them.  Pluto and Uranus keep it interesting and increase the chance of unexpected topics or hidden information surfacing.  Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn are scheduled for important talks or news today.  The Moon is void of course from 5:15 pm until early Wednesday. Do business before then. Wear pink.

Tuesday: Venus opposite Pluto, Saturn trine Neptune

The Moon is in Cancer, void of course all day. Things can't be put off though. Today it's Venus's turn to oppose Pluto in Capricorn intensifying any relationship things that came up yesterday, putting us in a position to make real decisions possibly based on what's newly revealed.  Cancer and Capricorn experience this most directly.  Feelings and topics may be very sensitive. Tread gently. Saturn and Neptune team up for mysteries solved, harnessing creativity in productive ways, and putting an additional spiritual, meaningful spin on this week's events.  There are hidden influences at work, secrets will be revealed and quiet things become public or conversation topics.  Intuition goes a long way today. Don't discount a strong feeling, Follow it instead. Pursue answers.  Today's color is indigo blue.

Wednesday: Leo Moon

The Leo Moon moves in bringing the power of the sun. It's yang more than yin and outgoing as well as strong willed.  We're willing to struggle through things if necessary and it might bring out the fight in us especially where ideals, relationship matters, and creative license is involved.  The Moon and Saturn work for progress and long term results in Leo and Scorpio.  These signs and Taurus and Aquarius will work at career, home life, and long term committed relationships tenaciously.  Mars adds ideas and creative communication energy as well as the urge to forge strong connections in business and personal life, from Gemini.  Venus and Uranus are adding to the relationship eventfulness and news about lovers or between partners may be exciting and/or surprising.  Relationship status changes are likely and it's a love at first sight as well as spontaneous kind of day romantically for long term partners.  Today's color is orange. 

Thursday: Leo Moon trine Uranus and the Sun

This is an energetic, upbeat, expressive day. Fire sign energy in Leo and Aries is fed by the Gemini Sun. Make good connections and be people oriented. This is a great day to meet your next team member, mentor, employer or even good friend.  News will continue to raise eyebrows. There's an element of excitement or surprise at work this week. Last weekend's New Moon still makes this a good time for a launch, a grand opening, or the start of something fresh, new and energizing.  It's a creative day. Kids may need constant entertainment. Leo Moon rules performances of all kinds too and things will be bigger and more vibrant than expected. Wear gold.

Friday: Leo to Virgo Moon

The Moon is void of course from 7:14 am to 12:26  pm in Leo. The Leo Moon & Jupiter set an optimistic tone and Leo, Gemini, Aries are among those likely to find something to celebrate! Opportunities arrive for Cancer and Taurus. A day off or an easy morning is ideal! Today is suited to fun, vacation, or work with pleasure and social contact mixed in.  It's not a good morning to have to sit at a desk or do mundane tasks.  The Virgo Moon moves in and works with Saturn in Scorpio and you may get a lot accomplished after 12:26 pm EST. This is also a good time for a serious, practical decision and steps toward goals.  Balance things you have to do with things you want to do today! Wear navy blue.

Saturday: Virgo Moon

This weekend we'll really appreciate progress on things like building, garden or financial plans and projects. Anything health related is also energized for action during this Virgo Moon. The Moon makes a variety of aspects with planets this weekend. Today a square to Mars in Gemini indicated extra thought and planning are needed. Winging it may not get the desired results and we could tend to be critical of inefficiency.  Tonight the Moon and Venus create more ease in relationships especially and it's a romantic or sentimental night for Cancer, Pisces, and Virgo. Other signs may feel the love too!  Today, put some effort in and tonight plan something enjoyable.  Wear pink.

Sunday: Virgo to Libra Moon

The Moon in Virgo works with Mercury in Cancer for a continuation of last night's positive relationship vibes.  A heart to heart early in the day may be just the right thing and yield a decision or new way of relating too.  The Moon and Jupiter square and deciding to scale down a bit can be the result or with thought and discussion you might create more flexible plans.  Mercury is the dominant force today and communication, clear and well received, is very important if any forward movement is to occur.  From 5:26 to 9:19 pm the Moon is void of course and then shifts to Libra, sign of balance. This Father's Day (in the USA) is a good one for seeing someone else's perspective and for easing up on each other if the expectations have been too rigid.  Today's color is blue.

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