Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly Astrology February 23rd to March 3rd, 2013

Monday: Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon is exact at 3:26 pm in Virgo. The Moon moves to this sign at 1:52 am and opposes Neptune. Be very aware in any situation where information is unclear or trust could be an issue. The Full Moon with Neptune and Mercury retrograde in opposite Pisces comes with a high chance of deception, lack of judgment and misinformation.  Though we may be under pressure for action and decisions, as always at Full Moon time, this month tread very carefully and use maximum discretion. With Virgo Moon, constructive and physical outlets for wily energy are important.  Today my feel very unfocused, overly emotional, or confusing. Wait on just about everything that can wait.  If your work is technical or with facts and figures, double check everything. Back up all files and information for the retrograde we're in, if you have not already. Avoid major purchases.  Jupiter in Gemini squares both Moon and Sun adding to the Mercury effects.  Entertain ideas without committing to anything, if possible. If not, leave plenty of room to change your mind in a few weeks. This is not a favorable time to start anything new, from business to relationships to system changes. Venus moves to Pisces where she influences us in sentimental ways.  Cancer and Capricorn will enjoy reconnecting with places and are favored for short trips and vacations now.  Scorpio is favored for reconnecting with friends and should be cautious with romance.  Pisces, everything old is new again for you. Revisit good things you left behind. Wear white.

Tuesday: Mercury conjunct Mars opposite the Moon

Mercury retrograde meets Mars and opposes the Moon today. This can be very agitating, activating old problems and stories. Stay out of gossip and do not provoke.  In business move very carefully. The sharing of incorrect or misleading information is probable.  We can easily disturb a bees' nest and end up on the receiving end of an attack.  This is a day to really lay low, censor yourself, and remember not to engage in new business as much as possible. Both old and new situations and interactions with people from the past and from now are involved in potential issues today.  With Mars and Mercury in Pisces, everything is considered a sensitive situation.  Use care and quiet generously.  The Moon is void of course from 1:13 pm on.  Find something soothing and calm to spend your time on this afternoon and tonight. Shopping, signing anything, or making any commitment is practically outlawed today! Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Libra Moon

The Moon moves to Libra at 8:02 am EST. With any luck this will ease some Full Moon tensions and we'll adopt a balanced approach.  Uranus is opposite the Moon so be ready for anything and know that you may need to respond quickly. With Mercury retrograde, simple answers and temporary solutions are best.  The Moon and Jupiter engage in Libra and Gemini for a social night full of ideas, conversation, better study conditions, and more optimism. It's still important to keep things simple, clear, and attend to old business rather than new.  Be very cautious with legal matters and documents, anything that requires signature, and tax or other financial work. Make backups and check your privacy on any kind of account.  Today's color is lavender.

Thursday: Venus conjunct Neptune

The Moon is void of course from 3:37 am on, in Libra. Indecision is the key word of the day and it's the best course of action anyway!  Our judgment will tend to be off and/or we may not have the right information backing up our decisions. Venus meets Neptune in Pisces. This eases personal relationships, heightens our sensitivity and creativity, and is romantic for Virgo and Pisces in long term relationships and Scorpio in newer ones. Pisces, other people should see you in favorable light today.  Our judgment can be clouded though so really take things easy and keep things changeable and plans flexible. Do not commit or sign anything if at all possible.  Taurus, this is a big day for reconnecting with loved ones or close, old friends. Capricorn, do put energy toward career plans today and show that you're ambitious and skilled.  Cancer, do put energy toward home and long term relationship where the Moon and Pluto interact. Today's color is light blue.

Friday: Sun trine Saturn, Sun sextile Pluto

The Moon finally moves into Scorpio at 12:33 pm EST after a long void of course period.  Today and tomorrow there's some strong willed Saturn in Scorpio energy. Keep in mind with serious matters that Mercury is retrograde and maintain that flexibility and don't be too hard on yourself or others.   It's a good day to be organized and show your strengths.  The Sun and Pluto help with self expression and a mix of practical "have-to" and versatile methods of getting things said or done.  Take things seriously and still avoid committing to anything for the long haul.  The Moon works with Venus keeping us connected and sensitive in relationships. This is a romantic date night.  Our passions will be hard to deny. Today's color is black.

Saturday: Moon conjunct Saturn

The Moon has been meeting Saturn every week since last fall however this time Saturn is retrograde.  Mercury is too, and a return to old business is the order as we start the month.  Serious reviews of where we're at, what was left undone or unresolved or what was unsatisfactorily dealt with are necessary.  There are two favorable trines between Moon and Mercury/Sun in Pisces and we need feelings to be taken into consideration and listen to our hearts (while not being totally ruled by emotion). There's no doubt we are more sentimental, emotional, and hitting the depths of what's truly important now, maybe more than ever in some cases.  Take relationships, deep seated feelings, and recurring situations and people who have resurfaced very seriously, and while not making promises you can't keep, connect on a soul level and tap into what means the most to you.  Today is passionate, may be romantic, and strong in emotion.  Wear indigo blue.

Sunday: Void of course Moon, Sagittarius Moon square Neptune

Changeable, adventurous energy surrounds us today with a void of course Moon making it hard to settle or focus.  Do something to get some energy out! Restlessness is likely.  It's a good day for a field trip or simple catch up work.  The Moon moves to Sagittarius at 4:11 pm EST and squares Neptune for more shifting and changing of our minds and our moods. Imagination can help us envision and plan and that's one good use of this square.  Escapism is a tendency tonight for better or worse.  People may not be very reliable. Try and go with the mutable sign flow. Wear purple.

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