Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekly Astrology May 20th to May 26th, 2013

Monday: Sun to Gemini, Uranus square Pluto

Because Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn, today is a wild card.  This can be disruptive and bring up things we'd rather not deal with as well as contribute to the energy around incidents that cannot be foreseen.  Play it a bit close to home today, and don't open yourself to risks, privacy issues, or  anything that could be unsavory.  The Moon begins in Virgo and the morning hours are for practical problem solving and looking at facts or figures.  The Libra Moon moves in at 1:07, barely skipping a void of course beat for about 20 minutes before that.  Libra Moon is good for working both sides of an issue fairly and seeing opposite points of view to help with good decision making.  Mercury engages with Uranus later, making the most unpredictable and rebellious influences in the zodiac the biggest planetary player of the day. You may be surprised at what you hear tonight. Outrageous words could be spoken and it's better not to react or take those kinds of things as truth right away.  The Sun moves to Gemini at 5:09 pm. Today's color is blue.

Tuesday:  Libra Moon

The Moon works with Venus and Mercury in Gemini which is excellent for sorting out ideas and options and aiming for logical decisions.  Find balance in your way of thinking. See the merit in someone's plan or idea.  Pluto and Uranus both engage the Moon continuing some of yesterday's uneasiness or disruption and that can include a power struggle, yet the Libra Moon is the zodiac's mediator. Find compromise even in chaos today, even if the plan is temporary.  Wear lavender.

Wednesday: Moon trine Jupiter

The Libra Moon works with Jupiter in Gemini on a day that presents benefits and possibilities. Explore ideas through books, conversations, web searches, and advice from professionals. It's a great day to connect with a lead, make a new friend who becomes important to you, find a mentor, or accept an offer.  The Moon is void from 3:35 am when the two align until 4:55 pm. Even with a void of course Moon, move forward, document agreements well, and don't waste any time over-thinking if you feel the timing is right. The Scorpio Moon tonight is useful for tuning in to instincts and focusing on matters at hand. Try not to obsess over details while paying close attention to them. It's a fine line.  Wear maroon.

Thursday: Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

The Moon's monthly check in from Saturn means a serious outlook today. Answering to authority, dealing with pressures that recur, and making long term decisions are all likelihoods. Pluto points out the history and soul of the matter with a slightly practical, earthly outlook from Capricorn.  Don't dismiss patterns that contain important information about someone's repetitive behavior or your own, habits that are tough to change, or secrets from the past that are still relevant now.  Do your best to show responsibility, loyalty, and integrity and you'll mesh best with Saturn's influence.  Tonight is more for work or solitary pastimes than social events. If you're going out be with someone trusted and close. We are in the zone of a  Full Moon and eclipse on Saturday (overnight tomorrow). If you're incline to get that feeling of something coming, you're tuned in during tonight's Scorpio Moon. Wear black.

Friday: Mercury conjunct Venus in Gemini

This is a very good day for finding agreement, making promises, agreeing to a contract or improving communication in a relationship. Mercury meets Venus in Gemini and for Taurus and Scorpio this is financially beneficial. Pisces can relates this in home life, and Virgo can make a big career splash or other strong positive impression.  Leo finds this hopeful or seals the deal on an important wish, dream or relationship matter.  Sagittarius, this is an ideal day to renegotiate something with your significant other or decide to make a relationship more long term.  Have an important talk with someone today, everyone!  See if you can finally agree, communicate more clearly, find romance or love and generally make improvements.  The Moon is in Scorpio day time and moves to Sagittarius at 5:49 pm EST. The Sagittarius lunar eclipse overnight tonight brings a 2 year cycle to a conclusion. Think back to June and late May of 2011 and find resolution or reconnect productively from something initiated then. Get out of a stubborn way of thinking! Challenge yourself. Be adventurous and open minded. Wear yellow.

Saturday: Full Moon in Sagittarius, Lunar Eclipse

The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius brings two years of eclipse activity full circle. The Full Moon is exact at 12:25 am EST. Neptune is square to the Moon with a spiritual influence and a challenge to look beyond the ordinary and find greater meaning. This is also a call to creativity and adventure. The eclipse will open hearts and minds as activity centers in Sagittarius, Gemini and Pisces, the mutable signs. We can change willingly or warp up this phase kicking and screaming like a newborn but either way things will not be the same as a result of announcements, surprises, new endeavors, and resolutions or awakenings we experience now through the Full Moon of June 23rd. Sagittarius is an explorer and uncharted territory is a theme of this lunar eclipse. As a lunar eclipse always relates to Cancer, the Moon's home sign, Cancer finds the reason to break routine and habits and rework the results and patterns established since June of 2011. Scorpio and Taurus, good reasons to make some financial decisions come with this eclipse. Spending or investing your money differently or moving into new work has strong probability especially if you're Scorpio or Pisces in search of. Today's color is white.

Sunday: Oppositions

The Sagittarius Moon faces 3 planets in Gemini, still in the throes of yesterday's eclipse. These are the two signs of polarity in  the eclipse cycle that's just ending from spring 2011 to the present. The oppositions indicate how much there is to work out, find agreement on, productively discuss and decide. The eclipse events are usually nothing we have control over and may be unexpected or much faster than anticipated. Our responses and decisions we have more influence on though! Brainstorm and share ideas with someone who cares about you and can influence or assist in your process and changes that are now or imminent.  Venus is love and harmony, Jupiter is blessings and expansion, and Mercury is communication and the process. All three face the Moon for resolution and direction. Sagittarius eclipse opens our minds and expands our world beyond what we're accustomed to.  Reach an agreement today and then move on it with a sense of adventure. The Sun in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces complete activity in the mutable signs, further strengthening the idea of change, movement, and a creative, open minded approach to big transitions.  The Capricorn Moon arrives at 5:28 pm, grounding us in tasks and to do lists, building and making things. Today's color is green.

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